10 Honest 10CRIC withdrawal reviews – Minimum withdrawal ₹1k

Know the truth of 10CRIC withdrawal reviews! Understand ways to take your money out from ₹1,000 to ₹100,000 in 2-4 hours with 6 payment modes at 10CRIC India.

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Your time is valuable to us and we try our best to save it as much as possible hereby, provide you the honest and unbiased 10CRIC withdrawal reviews so you don’t have to do it on your own. Save your hours of research when you can get everything at one spot about 10CRIC India. Let’s get into some action and see 10 honest 10CRIC withdrawal reviews.

#1. 10CRIC withdrawal is safe for Indians

10CRIC is one of the most popular online gambling websites in the Indian online gambling market and has been used by 600,000+ active players on daily basis. It’s trustworthy and reliable, which can be proved by the number of active users who put their trust in it every day.


The best way to prove the credibility of 10CRIC and withdrawal is the license. 10CRIC is licensed to perform online gambling activities under CURACAO eGaming License Validation and unlike any other license authority, CURACAO eGaming is the best in its market with no client complaints. Hence, yes 10CRIC is legal in India & the withdrawal process is perfectly safe for Indian players.

#2. 10CRIC Withdrawal methods available to Indians

10CRIC offers 6 withdrawal methods for Indian players to help them withdraw their winnings with ease. It takes utmost care of its customers in every form possible, from deposits to withdrawals. Understand and compare the 6 different modes of withdrawal, minimum and maximum withdrawal limit, and processing time given in the tabular form.

Sr. No.

Payment Mode

Minimum limit

Maximum limit

Processing time





2-3 hours





1-2 hours


10cric-withdrawal-reviews-04Local Bank Transfer



20-30 minutes





1-2 hours





24 hours


10cric-withdrawal-reviews-0710CRIC Coins



2-3 hours

Look into the best solutions for 10CRIC withdrawal issues if you ever face any; even though it happens rarely, but good to be prepared.

#3. Minimum withdrawal limit at 10CRIC

The minimum withdrawal limit at 10CRIC is ₹1000, which implies clearly that players can’t withdraw money less than ₹1000 from 10CRIC at one go. 10CRIC allows a good amount of money to withdraw with ease and a simple method.


  • You must have more than ₹1000 in your main balance 10CRIC account to be able to withdraw real money into your main account.
  • Exception: Minimum withdrawal limit via 10CRIC coins payment mode is ₹1,250.

#4. Maximum withdrawal limit at 10CRIC

The maximum withdrawal limit at 10CRIC is ₹100,000, implying that the players cannot withdraw more than ₹1 Lac from the 10CRIC main balance account to their bank account in one go.

  • Make sure you have ₹1 Lac in 10CRIC main balance account to be able to withdraw from your bank account.
  • Exception: Maximum withdrawal limit via 10CRIC coins payment mode is ₹700,000.

Add up the 10CRIC welcome bonus in your withdrawal amount of up to ₹30,000 by claiming the promotional deal with your first deposit at 10CRIC.

#5. The processing time required for 10CRIC withdrawal

10CRIC needs to make sure of your identity before letting you able to withdraw money from the 10CRIC main balance account to your bank account and hence, it tends to take some time to process your withdrawal request.


  • After clicking on ‘Withdraw’ you will get a pop-up from 10CRIC confirming that your withdrawal request has been submitted successfully and they’ll review it in the next few hours.
  • 10CRIC takes nearly 2-4 hours to withdraw your money if the verification process is done on your part, you must provide legal documentation to prove your identity.
  • If the verification process is still pending, then it takes 48 hours for 10CRIC to permit you to withdraw your money after the verification process has been done successfully.

#6. Transaction fee for 10CRIC withdrawal

The best feature of 10CRIC withdrawal is that it doesn’t take a single penny from its customers as a transaction fee. Yes, you heard it right; the transaction fee is 0 at 10CRIC for all the players.

  • Players can enjoy unlimited withdrawals without paying a single penny to 10CRIC from it, with zero transaction fee.
  • Don’t wait any longer and withdraw your winnings from 10CRIC without paying a single penny to 10CRIC at all.
  • Here are some of the most common 10CRIC withdrawal problems faced, find solutions to all & enjoy collecting your winnings.

#7. Simplest 10CRIC withdrawal process

10CRIC withdrawal process is the simplest to do and can be done in the 3 easiest steps. Without further ado, let’s make acquainted with the 3 step guide to perform 10CRIC withdrawal easily.

  • Step 1: Access 10CRIC & register your account
  • Step 2: Select ‘Withdrawal’ under your username
  • Step 3: Choose withdrawal mode, enter amount & click withdraw

Understand the procedure better in the detailed format in the 10CRIC withdrawal article via link, given in the introduction section.

#8. A crucial step for 10CRIC withdrawal – Verification

Verification is the most important step when it comes to 10CRIC withdrawal and the before you do it, the better it is. Our suggestion would be to do the 10CRIC account verification as soon as you do 10CRIC registration.


  • Documents required to make 10CRIC verification are PAN card, passport or driver’s license for personal identification and bank statement, utility bill or tax payment receipt for residence verification.
  • Scanned copies are not accepted by 10CRIC, make sure your documents are in jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf format. Aadhar card and voter ID are not acceptable for 10CRIC verification.

#9. Cancellation of 10CRIC withdrawal request

Players can cancel their withdrawal requests whenever they want as per their preferences. When you make a 10CRIC withdrawal request, your money sits in between the 10CRIC main balance account or your bank account until the verification process is over. You can cancel and bring back the money to the 10CRIC account whenever you want.


  • All you have to do is click ‘Cancel withdrawal’ in the list, which will pop under your username and you’ll be redirected to a new page showing withdrawal request.
  • Click on ‘Cancel’ if you want to cancel your 10CRIC withdrawal request and money will be transferred back to your 10CRIC main balance account.

#10. Transaction history at 10CRIC

10CRIC doesn’t trouble its customers with loads of details to remember and remember their details for the customers. Hence, you don’t have to keep track of your transactions as 10CRIC keeps track of your every transaction, be it 10CRIC deposit, withdrawal, cancellation, or declined.


  • All you have to do is click ‘Transaction history’ in the list, which will pop under your username and you’ll be redirected to a new page showing your transaction history of all time.
  • You can see all the payments you have made to 10CRIC and all the withdrawals, canceled and declined will be appeared on your screen.

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No need to worry about withdrawals anymore, know the truth of 10CRIC withdrawal reviews! We hope you understood the ways to take your money out from 10CRIC from ₹1,000 to ₹100,000 within 2-4 hours with 6 payment modes at 10CRIC India. Join 10CRIC to enjoy next-level online gambling and claim welcomes bonuses up to ₹30,000!

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