Having issue while 10CRIC login? – Resolve via 3 solutions

Enter correct details to avoid the biggest 10CRIC Login issue, that is, Forgetting passwords. Retrieve your 10CRIC password in 3 simple steps within 4-5 minutes

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5 Possible reasons for the 10CRIC login issue

10CRIC login issue has been faced by consumers often, who tend to forget their passwords easily. But if you remembered your password and still facing the 10CRIC Login issue, then mentioned below are the 5 possible reasons for the 10CRIC Login issue. It’s important to detect the root cause to know the solution. Take a look at 10CRIC under maintenance issue & solve it with ease.


  1. Entered incorrect password: Most common 10CRIC Login issue faced by many players is entering the incorrect password. Players often forget their login details and get into the 10CRIC Login issue and make multiple logins in trying to get back the correct password makes it more problematic.
  2. Unstable internet connection: Good internet connectivity is important to ensure smooth 10CRIC login. The Player’s internet connectivity tends to fluctuate frequently, leading to the 10CRIC Login issue. Make sure to have a constant equivalent flow of internet connectivity to have smooth 10CRIC India Login and gaming session.
  3. Multiple 10CRIC Log-ins: If 10CRIC encounters an individual with more than one account in order to misuse the promotional deals offered by 10CRIC, then it has the right to suspend the account without giving any prior notice or explanation whatsoever.
  4. Cache & cookies increment: Web browsers tend to store the information and store the copies of pages you visit in the form of cache and this information might tend to create a 10CRIC Login issue. Accumulation of cache and cookies in your search browser leads to a 10CRIC Login issue.
  5. 10CRIC Locked the account: 10CRIC reserves the right in its hand to lock your account without giving any explanation or warning, if it finds any kind of fraudulent activity going on through your account or if you haven’t verified your account. Make sure to do 10CRIC account verification as soon as you make 10CRIC India register with valid documentation.

3 Solutions to resolve the 10CRIC login issue

If you have detected the reason behind your 10CRIC Login issue, then let’s jump to know the solution for it. There are 3 best solutions available for any 10CRIC Login issue you might face. We hope these 3 will do and you’ll get your 10CRIC account back.

  1. Retrieve the password: If you have forgotten your correct password, then don’t worry there’s a simple 3-step way to retrieve it and we’ll provide you that. But we hope that you remembered the email address registered in 10CRIC India. The only way is to retrieve your password is through an email address.
  2. Clear the cache & cookies: Web browsers tend to store the copies of pages you visit in their cache and this information might create a 10CRIC Login issue. Delete all stored cache and cookies in your search browser, close and reopen the search browser, and log in again.
  3. Reach out to 10CRIC customer care: If nothing works in order to solve the 10CRIC login issue, then the best and only way to solve your 10CRIC login issue is to reach 10CRIC customer care.

 How to reset your 10CRIC account password – 3 Steps guide

Looking for a way to retrieve your password back? We got your back, don’t worry you’re not the only one to have faced this problem, loads of players often face this specific 10CRIC Login issue. Therefore, mentioned below is the simplest 3-steps guide to retrieve your 10CRIC password.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC & choose ‘Forgot password?’

  • Access the official site of 10CRIC India via the link provided in the article to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘Log in’ in the top right corner of the screen to make a 10CRIC register and a pop-up will appear on your screen.


  • Select ‘Forgot Password?’ if you have forgotten your password to log in at 10CRIC.

Step 2: Enter email ID, DOB & click ‘continue’

  • Another pop-up will appear on your screen, asking for other details of your account.


  • Enter the correct registered email address in the text box that you have entered while registering at 10CRIC.
  • Enter your accurate date of birth that you must have entered in your email address and while registering at 10CRIC.
  • Copy the Captcha given in the box correctly to continue retrieving your password.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ to get a link to your registered email address for password retrieval.

Step 3: Click on the link & reset the password.

  • Visit your Gmail inbox and click on the password reset mail sent to you by 10CRIC India.


  • Click on ‘LINK’ given inside the mail and you’ll be redirected to the 10CRIC India homepage with the ‘Password Reset’ pop-up.


  • Enter the ‘New password’ you want to set for your ID twice in the text box given in the pop-up.
  • Click on ‘Change Password’ to complete the process of changing your password.


  • Your password will be changed successfully after clicking on Change Password.
  • Continue to enjoy the perks on the 10CRIC online gambling site, the best in the market.

3 Points to remember while retrieving your password

10CRIC password reset link is a second chance to claim your 10CRIC account back, don’t spoil it by entering wrong information. Avoid these three points to remember while retrieving your password.

  1. Enter correct email address: To get the confirmation letter and 10CRIC password reset link you have to enter your working email address, which you must have entered while making 10CRIC register.
  2. Don’t share the Link with anyone: The link that is sent to you by 10CRIC in order to reset your password is valid for 2 hours. Don’t share the 10CRIC password reset link to anyone within 2 hours of the time frame and save yourself from fraud.
  3. Reset the password within 2 hours: 10CRIC password reset link is valid for only 2 hours, that is you must reset your password before 2 hours. Remember to reset your password within 2 hours of submitting the request.

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We hope that we helped you with the 10CRIC Login issue you have been facing for long enough to visit us. If you have detected the reason behind it, then it definitely will get easier to resolve your 10CRIC login issue associated with the cause. Retrieve your 10CRIC account password if you have forgotten it in 3 simple steps and have a smooth online gambling experience with 10CRIC again.

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