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The Indian Premier League – IPL 2022 is almost here, scheduled to be played from March 26. Aside from assembling cricket fans from India and across the country, IPL 2022 will also be a thrilling moment for those who like playing 10CRIC IPL betting.


How play 10CRIC IPL betting in India?

Before we get started with the nerve approaches of the IPL, Kric88 will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started with 10CRIC IPL betting. It contains the whole process — from seeing a perfect IPL betting site to going via the 10CRIC registration approach and putting your IPL bets. Also know why we recommend 10CRIC as the best IPL betting site in India & then follow  below complete guide:

Step 1: Access 10CRIC, login into your account

  • 10CRIC India is at your fingertips as the go-to corner you can utilize to bet on IPL.
  • This privileged 10CRIC accepts Indian gamblers with genuine associates, offering a big welcome bonus and a type of promos tailored around the IPL.


  • Access the 10CRIC India via your browser and land homepage
  • Login to your account if you are a member otherwise, complete your 10CRIC registration and deposit the required funds into your account.
  • Select Sports from the menu bar and follow the next steps

Step 2: Choose cricket and click the IPL category

  • Once you have done depositing, the next thing you need to do is look for the 10CRIC IPL category.


  • Just choose the Cricket from the left-hand side of the sports page screen. You’ll see available categories of the cricket matches – just select IPL.
  • You can see the IPL section once the tournament gets started in April 2022. Till then you check out the 10CRIC Tricks for more games collection!

Step 3: Select your preferred match & Start your 10CRIC IPL betting journey

  • Once you select the IPL section from the dropdown list and click on the match you want to bet on, you will find a broad range of options for every IPL fixture, varying from outright winners to 1st inning totals and capital of specials.
  • When you set the wager, it will appear in the betting slip at the top right corner of the screen – below the Join now button.
  • All that’s left now is to enter the stake of your wish and click on the Place Bet button to confirm your bets.
  • Enjoy betting at our fingertips with the latest 10CRIC IPL app.

The 3 best 10CRIC IPL betting types for beginners

When it comes to significant cricket bookies like 10CRICIndia, there’s no lack of betting choices for the IPL matches. For instance, before the season starts, you can make predictions for the long-term and determine the outright champions of the league. You can hop on the act after the matches get underway via live IPL betting – the chances are apparently limitless. Let’s dive into each of these 10CRIC IPL betting markets individually. Also, check out cricket betting apps legal in India to get a clear idea of gambling law in India.


#1. Pre-Match IPL Betting

  • It is the most typical form of 10CRIC IPL betting. As the name suggests, this IPL match betting type is accomplished before the outings.
  • The 10CRIC India will usually unleash 10CRIC odds on IPL in the weeks showing up to the matches, so players will get plenty of time to consider their preferences.
  • As the kickoff draws nearer, there may be some pricing changes, relying on injury or any climate information, what the gamblers are betting on, and additional aspects.
    You’ll find the worth of wagers that includes below:

    • Over/Under
    • Top IPL team batsman
    • IPL Match winner
    • Odd/Even runs

Take the advantage of IPL season and learn how to play IPL betting online at 10CRIC India to earn more real money.

#2. IPL Live Betting

  • The vogue of live betting has zoomed in recent years among Indian gamblers.
  • This thrilling form of IPL betting authorizes you to place bets on events that have already begun, and it denotes perfectly fast-paced sports like IPL.
  • So, if you’re late for your IPL preferences, just shoot up the live betting platform, and the whole 10CRIC IPL live betting offering will be there for you to grab.
  • Available from the toss to the last whistle, there’s a broad scope of live IPL betting markets to wager on.
  • Remember that the odds will vary throughout the match in reaction to what’s happening on the match pitch.

#3. IPL Outright Betting

  • Outright IPL betting is a more difficult but more lucrative form of 10CRIC sports betting than the aforesaid markets.
  • You can gamble on who will win IPL 2022 before the session brings off the ground.
  • The odds for an outright champion market are magnificent, so you’ll achieve a huge payout if you get it straight.


  • This is more straightforwardly stated than accomplished, as the IPL trophy is contested by ten privileged teams, and it’s hard to denote which of them will succeed.
  • You can access the outright markets via reliable 10CRIC cricket odds. Note that the odds will probably vary as the drive plays out, so it’s most suitable to get in on the activity now while they’re at their peak!


There indeed are no excuses why you shouldn’t play 10CRIC IPL betting. In words of betting variety, 10CRIC IPL is second to none. On top of a whole suite of wagering chances, a site often hosts exclusive 10CRIC bonus codes that you can utilize to raise your bankroll and grow your probabilities of winning. 10CRIC is rated among the top bookies for the best IPL odds, so you can relax and ensured that 10CRIC will offer you the greatest returns on your winning stakes.

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