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Casino lovers can enjoy gambling on mobile now! Download 10CRIC Casino app in 3 simple steps for Android & iOS. Join now & get 150% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000!

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Introducing 10CRIC casino app

10CRIC India has been ruling the online gambling market of India for more than a decade now and still marking its territory in India and in the hearts of Indians. Players don’t need to have a desktop to play online casino games anymore, all you need is an Android or iOS compatible mobile to play casino games.


10CRIC India offers multiple features to gamble online and today, we’ll be discussing more 10CRIC casino apps, is it safe to gamble at 10CRIC casino app, top 5 highlights, 5 most played games, how to download in Android and iOS software, and claim 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000.

Is 10CRIC casino app safe to gamble?

10CRIC India is licensed by CURACAO eGaming Validation License, which authorizes the online gambling site to perform online gambling activities for its beloved customers. Yes, 10CRIC is legal in India and its valid SSL certificate keeps the customer’s information safe and secure even from the government.


It’s hard to trust an invisible company, sitting behind your screen but is it hard to trust 600,000 Indian punters that gamble at the 10CRIC casino app on daily basis? Yes, you heard it right! 10CRIC India is trusted by 600,000+ players and the number is enough to keep your trust in it. You may also read this article on is online casino legal in India? for more details.

Top 5 highlights of 10CRIC casino app

The top 5 highlights of the 10CRIC casino app are mentioned below to show you the reasons to join 10CRIC India to gamble online and enjoy next-level online gambling sites. Look down and be sure enough!

  1. Extensive variety of games: 10CRIC casino app offers an exclusive variety of online live casino games with an Indian theme mixed in it. There are 5000+ games to play at 10CRIC India.
  2. Minimum betting stake: All one needs to play and earn through 10CRIC India is ₹5 to bet on any live casino game and enjoy the wonders of earning decent pocket money.
  3. User-friendly interface: 10CRIC casino app is easily accessible 24×7, simple to use, easy to understand, elegant to play with, and wonderful to earn through fun with smooth gameplay.
  4. 24×7 Customer service: It offers a dedicated team of 10CRIC customer care services 24×7 via live chat, email address, phone number, WhatsApp chat, and so many more options.
  5. Exclusive welcome bonus: Claim 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 in casino wallet at 10CRIC India after registering your account and making the first deposit of at least ₹1000.

5 Most played games at 10CRIC casino app

10CRIC casino app offers 5000+ games to play and we provide you with the top 5 live casino games most played at 10CRIC India to ensure your earnings are increasing via every game.

#1. 3 Patti – Minimum Betting limit ₹10

Indian version of poker with simple form and three cards, highest possible hand rank wins the game and the players who bet on the winning hand takes the pot of real money home.


  • Objective: Indian version of American poker is 3 Patti, where the dealer draws three cards for player A and player B each, and the player with the highest hand rank possible wins the match.
  • Betting options: Players are supposed to bet on either Player A or Player B to win in 3 Patti and take the pot of real money home.

Know more and bet more with the 10CRIC betting app, explore every side of online betting and earn yourself a great deal of money.

#2. Andar Bahar – Minimum Betting limit ₹5

Indian-oriented game with simplest betting options, only two betting options in general. Andar Bahar can be played with just ₹5 at 10CRIC India and the pole with a similar base card wins the match.


  • Objective: Live dealer deals the cards alternatively to two poles, Andar and Bahar until one of them gets the card like the base card, dealt by the dealer at the very start of the game. The player who predicted the right pole to get the base card first wins the match.
  • Betting options: There are many betting options, but the most common and safe ones are either Andar or Bahar betting options, which players often choose to bet on.

Download the 10CRIC app update and enjoy next-level online betting and gambling sites to earn more real money.

#3. Roulette – Minimum Betting limit ₹10

Roulette is one of the most popular games for Indian punters since it has multiple betting options with multiple sub-bets inside to ensure a 27% chance of winning more than any other live casino game.


  • Objective: The dealer spins the ball in the spinning wheel in the opposite direction until it stops at a particular number embedded in the wheel. Players are supposed to predict the number or nature of the number on which the ball might stop to win the match.
  • Betting options: Roulette is the most popular online casino game since it offers loads of betting options like numbers from 1 to 18, 19 to 36, even, odd, red, black, and so many more.

Learn how to play roulette online and bet on multiple betting options to ensure more winnings by 27%.

#4. Baccarat – Minimum Betting limit ₹15

Baccarat is the simplest online casino game to bet on; whenever you are in doubt, bet on a banker to ensure the winning and continue to do so to neutralize your losses and win decent real money.


  • Objective: Live dealer deals three cards to each, banker and player, and the one with the highest single-digit value of total card wins the game, 9 is the natural win at baccarat.
  • Betting options: There are multiple betting options in baccarat, but the most famous ones are banker, player, or a tie. Players are supposed to bet on either of three.

Become the master and learn how to play baccarat online in the 3 simplest steps to earn decent pocket money.

#5. Slots – Minimum Betting limit ₹5

The reason behind 10CRIC slots being one of the best casino games is that the slot games never let the player lose all of the waging amount all the time while playing the game, it always ensures some amount of return to the player with 99% RTP on Mega Joker.


  • Objective: Different symbols are embedded in the reels and rows, and they are meant to be spun, when the spinning stops the similar symbols in the pay-line determine the pay-out. The best thing about slots is that they don’t make you lose 100% of your wager all the time.
  • Betting options: Players got to spin the reels to determine the result as per the pay-table and pay-line of that particular game. Similar symbols in pay-lines determine the pay-out.

Learn how to play slots online and grab a chance to earn back always with slots and 97%+ RTP.

How to download the 10CRIC casino app in Android 

We understand your rush, but before you get in trouble by downloading the duplicated app. Follow the three steps guide mentioned below to ensure a smooth 10CRIC casino app download and enjoy earning real money.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC India & Login

  • Access the official 10CRIC India site via a trustworthy search engine you prefer by the link given in the article to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘Log in’ in the top right corner of your mobile screen and enter valid credentials to ensure smooth logging in.


  • After entering the credentials, click on ‘Log in’ again to enter the adventure of 10CRIC India.

Step 2: Download the APK file by clicking on the profile

  • Click on the profile icon given in the top right corner of the screen to visit the details of your profile and so much more at 10CRIC.
  • Select ‘Download App’ to visit another page, which will provide you with the APK download link of the 10CRIC app download.


  • Click on ‘Download & Install’ to download the APK file for the 10CRIC casino app and ensure consistent internet fluidity to have a smooth download.

Step 3: Allow installation & enjoy the 10CRIC casino app

  • Once the downloading is over, 10CRIC India will ask permission for installation. Click on ‘Install’ to complete the installation process.


  • Your phone will probably scan the 10CRIC casino app before allowing you to play, once that’s done. Click on ‘Open’ to visit the app and enjoy the wonders of the 10CRIC casino app.

Increase your chances of earning more real money with 10CRIC tricks and enjoy a next-level online gambling sites.

How to download the 10CRIC casino app on iOS

Don’t worry if you have an iPhone, 10CRIC casino app is compatible with iOS software too. Learn to download the 10CRIC casino app on your iPhone in the three simplest steps and enjoy the wonders of earning more with fun.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC & Login your account

  • Access 10CRIC official site via a link in the article to avoid duplicated websites and ensure a smooth transfer.
  • Click on ‘Log in’ in the top right corner of the 10CRIC homepage to make 10CRIC register and enjoy online gambling.


  • Enter valid credentials in the login pop-up that appeared on the screen and click on ‘Log in’ again to enter the 10CRIC website on your mobile.

Step 2: Click ‘Download & Install’ to download the APK file

  • Select the profile icon in the top right corner of the homepage to visit the details of your profile and everything that 10CRIC offers.


  • Click on ‘Download App’ and another page will appear on your screen with an APK link to download the 10CRIC casino app.
  • Click on ‘Download & Install’ to download the APK file of the 10CRIC casino app on your iPhone and enjoy the wonders.

Step 3: Allow Installation to enjoy the 10CRIC casino app

  • A pop-up will appear on your screen, asking for your permission to download the configuration file of the 10CRIC casino app, click on ‘Allow’ to permit the process further.


  • Downloading will start and after it’s done, your iPhone will ask for permission to install the 10CRIC casino app on your device. Click on ‘Install’ to grant the permission.


  • Once installation is done, open the app, log in and enjoy next-level online gambling available on your phone now with the 10CRIC casino app.

Claim 150% bonus up to ₹15,000 on 1st deposit at 10CRIC

With the emergence of the IPL season, 10CRIC India has brought the best deal for new and existing customers to earn more real money. Join & grab 10CRIC offers of up to ₹15,000


To claim a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on the first deposit at 10CRIC India, register your account at 10CRIC India and make your first deposit of at least ₹1000 with bonus code LETSBAT1 in your casino wallet. Complete the rollover requirement of 35 bets in 15 days to unlock the locked bonus amount.


Are you ready to have more fun with the 10CRIC casino app? Download now and play an exclusive variety of online casino games with a minimum betting limit of ₹5 and with 97%+ RTP rates in Slot games. Register and claim a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 in a live casino wallet and enjoy next-level gambling with the best online gambling provider in the Indian market, 10CRIC India.

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