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Join the 10CRIC Online Betting Site and get the best online betting. Sports lovers can now make money via 10CRIC online betting. From cricket, English league, la Liga to virtual, 200+ sports you can put bets on & earn up to.

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When it comes to sports match betting, 10CRIC’s odds give the fairest possible crack of the whip. Ensuring that every successful bet you place earns you that little extra. That holds true for all of the most thrilling sporting events, including the top cricket championships in the world.

Introduction to 10CRIC online betting

Since its inception in 2012, 10CRIC India has provided punters with an easy-to-navigate online betting platform. People in India can access a wide range of online sports betting services.


Every month, 10CRIC hosts 60,000 unique betting events across 60 sports, with 2,000 different bet types, and offers Indian customers a customized online betting experience that includes special promotions on the world’s most popular cricket matches, as well as a fantastic selection of other sports games.

6 Reasons – Why play at 10CRIC online betting?

  1. Best live betting alternatives for a variety of sporting events, including cricket and kabaddi matches.
  2. All of India’s most common payment methods are accepted, and transactions are entirely secured with 128-bit SSL digital encryption technology.
  3. Place bets on the go with the 10CRIC mobile betting app, which is available for iOS & Android smartphones and is up to date and simple to use.
  4. Always offering new & exciting prizes and promotions after doing 10CRIC login to ensure that players get the most out of their 10CRIC online betting experience.
  5. Players are rewarded with goodies as part of a robust VIP loyalty program.
  6. Customer service is available 24/7 to clear queries quickly.

5 Popular available Sports to play 10CRC online betting

From soccer to cricket to kabaddi, 10CRIC India covers over 60 sports. Each sport has its own set of bets, including match results, in-play picks like goal scorer and time of the goal, and a variety of specials. The best thing about 10CRIC is that the minimum bet amount is ₹5 for all sports. Below are the 5 most loved sports at 10CRIC online betting.

#1. Cricket


  • It’s no mystery that cricket is 10CRIC India’s main focus when it comes to sports betting. After all, the name says it all!
  • You can wager on the latest IPL teams, as well as India’s test, ODI, and T20 matches, the Ashes, the Caribbean Premier League, and other international tournaments. 10CRIC’s cricket betting odds are the most extensive in the industry.

#2. Football


  • 10CRIC provides a betting market for every thrilling football match out there, with a selection of bet markets to choose from.
  • Whether you’re a football fan who wants to bet on the Indian Super League (ISL), La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, Premier League, or any other league around the globe. 10CRIC makes sure you get the greatest football betting odds to win.
  • Learn about how does over under work in football betting & start making money betting on your favorite match.

#3. Badminton


  • Many badminton betting events are available at 10CRIC. The Badminton Association of India, the Canada Open, and the Premier Badminton League (PBL) are among them.
  • Badminton aficionados believe India’s PBL to be one of the best badminton leagues in the world, with top-ranked foreign stars.
  • It offers the best badminton in the country.

#4. Hockey


  • With 10CRIC field or ice hockey betting, Indian hockey fans can now bet on their favorite HI games.
  • The options for what type of bets you wish to place are infinite, ranging from regular pre-match betting to outright betting to live field hockey betting in India.

#5. E-sports


  • In India, e-sports betting is growing increasingly popular. It’s one of the simplest & most enjoyable ways to make money.
  • Whether you want to wager on Dota 2 matches or CSGO, you’ll always find one of the finest odds at 10CRIC.

Explore and discover more with 10CRIC live betting and grab a chance to earn more real money.

Odds & bets at 10CRIC online betting

10CRIC online betting odds are available in a variety of formats. No doubt 10CRIC offers great odds with excellent payouts in the market. Let’s quickly look at the various bets offered by 10CRIC. Learn how to play 10CRIC sports betting with greater odds & earn huge prizes.


  1. ML(Moneyline) – The simplest wager in sports betting is a moneyline bet.
  2. 1X2(Home/draw/away) – Similar to moneyline betting, 1X2 offers 3 options. 1 refers home team win, x refers draw & 2 refers away team win.
  3. O/U(over/under) – A wager on the over/under is one in which you predict whether the score will be over or under a certain value given.
  4. HDP(handicap) – Handicap betting is a type of football betting in which teams are handicapped based on their recent form, requiring a stronger team to win by a larger margin.

Now that you know which are the sports available at 10CRIC and also the working of odds. Quickly set up your new account by doing 10CRIC Register & enjoy sports live betting to earn cash prizes.

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Have you been seeking an online betting service that is easy to use, safe, and secure? 10CRIC India is just what you’re looking for! 10CRIC online betting offers a world-class sports betting experience that you can enjoy at home or on the move, with a wide range of sports games to choose from. Join 10CRIC India today to receive your welcome promotion, place bets, play, and win!