5 popular 10CRIC withdrawal issues – Overcome withdraw delay

The biggest 10CRIC withdrawal issues are delays in withdrawals. Players at first need to enter the valid information on withdrawal slip, which most players skip

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10CRIC is the leading online gambling site in India, it allows its players to withdraw a minimum amount of money up to ₹1000. Even embedded with great accuracy, digital technology is bound to have some problems, rarely though.


If you’re here, we are presuming you’re facing some 10CRIC withdrawal issues. Don’t worry, you’re not stuck anywhere where help can’t reach; as help is provided to all who ask for it at 10CRIC, scroll down to know the problems, reasons, and solutions for 10CRIC withdrawal issues.

5 popular 10CRIC withdrawal issues – rarely happen

10CRIC offers multiple payment withdrawing options like Astropay, e-wallet, 10CRIC coins, and local bank transfer. 10CRIC withdrawal issues happen rarely but they do happen and the most common 5 issues are mentioned below for you to identify the issue you’re facing.

#1. Delay in money withdrawal

Often, players are scared about the credibility of the website and tend to scatter their information in the 10CRIC registration form and bank account.


  • Well, 10CRIC has to verify that you’re the right person, not only to allow you to withdraw your money from account balance but also to keep a check on money laundering.
  • Therefore, the 10CRIC account verification procedure mostly depends on the bank and how fast they provide the information, delaying the 10CRIC withdrawal.

#2. Payment gateway issues

As 10CRIC has a shared server, sometimes the software can’t handle a bit of a traffic rush because of overload from other hosts and end up shutting down the payment gateway, leading to 10CRIC withdrawal issues.

  • When a large number of people visit a particular website hosted by a shared server than other websites also go down with it, affecting all the websites.
  • This means that even the payment gateway goes down, even if it’s the third party for making payments between the player and online gambling website.

#3. Delay in the approval request

It’s very crucial for 10CRIC to identify your identity before allowing your 10CRIF withdrawal successfully.


  • Hence, sometimes it might get delayed to verify your account with your 10CRIC account detail vie governmental documentation like PAN card, Aadhar card, etc.
  • Therefore, always remember to enter valid credentials while making 10CRIC registration and fill in your legal name and address. Provide original documentation or your account will be locked.

#4. Weak DNS Connection

A loosely packed connection between Domain Name System and the shared server not only makes the payment gateway go down but the complete website goes down.

  • The culprit of the website’s slow connection can be the wrongly spelled server’s name in the domain’s registrar. The best thing you can do to not have this 10CRIC withdrawal issue is to make sure that you’re not connected to a bad internet connection.
  • Cut in connection in between, you’ll end up losing the request and in a hurry of making another, you’ll make way too many.

Reduce your complications by understanding it better with 10CRIC withdrawal reviews and enjoy a smooth procedure for gaining your winnings.

#5. Rejection of withdrawal request

After submitting the withdrawal requesting a form at 10CRIC, players are often supposed to contact the customer care service to know the approval time of 10CRIC withdrawal.


  • Players often forget or neglect the importance of reminders by 10CRIC and end up getting their withdrawal request rejected in a while.
  • Rejection of a 10CRIC withdrawal request can also mean invalid information from the customer’s side while filling out the registration form.

3 Reason behind 10CRIC withdrawal issues

It’s easy to predict the reasons behind 10CRIC withdrawal issues as they are some popular reasons associated with it. It gets easier to solve the problem once you know the reason behind the problem. Mentioned below are the 3 reasons behind 10CRIC withdrawal issues. Also, find solutions to 10CRIC under maintenance issues.


  1. Invalid credentials: Keep one point in mind that everything to fill in while making 10CRIC registration, will be verified in the further process via mobile number, email address, and bank details for 10CRIC withdrawal. Hence, entering invalid credentials is an integral part of 10CRIC withdrawal issues as new players often commit in a rush to enjoy gambling.
  2. Software malfunction: If the 10CRIC online gambling website you are using is hosted under a shared server, then a huge amount of traffic on any particular website hosted by the same server will end up shutting down 10CRIC too. This happens rarely but whenever does, players can neither access 10CRIC nor pay-out gateway.
  3. Delay in banking procedure: 10CRIC account Verification and withdrawal request depends mostly on the bank you prefer or e-wallet. 10CRIC withdrawing approval time delays as the verification from bank delays, creating 10CRIC withdrawal issues for you. Again, entering valid credentials becomes most important as it is the first step to 10CRIC.

How to overcome 10CRIC withdrawal issues?

To avoid 10CRIC withdrawal issues, we often suggest entering valid credentials first because that’s the most occurring common reason behind the 10CRIC withdrawal issues. However, if you still come across 10CRIC withdrawal issues, then:

10CRIC customer care service is available 24*7 to provide its determined answers for you and gives the best solution to every problem at 10CRIC. It provides a live chat agent, helpline number to call, Email address to main, messaging, WhatsApp number, and even telegram group link to help you communicate with them without any hesitation and solve your 10CRIC withdrawal issues ASAP.


  1. 24*7 Live chat: If you don’t want any human contact then chat with a virtual assistant whenever you want, day or night about your queries, it’s the most preferred option.
  2. Contact number – +913371279179: If you are willing to clear your query by a living human being then the best instant communication mode is contacting 10CRIC customer care via the 10CRIC helpline number.
  3. Email – support@10cric.com: Another preferred option to contact 10CRIC customer care is to leave a mail via 10CRIC email ID, but it will take more time than other ways to get a response.

No need to stop playing, gambling, or betting. So, whenever you face 10CRIC withdrawal issues, play the games 10CRIC provides to distract yourself from the trouble until the 10CRIC customer care service does its work.

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We hope that you got the crystal-clear idea behind the 10CRIC withdrawal issues; you might be facing. Problems at 10CRIC are rare, it’s a wizarding world bound to have Voldemort. But it is also filled with loads of online casino gambling games, providing opportunities and chances to win a great deal of real money. Sign up at 10CRIC and claim exciting promotional deals made for newcomers.

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