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Introduction to 10CRIC odds

10CRIC odds are the result of specific combinations and permutations, calculated by professional betting experts to help you choose from betting options better. They are often displayed alongside the team in the match and are available as long as the match goes on for players to see and bet on.


Take advantage of the best odds available in the market and bet on your terms. Make 10CRIC register, access the online sportsbook, select the sports, observe the odds, choose the team to bet on, enter your stake amount, and place the bet. But before getting overwhelmed through winning let’s warm up a bit with understanding the odds first and then betting real money in real.

3 Must know 10CRIC odds types

There’s no better than the other, it’s more like the preferences of players and more often they prefer the one on the first number, that is, European odds also known as decimal odds as they are represented in decimal form. Let’s look into 3 10CRIC odds types to help you choose and understand better.

  1. European/decimal odds: The most commonly used, useful, easy to understand odds by almost all the online betting sites, 10CRIC too. It is the easiest to use among all the odds types present in the market and is widely popular with simple decimal formats like 4.28, 3.66, 2.88, etc.
  2. American/fractional odds: The name suggests the most about itself, odds are given in fractional form under American odds like 2/7, 3/5, 6/7, etc. They are no better than decimal odds and are not easy to understand and 10CRIC doesn’t prefer this as it confuses the player.
  3. 10CRIC odds in India: Also known as Ind odds to favor players from Indian origin to earn more real money and enjoy betting with the best betting site available in the market, 10CRIC. They are measured in decimals and with + & – sign to denote favorite and underdog teams.

Use the odds to your advantage and bet on 10CRIC live betting to earn huge profits of real money.

5 Most important terms of 10CRIC odds

Odds seem easy to understand but they aren’t that simple it only complicates if you jump into the main arena, deep into it. For starters, let’s just learn 5 important terms of 10CRIC odds to play better.


  1. Even Money: If the amount of money you win is similar to the amount of money you wager in, then it is called even money or equal odds since the odds went equal to 1.
  2. Odds against: When the result of the real match is against the outcome of the predicted result then the situation went against 10CRIC cricket odds and you might end up winning large amounts.
  3. Overground: A portion of odd is hidden underneath the shown odds to claim sportsbook’s margins, it’s more like a house edge; commission to the bookmakers if you win.
  4. Each-way betting: One bet is placed on the predicted winning team and the other for the selection’s position. An each-way bet is a two-wager bet and two odds.
  5. Odds on: Just opposite of odds against, odds on alludes to the fact that the event will take place completely. With leaving no hope but to either retrieve if allowed or lose the bet.

How to calculate your winnings using 10CRIC odds?

Even though it’s all automatic in 10CRIC India but it is always best to cross-check and know your potential winnings beforehand. It’s not the most difficult math, just a simple multiplication and can be done in a single step. That’s why we didn’t provide you with a wholesome 3-step guide to calculate your potential payout. Why complicate when it can be done in a single step? Let’s begin & follow the points:

  • Select the team you want to bet on after observing the odds and click on the odds displayed alongside to place the bet.
  • Look into the betting slip to determine your potential payout if you win the bet.
  • Potential payout = odds on the team x betting stake you wager in


  • 10CRIC odd:28
  • Betting stake: ₹100
  • Potential Payout: odd x stake = 4.28 x 100 = ₹428

Suppose you chose to bet on a football team with 4.28 odds and wager ₹100 on it, then the potential payout will be the multiplication of 4.28 and 100, that is, ₹428. Calculate and cross-check your expected winnings every time and have fun betting on 10CRIC sports.

3 important points of 10CRIC odds

We provide you with 3 points to show the importance of 10CRIC odds and understand them better as it is the most crucial part of any online betting site. No betting site will ever excel without betting odds displayed on the screen alongside the different teams to bet on at online sportsbook. 10CRIC buzz is increasing in India and so does your money.

  1. Helps in placing the bets: Betting experts calculate the odds to help the players understand the probability of the winning team better. Whichever team with greater odds is more likely to win the match as the stakes are higher for greater odds. Hence, odds help players to determine the team which is more likely to win and place the bets.
  2. Greater odds yield high payout: Whatever stake you bet with will be multiplied by the odd of that particular betting option, which indicates that if you bet on the team with higher odds your payout will automatically increase as the betting stake is multiplied by the betting odd to determine the payout amount, remember that can vary as it is expected amount.
  3. Determines the payout amount: Players can calculate their winnings on their own with the help of 10CRIC odds, even if they don’t have control over the odds. You do have control over the betting stake and you can manipulate the winning amount if you win the bet by altering the betting stake. Multiplication of 10CRIC odd and betting stake you wager.

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What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the opportunity with 10CRIC odds. Observer, enter the betting stake you can afford, click on place bets, and wait to win the winnings. 10CRIC has hundreds of sports to bet on and thousands of matches every day. Sign up and grab a chance to claim a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹30,000 on your first deposit in 10CRIC sportsbook wallet.

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