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Introducing 10CRIC live betting

10CRIC India offers an extensive variety of products in the online gambling market and the most popular of them is 10CRIC live betting. It allows you to bet on ongoing matches while the match is going on so you can make more clear predictions based on the scores at the very start of the match.


10CRIC online betting offers an exclusive variety of sports matches to bet on from cricket, football, soccer, badminton to basketball, kabaddi, boxing and so much more with just ₹5 as minimum betting stake and multiple betting options. Observe the odds and hit at the right spot to win loads of real money.

5 Basic points to bet on 10CRIC live betting

Before jumping into the main action, let’s understand some basic points of 10CRIC live betting and enhance the chances of winning. Understanding the 10CRIC live betting is better before as it’s always wise to know the sports.

  1. Live betting: Players can bet on matches even when the matches are going on, 10CRIC India offers this version of betting for players to make more accurate predictions regarding the winner of the match.
  2. Betting options: multiple live betting options are available at 10CRIC India, FT winner, 1×2, handicap, over/under, draw, toss winner, a man of the match, and so much more 10CRIC live betting options.
  3. Odds by experts: Odds are displayed on the screen throughout the match to help the players choose better options, they are calculated professionally by betting experts keeping various factors in mind.
  4. Minimum betting stake: 10CRIC live betting allows the players to bet on ongoing sports matches with a minimum betting stake of ₹5 making it the most affordable online betting site in the market.
  5. Expected pay-out calculation: Calculation of expected pay-out is done by multiplying the odds provided by 10CRIC India betting experts and betting stake that players wager in on the 10CRIC live betting.

How to bet on 10CRIC live betting – 3 steps guide

Enough of gibber-gabber, let’s get into the mainstream line and start to swim in 10CRIC live betting. Learn to bet on 10CRIC live betting in 3 simplest steps and enjoy the winnings through it.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC, register & choose live betting

Follow the points mentioned below in stepwise format to do 10CRIC live betting.

  • Access the official 10CRIC site via the link given in the article to avoid duplicate websites and fraud.


  • Click on ‘join now’ in the top right corner to make a 10CRIC register with correct information to avoid future problems while verifying your account.
  • Click on ‘Live Betting’ to visit the 10CRIC live betting page in the top left corner alongside the 10CRIC logo, given in the horizontal list of other 10CRIC products.

Step 2: Select the sports & match to bet on

  • Select ‘Cricket’ or whichever sports you prefer to bet on at 10CRIC live betting with 10CRIC cricket odds. We chose cricket as it runs in the veins of Indians and cricket love goes beyond explanation in Indian’s hearts.


  • Choose the ongoing match, we chose ‘New Zealand vs South Africa’ to bet on at 10CRIC live betting as it is ongoing right now. You can choose whichever you prefer to bet on.

Take a glance at betting tips and increase your chances of winning loads of profit of real money at 10CRIC live betting.

Step 3: Observe the odds & place the bets

  • Observe the professionally calculated 10CRIC odds by 10CRIC live betting experts, given alongside the name of teams, and click on the odds you want to support in 10CRIC live betting.


  • Enter the stake amount to want to bet on and look into the expected pay-outs to understand your profits and betting style.
  • Click on ‘Place Bets’ to place your bets and wait for the results to be announced as the match reached its verge of ending.

Know 10CRIC review in India before beginning your online live betting journey to clear all possible doubts.

Suppose you bet on ₹100 in New Zealand or South Africa, let’s look into these 2 cases of 10CRIC live betting and understand it better with examples.

Case 1: Bet on New Zealand with 12.10 odds value

Suppose you bet on New Zealand in New Zealand vs South Africa match with a wager amount of ₹100 and the odds are 12.10 then the expected payout would be (100×12.10) ₹1210.


  • If New Zealand wins: you will get back a huge profit up to the expected payout, that is, ₹1210 if New Zealand wins the match.
  • If New Zealand loses: you’ll end up losing your ₹100, the one you wager in while the match was going on if New Zealand loses the match.

Case 2: Bet on South Africa with 1.08 odds value

Suppose you bet on South Africa in New Zealand vs South Africa match with a wager amount of ₹100 and the odds are 1.08, then the expected payout would be (100×1.08) ₹108.


  • If South Africa wins: you will get ₹108 if South Africa wins the match between New Zealand vs South Africa match.
  • If South Africa loses: you will lose your complete amount of stake, that is, ₹100 if South Africa loses the match.

Continue to bet on 10CRIC live betting with 10CRIC tricks to enhance your chances of winning real money as long as you have confidence in your predictions and real money in your bank account to spend on 10CRIC live betting.

3 Mistakes to avoid while doing 10CRIC live betting

Look into the 3 most common mistakes to avoid while doing 10CRIC live betting and lead a smooth path towards winning real money. Understand and learn from other people’s mistakes to avoid 3 common mistakes are mentioned below.

  1. Do thorough research: Understand the sports better, team players, previous performances, and key positions of sports to bet wisely and predict correctly. Do thorough research before jumping into the mainstream of 10CRIC live betting.
  2. Don’t take the odds lightly: Odds are being displayed for your betterment and not taking advantage of such an amazing opportunity will be preposterous. Therefore, get the best out of odds in 10CRIC live betting.
  3. Money and time management: Time is money and as we know, everyone in the world has 24 hours a day; don’t go wasting them all on 10CRIC live betting. Keep it as a leisure activity. Spend your bankroll wisely.

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