10CRIC casino review – 4,500+ Games & win 100% up to ₹20,000

Looking for the best online casino site in India? Get honest 10CRIC casino review with 4,500+ games to play & win 100% up to ₹20,000 cash prize on 1st deposit!

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Introducing 10CRIC casino

The casino is an addictive thing, and no one can deny that, but it’s important to play casino games at valid gambling sites to avoid being rigged and taken advantage of. We have got a credible, trustworthy, popular, transparent, and extraordinary online gambling site to play casino games, 10CRIC India.


For all the Indian punters, 10CRIC India is the place to be. It offers live betting, sportsbook, live casino games, casino slots, promotions and so much more. Today, we’ll be talking about the 10CRIC Casino review in-depth and understand it better with theory and then with practicals.

Is 10CRIC casino safe to play in India?

We understand your concern about getting rigged by the online casino site or getting caught by the government authority if you play at an illegal online gambling site. We are here to take your tension away and help you believe in 10CRIC casinos to enjoy tension-free online gambling. For more details on online casino legality, check out is online casino legal in India? article.


One way to do so is through the license, a legal authority given to an online gambling site by the company to perform legal gambling activities. 10CRIC is legalized by CURACAO eGaming Validation License to perform online gambling activities. Yes, 10CRIC is legal in India with 600,000+ Indian players believing in it every day.

5 Benefits of playing at 10CRIC casino

Why should I be joining 10CRIC to play casino games? Well, that’s a great question in your mind but we have got a better answer to convince you. Mentioned below are the 5 benefits of 10CRIC casino.


  1. Convenient availability: 10CRIC India ensures the availability of casino games whenever its customers want to play, irrespective of day and night. Enjoy 10CRIC anytime, anywhere.
  2. Minimum betting wager: All one needs to play at 10CRIC casino is ₹5, making it the most affordable online gambling site in India with an affordable minimum betting limit.
  3. Greater RTP, Lesser House edge: 10CRIC India offers greater RTP of up to 99.1% RTP in Ugga Bugga slot and lesser house edge of less than 0.5% in blackjack.
  4. 4,500+ casino games to play: Thousands, literally thousands of casino games to play at 10CRIC casino from slots, jackpots, games to baccarat, blackjack with Indian theme mixed up.
  5. Android & iOS compatibility: No need to worry about having a desktop when you can enjoy online gambling on your mobile. Yes, you heard it right! 10CRIC casino app is Android & iOS compatible.

Top 5 10CRIC casino products – 4,500+ Games

Yes, you read it right! 10CRIC casino offers 4,500 games to play and earn through. Mentioned below are the top 5, most loved online casino games at 10CRIC India to play and enjoy the next level.

#1. 3 Patti – Minimum betting limit ₹100

One of the most popular casino games at 10CRIC is 3 Patti, loved by many Indian games with an Indian theme embedded in the screen and live dealers in a red saree.


  • Objective: Indian version of poker with three cards is considered as 3 Patti, the games are played between a player and live dealer. 3 cards are drawn to each and whoever with greater hand rank possibly wins the game.
  • Betting options: Players are supposed to bet on their cards when the dealer shows them theirs and his cards are face down.

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#2. Roulette – Minimum betting limit ₹5

The game with the most betting options increases the chance of winning by 27%, making Roulette the most fun, fascinating and interesting game to play at 10CRIC casino India.


  • Objective: The wheel spins in one direction and the ball spins within it, in another direction until it stops at a number embedded in the wheel to determine the winner.
  • Betting options: Roulette gives multiple betting options, most of any other casino game. Bet on numbers between 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, even number, odd number, red or black number, etc.

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#3. Blackjack Minimum betting limit ₹50

Blackjack is also known as twenty-one, it is the greater version of baccarat with more cards and numbers to play. Betting options are limited to two only.


  • Objective: Blackjack is played between live dealer and player, where 4 cards are drawn to each of them and the one with total card value to number 21 wins the game.
  • Betting options: Players are supposed to bet on their cards to win the match. 21 is the natural win, no matter if the other person got more than 21 card value, the one with 21 wins.

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#4. Andar Bahar – Minimum betting limit ₹5

The unique innovation of Indian games, Andar Bahar is another popular card game in India. With two poles and a base card to equalize, wins the match and takes the pot home.


  • Objective: There are 2 poles in the game, named Andar and Bahar, and a base card. Live dealer deals the card alternatively to both the poles until one of them gets the same value card equivalent to the base card wins the match.
  • Betting options: Players are supposed to bet on either Andar or Bahar, there are only two betting options at Andar Bahar, the least possible.

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#5. Baccarat – Minimum betting limit ₹10

Simplest card game with three betting options and a minimum betting limit of ₹10. Players bet on either Player, tie, or banker to get the highest single-digit number.


  • Objective: Live dealer draws three cards for Player and Banker pole, the one with highest single-digit number wins the match, that is, 9. It is also the natural win in baccarat.
  • Betting options: You have got three betting options in baccarat, player, tie, or banker. Whenever you are in doubt, go for banker and leave the rest on the fate.

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How to play at 10CRIC casino – 3 steps guide

Without further ado, let’s learn to play at 10CRIC casino to earn huge profits of real money through fun. Mentioned below are the three simplest steps to show you the path towards a successful online gambling journey.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC, Register & Click on Casino

Follow the pointers in a stepwise manner, mentioned below to learn how to play at 10CRIC casino.

  • Access the official site of 10CRIC India via the link in the article to avoid duplicated websites.


  • Click on ‘join now’ to make a 10CRIC register and fill in the correct details to have a smooth verification process, which is very crucial to withdraw your winnings.
  • Select ‘Casino’ to visit the page where all the 10CRIC casino products are available to choose from and play with.

Step 2: Choose the 10CRIC casino product & select game

  • Choose the 10CRIC casino product you want to play with, we are choosing ‘Roulette’ to give you an example of how to play at 10CRIC casino.


  • You’ll get many variants of Roulette with different minimum betting stakes, select the one that fascinates you the most and play.
  • We are choosing ‘Lightning Roulette’ for an instance as the minimum betting limit of the game is ₹10, making it the most affordable game available in 10CRIC casino

Step 3: Understand the rules and place your bets

  • Understand the rules of the games before playing it, ball spins within the spinning wheel in the opposite direction until it stops at a number embedded in it.
  • Players are supposed to predict the number and bet on the predicted number. If the predicted bet is like the reality, then the player wins the bet.


  • Roulette provides multiple betting options like a red color number, black color number, even number, odd number, a number between 1 to 18, number between 19 to 36 and so much more.
  • Select the chip equivalent to the amount of bet you want to wager in and click on the betting option you want to choose to bet on.


  • Click on ‘Spin’ to spin the wheel and ball and start the game to determine the number and winner. Once the ball stops at the number, you’ll know the result of whether you won your bet or lost it.

Claim 100% bonus up to ₹20,000 on 1st deposit in casino wallet

Don’t miss the opportunity of claiming the best online casino welcome bonus and claim 10CRIC offers as soon as you register and make your first deposit in a specific wallet with an accurate bonus code.


Create your account at the 10CRIC official website by filling in the valid credentials in the registration form. Make your first deposit of at least ₹1000 in your casino wallet with bonus code BOSSPLAY1 to claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000 in a 10CRIC casino wallet.


We hope you got the answer to your question and concern, an honest 10CRIC casino review. Yes, 10CRIC is legal in India, permitted to perform online gambling games for Indian players by CURACAO eGaming. It provides an extensive range of payment modes for the players and transparent transactions. Your awesome gambling journey awaits you, sit on the train and explore the 10CRIC casino.

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