4 Common 10CRIC deposit issue | Resolve via customer support

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10CRIC offers multiple options for depositing money from net banking, UPI, e-wallets to 10CRIC coins, cryptocurrency and so much more with a minimum betting limit of ₹1000. Most of the time, 10CRIC deposit time is instant or just a few minutes but due to some reasons, it might get delayed and result in a 10CRIC deposit issue

#1. Payment gateway issues

As 10CRIC has been hosted by the shared server, sometimes the server can’t handle a traffic rush because of overload from any host and end up shutting down the payment gateway and sometimes the whole website’s functions, leading to a 10CRIC deposit issue.


  • When a large number of players visit a particular website at the same time hosted by a shared server then all other websites that shared that server also go down with it.
  • This implies that even the payment gateway goes down, obstructing your deposit request. It will happen even though there’s a third party for making payments between the player and the online betting website.

#2. Rejections of deposit request

After submitting the 10CRIC deposit amount, players will be redirected to the payment gateway and ask for the details as per their preferred payment mode. Enter correct details to confirm the deposit and your payment will be successful.


  • Players often forget or neglect the importance of credentials while entering for a 10CRIC deposit and end up getting their deposit rejected in a while.
  • Rejection of a 10CRIC deposit request generally means incorrect information from the customer’s side while filling the registration form.

#3. Weak DNS Connection

The reason behind the weak DNS connection is the loosely packed connection between the shared server and Domain Name System. That not only makes the payment gateway go down but the whole website goes down.

  • The culprit of the weak DNS connection and the website’s slow connection is the wrongly spelled server’s name in the domain’s registrar. The best thing you can do to not face the 10CRIC deposit issue is to make sure that you’re connected to a good internet connection.
  • Cutting of the connection in between will lead to losing the request and in the hurry of making another, you’ll make way too many 10CRIC deposit request.

#4. Delay in money deposit

Players are often scared about the credibility of the online gambling website and tend to scatter their information while doing 10CRIC registration and verification through a bank account.


  • Well, you need to do 10CRIC account verification to prove that you’re the right person as you claim to be, not only to allow you to deposit or withdraw your winnings from account balance to bank but also keeps eye on money laundering.
  • Therefore, the verification procedure mostly depends on the bank, the 10CRIC verification team, and how fast you provide the information, resulting in a 10CRIC deposit issue.

3 Reasons behind 10CRIC deposit issue

It’s easy to predict the reasons behind the 10CRIC deposit issue as there are some popular reasons associated with it. It gets easier to solve the problem once you understand the rooted reason behind the problem. Mentioned below are the 3 reasons behind the 10CRIC deposit issue. Know how to resolve 10CRIC under maintenance issues to resume your gambling adventure!


  1. Incorrect information: Keep the most important point in mind that everything you fill in while doing 10CRIC login of new account, is bound to be verified in the further process via mobile number, email ID, and bank details. Also, remember that the minimum limit to make a 10CRIC deposit is ₹1000 now.
  2. Software malfunction: If 10CRIC online betting and gambling website is hosted by a shared server, then a huge rush of traffic on any website hosted by the same server particularly will end up shutting down 10CRIC too. This happens rarely but whenever does, players can neither access 10CRIC nor pay-out gateway.
  3. Delay from the bank’s side: Minimum deposit amount at 10CRIC is ₹1000, a month ago it was ₹250 and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that existing players got used to it and often forget about the new minimum deposit limit now. In this case, they often forget to check their account balance before making a deposit which may lead to continued cancellation.

How to overcome 10CRIC deposit issues?

To avoid the 10CRIC deposit issue, we often suggest entering valid credentials first because that’s the most common reason behind the players facing the 10CRIC deposit issue. However, if you still come across a 10CRIC deposit issue, then 10CRIC customer care service is available to provide its determined team and accurate answers for you 24×7 and gives the best possible solution to every problem at 10CRIC.


It provides a live chat virtual agent, helpline number to contact, Email address to mail, direct messaging, WhatsApp number, and Telegram link to enter the 10CRIC group to help you communicate with them without any hesitation and solve your 10CRIC deposit issue ASAP.


  1. 24*7 Live chat: If you are the one to resist any human contact then this is for you, chat with a virtual assistant whenever you want is the best solution to your queries.
  2. Contact number – +913371279179: Clear your query by living human being, the best instant communication mod to get human touch is contacting 10CRIC customer care via 10CRIC helpline number.
  3. Email – support@10cric.com: Leave a mail via 10CRIC email ID is another preferred option to contact 10CRIC customer care, but it will take time to get a response.

There’s no need to stop enjoying the perks of the 10CRIC gambling site cause of the small 10CRIC deposit issue. Play the amazing innovative games, that 10CRIC provides to distract yourself from the 10CRIC deposit issue until the 10CRIC customer care service does its work.

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We hope that you got the crystal-clear idea behind the 10CRIC deposit issue; you might be facing. Problems at the 10CRIC gambling site are rare, it’s like a wizarding world that is bound to have Voldemort. 10CRIC is also filled with loads of online casino gambling games and sports to bet on, providing opportunities to win a great deal of real money.

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