4 Causes why 10CRIC under maintenance | Resolve via helpline

Facing 10CRIC under maintenance issues? This can happen due to 1 of 4 issues mentioned in this guide. Read till the end to find solution to 10CRIC not working!

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You’ll know one way or another if 10CRIC goes down. If something serious happens, the website will be unavailable, and you’ll be alerted through email. Keep scrolling to know why it happened & how to resolve it.

The sense of 10CRIC under maintenance

Maintenance! This is most likely the far more prevalent cause of the 10CRIC outage. Websites must be updated regularly. The security of your data, finances and the seamless running of the betting site all require regular maintenance.

10CRIC under maintenance

You’ll usually know 10CRIC is down since you’ll try to access the site and get an error page instead. It may take down the entire 10CRIC website. In certain circumstances, only a single page or a product of 10CRIC is affected. When a problem like this happens, it will only affect that page, the rest of the site will continue to function normally.

4 Reasons – Why is 10CRIC under maintenance?

Though 10CRIC India has a team committed to preventing and resolving site faults, the site might go under maintenance for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at the most typical reasons for 10CRIC not working. For the latest updates, check out 10CRIC tricks & see how to make easy money online.

10CRIC under maintenance

  1. 10CRIC products update – Planned maintenance is the most common and likely cause of 10CRIC not working. Maintaining the high level of service required from one of India’s finest cricket betting sites requires a lot of effort. As a result, some 10CRIC maintenance is required from time to time to guarantee that the website is completely safe and bug-free.
  2. Heavy traffic – Bugs can arise, and 10CRIC may experience downtime as a result. Other technical problems might be caused by hardware malfunctions or even a severe power loss at the 10CRIC headquarters or the servers’ location. A betting site can potentially be crippled by unusual or unexpectedly large traffic, such as during a major sporting event.
  3. Security vulnerability – Indian betting sites are, understandably, the focus of cybercriminals or hackers. As a result, if 10CRIC isn’t operating, it may be due to a cyber-attack. If 10CRIC were to be attacked, the website would be shut down to safeguard the integrity of the page and its data, which would be an extremely unlikely scenario.
  4. Technical problems – It’s not simple to create a faultless betting site. To provide free bets and flawless in-play betting odds, a lot of specialized computer programming is necessary. 10CRIC’s skilled programmers try their utmost to ensure that nothing goes wrong, yet mistakes sometimes happen.

What about 10CRIC bets placed?

10CRIC under maintenance shouldn’t be a major issue unless you’ve placed live bets or used the 10CRIC sports early cash-out facility.

  • Naturally, if 10CRIC is not working, you won’t be able to view the odds change or place any in-play bets.
  • It will be impossible to withdraw money as well. Any bets placed before 10CRIC goes down, however, will be marked.
  • If your bets were successful, they will be paid out after the tournament has ended.

2 Resolving solutions when 10CRIC not working

So, what should you do if 10CRIC is unavailable due to an unplanned outage? Thankfully, this platform provides a variety of help solutions that are available 24/7. Find the 10CRIC helpline number below to solve your issues.

10CRIC under maintenance

#1. Helpline center – 10CRIC has a dedicated customer service team that is available 24/7 to answer your queries. You may contact them via any of the below means enquiring about 10CRIC not working issues. You can expect an instant solution to all your problems.

  1. E-mail: support@10cric.com
  2. Telephone: +913371279179
  3. LiveChat: 24×7

#2. Social media – 10CRIC is also active on social media, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. While you won’t be able to receive particular help with your account through social media, you can always send 10CRIC a message to see if they’re down.


10CRIC is one of India’s top cricket bookmakers, with a crew dedicated to preventing frustrating outages. If 10CRIC is under maintenance unexpectedly, you’ll know what to do with our instructions. So, note down those customer service details and choose a few backup bookmakers just in case.

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