10CRIC account verification – Quick process within 5 minutes

Willing to do 10CRIC account verification but doesn’t have full fetched information? Know required documents under which file format and 3 easy steps to verify.

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Introducing 10CRIC – Best online gambling destination

10CRIC has been leading the online gambling market for more than a decade now and still has been increasing immensely every day. Whether you want to bet on 10CRIC sports events, want to play online casino card games, or try your hand on slot machines, 10CRIC is the destination for you.


Ensuring confidentiality of customer’s information, fast and secure transaction, exclusive range of sports to bet on, and live casino games to play. 10CRIC has been authorized by CURACAO eGaming to perform online gambling activities legally so you can play tension-free.

5 reasons for the importance of 10CRIC account verification

You can deposit your money without 10CRIC account verification but you cannot withdraw your winnings without 10CRIC account verification, that’s one reason for you to do 10CRIC account verification. Mentioned below are 5 reasons to do 10CRIC account verification:

  1. Ensure gambler’s credibility: 10CRIC doesn’t allow underage participants to gamble and hence, requires 10CRIC account verification for age, name, and address.
  2. Make successful withdrawal of your winnings: In order to make a 10CRIC withdrawal, 10CRIC account verification is way more necessary to prove your identity to 10CRIC and withdraw money.
  3. Keep an eye on money laundering: Transaction limit ranges to lacs which makes it a great possibility of money laundering. That’s why 10CRIC account verification is necessary to stop making it a money laundering hotspot.
  4. Check gambler’s stability: Most players back out when it comes to providing identity for 10CRIC account verification because it involves government when laws are pretty vague.
  5. Stops locking of account: If you haven’t done your 10CRIC account verification in a really long time then your 10CRIC account will be locked automatically.

How to do 10CRIC account verification within 5 minutes

Ah, can’t wait to withdraw your winnings and enjoy your earnings? Learn to do 10CRIC account verification within 5 minutes and withdraw your winnings. Follow the three-step guide to do 10CRIC account verification.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC & register your account

Access the official website of 10CRIC to register your account by filling the valid credentials in the 10CRIC registration form after clicking on ‘join now’ in the top right corner of the homepage.


Follow the descriptive steps in order to do the 10CRIC register smoothly and avoid problems in the further verification process.

Step 2: Select ‘account verification’ under your username

Follow the points step by step to do 10CRIC account verification:


  • Click on your username to see the drop-down menu.
  • Choose ‘Account Verification’ from the menu to visit the page where all the action regarding 10CRIC account verification will take place.

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Step 3: Upload the document for 10CRIC account verification

Keep the documents you want to upload handy for 10CRIC account verification.


  • Select the Document Type you want to prefer uploading for your identity and address proof.
  • Click on ‘Upload files’ to upload the file for 10CRIC account verification.

2 types of documents 10CRIC approve for account verification

Players have to provide their proof of identity and address proof for 10CRIC account verification to play at 10CRIC live casino freely and in order to do so, keep the documents mentioned below handy for a smooth process.

1. Documents for Proof of identity in 10CRIC account verification


  1. PAN Card: Permanent account number is issued by Indian income tax department, 10 characters alphanumeric identity.
  2. Passport: A passport is an official traveling identity of a person issued by the government; it enables you to travel inter countries.
  3. Driver’s license: It is an official document authorizing an individual to drive one or more types of vehicles in public areas and highways.

2. Documents for evidence of residence in 10CRIC account verification


  1. Bank statement: A summary of a particular financial transaction that occurred in a specific time frame at a certain institution.
  2. Utility bills: (electricity, gas, etc.) issued under your name that reflects your whole residence address and are at most 6 months old.
  3. Tax payment receipt: Payment of taxes is verified later on via payment invoice or receipt issued by the supplier.

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5 points to remember while making 10CRIC account verification

Keep your document handy while doing 10CRIC account verification and make sure you know the points mentioned below before you make 10CRIC account verification.

  1. JPG, JPEG & PNG files: 10CRIC account verification approves photos in jpg and png file only.
  2. Scanned copies and screenshots are not accepted in 10CRIC account verification.
  3. If you want to upload the bank statement, you must upload it in a PDF file.
  4. Aadhar card and Voter ID are not accepted at the 10CRIC account verification process.
  5. Within 24 hours of the first deposit, the upload files button will be active.

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3 Mistakes to avoid while doing 10CRIC account verification

Mentioned below are the 3 mistakes to avoid while doing 10CRIC account verification. Avoid the most common mistakes made by newcomers at 10CRIC.

  1. Clear documents: documents you are willing to upload must be clearly visible, no blurriness or editing will be accepted instead considers as a fraud.
  2. Valid credentials: Enter valid credentials while doing 10CRIC login to avoid problems while 10CRIC account verification to match your documents.
  3. Fake documents: Don’t even think of editing the information and uploading the document, you’ll not only lose your account but will lose the deposited money too.

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We hope that we were of some help and made the 10CRIC account verification process easy for you in 3 simple steps. We made you aware of all the documents necessary and why is it important to have 10CRIC account verification. So, do your 10CRIC account verification soon to have a smooth online gambling journey. Join now & collect your freebies and have a great time gambling at 10CRIC!

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