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Learn how to play 7 Up 7 Down Dice Game Online with ₹20 minimum bet stake at 10CRIC India. Register and claim a 150% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000 on Live Casino.

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Earning money is always a good thing and there can be no complaints when it comes to it. Moreover, a fun way to earn money is by playing online games that require you to make low deposits and gives out much more in return. All this can be achieved if you play at the Casino at 10CRIC, that not only has some of the lowest betting rates in the betting world but also has tons of games you can enjoy playing. One such game is 7 Up 7 Down. Learning this easy dice game would keep you entertained for a long time as well as let you earn more cash.

The Gameplay of 7 Up 7 Down Online

7 Up 7 Down is a casino game which includes dice, making it a table game. This dice game is considered to be one of the easiest games you can learn and play.

Not only this but the betting rates for this 7 Up 7 Down dice game online are usually low. What is even more amazing about this game is that you can win double what you usually bet as winning this game is pretty easy if you make the right choices.


  • The basic objective of the game is to make bets. There are 3 kinds of bets – Less than 7, 7, and More than 7, as shown in the picture above.
  • As the name suggests, this game requires the participants to predict what will be the sum of the number on both the dice – would it be a number above 7, a number below 7, or the rare chance of being an overall 7? These questions continue to remain the main aspects of this game’s thrill.

Just like most of the parts of the game, the gameplay is very simple as well. The game begins with you as you make a bet on the table. Once the timer goes off, no more bets will be allowed. The dealer will then roll 2 dice on the table. The overall sum of both dice determined whether you have won the bet or not.

Play 7 Up 7 Down Dice Game Online with 10CRIC

Since this game is so easy to grasp, as a beginner, we suggest that you should try this as one of your first games in the betting world. We also suggest that you use 10CRIC since it is considered to be one of India’s top betting sites. A 10CRIC registration would open many bonus deals your way and give you additional benefits as a part of the 10CRIC family. With this,

Step 1: Join and Visit 10CRIC’s Casino

  • The very first step you need to take is to Log in to 10CRIC India. To do this, you need to go to 10CRIC’s official site and create a new account by (1) clicking on “Join Now”.
  • This new account should contain a good username, strong password, accurate verification details, and a minimum deposit of ₹250 via UPI. You can also use welcome bonus codes available under their promotions section to gain additional benefits.


  • Once you have logged in with a complete 10CRIC account, you need to visit the 10CRIC Casino.
  • To do this, (2) click on “Casino” mentioned at the top.

Step 2: Scroll to select the 7 Up 7 Down game

On this new page, you will see many amazing games that are available at 10CRIC with equally appealing rewards.

  • To find the 7 Up 7 Down game, you need to (3) click on “Table and Cards” and then you will find the game.


  • An easier way of doing this is by typing “7 Up 7 Down” in the search bar available on the left.
  • Once you have found the (4) KingMaker game room, you can click on it and a new tab will open.

Step 3: Select your Level and Place your Bets

With this new tab, you have entered the 7 Up 7 Down online game room.

  • Here, you will be given 4 options to choose from. These are Casual, Novice, Expert, and High Roller. As you can see, each of these levels has different betting rates. So, we recommend that you choose (5) “Casual”, with the minimum betting rate of only ₹20.


  • After choosing your level, you will be taken to the (6) online table. Here, you can make your bets by placing the chip on any of the 3 betting options.


  • Once that is done, you must wait for the timer to go off. The dealer will then reveal the overall value of the dice and you will know if you won the bet or lost it.
This is how you can play 7 Up 7 Down online using 10CRIC. If you wish to kick start this journey then we highly advise you to use the promotions available for new joiners. The best one among them is the 150% welcome bonus. This offer gives you cashback up to ₹15,000 on a minimum deposit of ₹1,000. Using this you can enjoy playing many games!

Strategize with the 3 betting options

7 Up 7 Down is one of those Casino games that have very few betting options. This makes it easy to strategize on what you exactly should bet on. Here, are the 3 betting options with their payouts and odds. Remember, your overall goal is to learn how to win 7 Up 7 Down more than lose the rounds.

Betting Option


7 Up (Sum = 8 to 12)

7 (Lucky Seven)


7 Down (Sum = 2 to 6)


  • 7 Up: The bets placed on 7 Up win when the sum of both the dice on the table has an overall value of any number above 7. This means that the dice should have an overall value between 8 to 12. So, if you win with a 7 Up, you get double the amount you bet.
  • Lucky 7: 7 or Lucky 7 refers to the overall value of both dice being 7. This is called Lucky because it is a rare chance. If you win this bet, you get 4 times more of the amount you bet.
  • 7 Down: The bets placed on 7 Down win when the sum of both the dice on the table has an overall value of any number below 7. This means that the sum of the numbers on both dice must be between 2 to 6. The payout here is 1 to 1, meaning that if you win, you will get double the amount you bet with.

Live 7 Up 7 Down Game Online at 10CRIC

Now, let us look at an example of live online gameplay of 7 Up 7 Down at 10CRIC Casino. As mentioned above, the flow of the gameplay is easy to grasp. They can be split into 2 rounds.

Round 1: Make your bet before the timer ends

  • In the first round, you must make a bet before the timer ends. You get about 13 seconds to make a bet.
  • The dealer will wait for you, and once the bets are closed she will announce that no more bets would be accepted.


  • Here, we have placed a 20-chip on the upper section. This means we bet that the sum of the dice will be between the numbers 8 to 12. This is 7 Up bet.

Round 2: Wait for the dice to roll to see the overall score

  • The next round immediately starts after the timer ends. Here both the dice are rolled either by the dealer or a vibrating machine.
  • Once the dice stops, the face value of both the dice is added and announced. If the sum is more than 7 then the 7 Up bet wins and if the sum is below 7 then the 7 Down bet wins.


  • Here, the face value of the dice is 5 and 5, respectively. This makes the overall sum 10.
  • Since 10 is more than 7, and we placed a 7 Up bet, we won this round. This means that we bet ₹20 and got ₹40 in return

Points to remember when playing the game

Now that you have learnt the most important basic aspects of playing 7 Up 7 Down online as well as how to play the game on 10CRIC, we will send you off with 3 important points that you must keep in mind. These additional points with help you make better choices and win more.

  1. Choose a good Game Room: When you play any game online, it is always good to do research not only on the online gaming site but also on the available game rooms. You should always go for a game room that has low betting rates. If possible, chose one with a high payout rate as well.
  2. Make Wise Bets: Even though there are only 3 bet options available in 7 Up 7 Down, it is good to understand and be thorough with what you exactly wish to bet on. A trick to make wise bets could be to check the winning history of the game room. With this, you can bet on the option with a higher chance of winning.
  3. Leave it on Luck: In contrast to the previous point, sometimes it is good to leave it all on luck. Doing this would help you sit back and enjoy the game.


You can now play the 7 Up 7 Down dice game online using 10CRIC as your official betting site. Since this game is one of the easiest games to play, it is a must-try, especially for beginners. With only 3 available betting options, you can sit back and make your bets effortlessly and keep winning more. Not only this but just like their game, 10CRIC’s KingMaker game room has an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly interface. With this, you can now go ahead and test your luck to see if you get 7 Up, 7 Down or a Lucky 7.

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