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10CRIC Cricket Betting, the Most Popular Sport in India! Learn how to bet on Cricket with ₹5. Join 10CRIC to claim a 100% bonus of up to ₹30,000 on 1st deposit.

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Introduction to Cricket Betting at 10CRIC

Cricket has always been a fun game to watch with friends and family and thus, watching it alone can be a little bit boring. This is when you should sign up to start your cricket betting journey with 10CRIC India.

10CRIC brings to you Sports betting as you have never seen before! It offers not only the best promotions for sports in the betting world but also is one of the best sites that beginners can use to carry out sports betting for just ₹5. Besides this, learning how to do online betting in cricket at the 10CRIC Cricket domain is very simple and can be carried out in only 3 steps.


Joining 10CRIC today would only make you regret not joining this wonderful place for online betting before. So, let’s jump right into how you can play sports betting at 10CRIC.

Learn How to Play Betting in Cricket at 10CRIC Sportsbook in 3 Steps

As mentioned above, playing betting in Cricket at 10CRIC is very simple and all you need for it is a good device and a strong internet connection, and also to follow these steps precisely to avoid missing anything!

Step 1: Sign Up at 10CRIC and visit the Sports Betting Section

The first thing you must do if you want to play 10CRIC cricket is by making a verified 10CRIC registration.

  • To do that, you must first click on “Join Now” on 10CRIC’s official page.
  • You must then enter a unique username and password, and add your contact details accurately. Besides this, you need to enter and verify your bank details thoroughly.
  • Once all this is done, you will be welcomed at 10CRIC. To enhance this Welcome, be sure to apply for the 100% up to ₹30,000 bonus when you make a deposit.


Note: Making a 10CRIC deposit is crucial at the beginning if you want to avoid any interruptions when playing cricket betting. The minimum amount for a 10CRIC deposit is ₹1,000.

  • Once you have entered all relevant details and verified your account details, you can then go to 10CRIC “Sports” where you will be taken to all the ongoing cricket matches.

Step 2: Select your preferred match and read the available odds

Now that you have entered the Sports domain, you can move on to the next step after being awed at how amazing the 10CRIC sportsbook interface looks.

  • Here, you will be introduced to all the ongoing matches taking place in the sports world. As you can see, 10CRIC allows you to bet on many sports.
  • Since we want to bet on Cricket, we will filter our results by clicking on “Cricket“.


  • As you will see, you can choose from many cricket matches and can even further filter your results down by selecting any of the options – Top League, All-League, Live Cricket, etc. – from the ribbon above
  • Once you have found the match you want to bet on click on it and you will be taken to the match’s individual page where all betting options and odds will be available. Here, we have chosen the International T20I Series between India and South Africa.
  • You must now look at the odds and decide to make your bets wisely using cricket betting tips because betting odds are very important when it comes to sports betting online.

Step 3: Select a bet and ‘Place Bet’ for ₹5 only

Lastly, when you have selected the match you want to bet on, you have to also select the odds carefully because the payout highly depends on the odds of the match.

Note: Cricket Match odds change frequently during a live match so be sure to stay updated with fresh odds on the 10CRIC betting page.


  • To make a bet, click on the odds under the team you are betting on. This will open a pop-up box where you can make a 10CRIC cricket bet.
  • As you can see, the minimum betting stake starts at ₹5 only. Thus, depending on the amount of stake you choose, you will get a payout.
  • When you enter the stake amount, you must then click on “Place Bet” to complete the cricket betting process at 10CRIC.

This is how you successfully place a cricket bet at 10CRIC precisely in the easiest way.

Case Scenarios of Cricket Betting at 10CRIC

What about the outcomes of the cricket match you have placed a bet on? How would you know that you have won and when you would receive the 10CRIC payout? Well, to answer these questions let us look at all the case scenarios of the aforementioned cricket match between India and South Africa.

Case 1: India Cricket Team Wins

Case 2: South Africa Cricket Team


Betting Odds: 1.47

Betting Odds: 2.63

Betting Stake: ₹5

Betting Stake: ₹5
Payout if India Wins: ₹7.35

Payout if South Africa Wins: ₹13.14

Losing Scenario: You lose the bet money ₹5

Losing Scenario: You lose the bet money ₹5
  • As you can see, the outcomes of the Payout the player receives depends on the odds of the team at that particular time.
  • The higher the odds, the more money you win by making the same bet amount, which is ₹5 at 10CRIC.

Thus, the winner of the bets can only be decided once the match is played in real-life. This means, that the cricket bets you place at 10CRIC are totally guesswork, however, you can follow some simple cricket betting strategies.

What are the Best Cricket Betting Options you can go for?

Now that you know how to make 10CRIC cricket bets let us look deeper into what are the 10CRIC betting options you can choose from. As shown above, cricket online betting odds of the matches matter the most when you are making cricket bets online. These odds basically tell you about how much chance you got of winning a bet placed on a particular team.

Like most betting sites, 10CRIC Cricket offers you most of the popular betting options.


  1. Coin Toss: You can bet on which team will win the coin toss at 10CRIC.
  2. H2H: You can bet on who will be the winning team or whether it would be a draw. H2H betting option also refers to as 1X2.
  3. Over/Under: Here, you must make bets to determine whether the overall score will be above or below the average number derived using statistics of the match.
  4. Tie Bet: Another Draw bet you can make is called the Tie bet, which basically is betting on whether or not there would be a tie via a yes or no bet.
  5. Total Run Outs: This is to bet on the total runs scored in a game.
  6. Total Fours: Here, you can bet on how many fours will be there in a match, scored by individual players, individual teams, or overall.
  7. Total Sixes: Similar to Total Fours, you can guess on Total Sixes scored by a player, either team or both teams.
  8. Woman/Man of the Match: You can also make predictions and bet on which player will be the Woman or Man of the match.

The question now arises of which of these bets are the best betting options to choose from when playing sports betting at 10CRIC, and to give you an honest answer, it all depends on the odds of the game and predictability of the game stats. However, the most commonly used betting option is the H2H bet whether you must bet on Team 1 winning, Team 2 winning or whether it will be a draw.

3 Tips to Keep in Mind when betting on Cricket at 10CRIC:

Since the answer to which cricket betting option is the best is slightly vague in the betting world, players get to enjoy the thrill of depending on luck alone! However, if you want to know how to win money in cricket betting at 10CRIC cricket, then you must follow some strategies that can help you win more.

  1. Know the odds before betting: The first tip that you must know about alone cricket betting is to learn how to read the odds. As shown above, betting on options with higher odds is likely to help you win more money in exchange for a less amount.
  2. Give Up Favouritism: This also means that you must give up on your favourite team to make bets if you want to double up your cash. An example can be seen in the picture above, since South Africa has higher odds in the match, we must make the choice of betting on them rather than our beloved team India.
  3. Stay Updated on the Site: Lastly, since these odds change frequently, it is important to keep your 10CRIC sportsbook page open and refreshed all the time so that you do not miss out on even more great betting odds.

These 3 points are the basic things you must keep in mind before making any 10CRIC cricket bets blindly!


With this, we conclude our easy tutorial on 10CRIC Cricket Betting online for beginners. Follow these steps thoroughly one by one to get introduced to one of the coolest cricket betting sites you can find in the sports betting world online. Make sure to use 10CRIC’s sportsbook 100% up to ₹30,000 to get earn extra cash which would let you bet more at 10CRIC cricket starting with ₹5 only!

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