12 Tips and Tricks for Andar Bahar to Earn ₹5,000 Every Day!

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Andar Bahar Online Andar Bahar Winning Tips W88 Andar Bahar

Playing online casino games is fun especially if you pick a site like W88. However, what is more fun than playing Andar Bahar online is winning every round of the game. You must be wondering whether it is even possible to win every round of the Andar Bahar game but to quickly cut your thought process, here we have put together 12 pro tips that you can test and try to find out whether it is true or not. Remember that these are used by pro gamblers online, so buckle up to become one yourself!

#1. Find a Good Betting Site to Play Andar Bahar

The first and most important thing that you must do which is surprisingly one of the most important tricks to win Andar Bahar online is to find a good online casino site. This is because the site you use is important when it comes to playing Andar Bahar online as it will require you to deposit and withdraw real money. Besides this, you will also need to enter your personal and sensitive information online for account verification.



So to avoid being scammed by any online betting site it is better that you do your research well and makes sure that your online betting site has these 2 important things:

  1. Legal and Safe to Use: The online betting site that you must choose must be completely legal and safe to use. In India, we do not really have any fixed law on gambling online, so online sites related to Live Casinos and more are allowed as long as they own a legal license to operate in India online. Thus, find a good online betting site like Dafabet or W88 to kickstart your winnings at Andar Bahar.
  2. Low Deposit Rates: As mentioned above, you will need to enter banking details and make transactions on your online betting site in order to play Andar Bahar. So, be sure that you select a game room which has low minimum deposit rates. Finding a site like this means that the site definitely cares about its customers and how much they spend on online gambling. Besides this, finding a low minimum betting site online automatically ensures that all the products available there do not cost a lot.

Finding these 2 important things along with reading all the terms and conditions of the site is an important first step that you must take in order to win Andar Bahar online. As we go down the article, you will understand why this point is one of the most important and basic Andar Bahar winning techniques.

#2. Look for a Good Andar Bahar Game Room

Next, when looking for a good site online, is important to check all the products that they offer. One such product which is the most important one when it comes to Andar Bahar online gambling is the game room you will be playing at. Metaphorically speaking, game rooms work as your playground online that you will be using to win your game, that is why it is important that this playground offers you smooth groundwork. Thus, here are 3 important points to consider that can help you pick the perfect Andar Bahar game room online for winning.

  1. Understandable Interface: The first important thing that you must look for, and you will notice, is the interface of the game room. It is important that when you enter a game room, you should be able to navigate and understand all the buttons on the table easily. This is important because there are some online game rooms that scam people with their overly complicated interfaces.
  2. Low Minimum Betting Rates: Next, it is important that your game room offers you many betting options and also a wide range of betting rates. But what is most important is the lowest minimum betting rate in the game room. This is because the lower the minimum betting rates are the more you can play.
  3. High Payouts: Additionally, it is important to check the standard payout rates by calculating them with the odds available in the game room. It is therefore important to look at the odds for all the betting options at Andar Bahar to make sure they are not rigged.

Using these three points as guidelines can help you pick the perfect Andar Bahar game room for yourself. With this, you will have the necessary basic equipment to go ahead and win more at Andar Bahar online.

#3. Learn about the conditions of the Game Room

Now that you have found your perfect game room, you can go ahead and play Andar Bahar online but if you immediately start playing, you may find that you do not agree with something about the game room. This is why before placing your Bets, you must read the terms and conditions of the game room.

  • It is important to read the terms and conditions of the Online Betting site you select for yourself. However, it is also important to make sure that you visit the conditions page of the gaming room you select as well.
  • When players do not do this they end up playing recklessly completely unaware of the terms and conditions of the game.
  • And so, most players end up disobeying many conditions of the game rooms and end up getting banned. This is something you do want, especially at amazing casino sites like W88 Live Casino.

Thus, it is important that you must read your game provider’s game room’s terms and conditions in order to start betting safely. Besides this, one of the most important and basic conditions that you must obey is to be respectful to fellow players in the game room as well as to the Live Dealer.


#4. Read the Betting Odds Chart in the Game Room

The next important point that you must keep in mind when learning how to play Andar Bahar online is to read the odds of the betting options available in the game room. Yes, the entire game of Andar Bahar highly depends on the bets made for Andar and Bahar. However, the chances, or odds, of winning are not always 50-50.

  • In fact, bets made on Andar have a higher chance of winning by 51.5% just because the cards are dealt on the Andar side first. Thus, this leaves Bahar with a 48.5% chance to win the game.
  • This is why to make the game more interesting, many people tend to make side bets which basically are bets made to enhance the game.

Using the side bets, you must determine how many cards it will take in total to get the highest-ranking card. Placing combination bets by making main and side bets is also something that can help you win more.

#5. Use the Minimum Bet Amount to Make Bets

One of the reasons we asked you to select a good game room on a good online betting site is so that you could spend less and play more and so, the next point which is the oldest trick when learning how to play Andar Bahar online is to use the minimum betting amount to make bets.

  • Andar Bahar game rooms are usually extremely expensive so the minimum betting limit goes up to ₹1000.
  • Since this is too much to play a single round with, it is important that you select a room with betting rates as low as ₹100, as in W88.
  • With this, you must decide to play with the least betting amount available on the Andar Bahar table. This will enable you to play more games in less time and also win more by following the next step.

Keep in mind that Andar Bahar is the go-to casino game in India and thus, it is very high in demand. So, the game rooms for it are usually expensive. Yet again, if you are playing Andar Bahar for the minimum betting limit as high as ₹100, then the payout you will receive will go up to ₹200!

#6. Make your Andar Bahar Bets Wisely

Now that you have finally secured a safe Andar Bahar environment for yourself, it is time for your to make your bets wisely. You must carry out this tip by paying attention to tip number 4. As mentioned there, the game room you play in will have certain set odds for each betting option. Thus, it is your duty as someone who wants to win to keep the bettings odds in mind before placing any bets.


  • You must do this by placing bets on the betting option with a higher chance of winning. This means that you must go ahead and place your bets on the option with the higher odds.
  • Taking the previous point into account, we recommend placing bets mostly on Andar, since that is the most ideal betting option. This is because the cards in the Andar section are dealt first, so there is a good chance of them getting a higher rank before any card is dealt to the Bahar side.

That being said, we urge you to make your own decision and come up with your own Andar Bahar Betting strategy. This way you can go ahead and place your bets by experiencing the entire thrill of depending on luck alone.

#7: Use Side Bets to Boost your Winnings

Additionally to the previous tip, you must go ahead and place your bets on the side bets available as well. These side bets were created to make the Andar Bahar game more interesting. In fact, you can even place multi bets by betting on the main and side bets together in a single round.

  • Side bets in Andar Bahar are made to determine the overall number of cards the dealer will deal with to get a winner for the round.
  • These side bets are divided into eight sub-sections, each with a range of cards. This range includes 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-49.
  • This means that if you bet on the range of 1-5, then you are basically predicting that it will take 1 to 5 cards to be drawn till a winner is determined.

All the side bets come with their own betting odds. Thus, again, the betting odds in the Andar Bahar game are important information that you must know in order to win more in less time and with less money.


#8. Sit Back and Observe the Andar Bahar Game

Now that you have understood most of the basic tips that you must use to help yourself win more at Andar Bahar, let us take a look at one of the most important tips that many pro gamblers use when playing at casinos. This trick is not only used by pro gamblers to play Andar Bahar but also to play any casino game.

  • Remember, the goal of playing Andar Bahar at online casinos or any other casino game is to win more than you spend.
  • So, sometimes it may happen that you have a continuous losing streak even after placing bets on higher odds. This is when you must take time to sit back and enjoy the Andar Bahar game online and just observe.

Thus, it is not important that you must bet on each and every round of the game. It is however important that you observe which side is winning more and come up with your own Andar Bahar strategy.

#9. Set a Betting Limit for Yourself

Another way to save yourself from losing too much money online is to make sure to set a minimum betting limit online before joining the Andar Bahar game room online. This is important as well as used by many pro players to keep your gambling in check, after all, gambling is more fun when you play online responsibly.

  • This betting limit must be set for the day, it could be ₹1,000 or even more. Thus, using this set amount, you must place your bets online.
  • When you win anything from this amount, you can further play more rounds using your win money unless you want to collect the extra cash you got by playing Andar Bahar online.

Thus, setting betting limits is a great way to maintain a perfect relationship between yourself and your love for gambling in the most healthy way possible.


#10. Use the Martingale or Reverse Martingale Strategy

Another best way to earn more cash while spending less is the Martingale or the Reverse Martingale Strategy. This is one of the most commonly used strategies when playing any online casino games. Not only this but by using this Strategy you can have fun not only by enjoying the gameplay but also by placing bets online.

  • The Martingale Strategy: The Martingale Strategy is based on how you place bets online and highly depends on the number of losses and wins you get. Here, for every time you lose you must double up your betting stake to make up for the loss. When you win, you cut the betting stake to half and continue betting.
  • The  Reverse Martingale Strategy: Another way to win more money while maintaining the betting limit that you have set for yourself is the Reverse Martingale Strategy. In this, every time you lose, you must reduce your betting stake. However, whenever you win a round, you must double up on your betting stake.

This is one of the most interesting mathematical strategies used by many gamblers online to help them not only win but also maintain a good amount of money in their bankroll. If you are wondering which one of these two is the best option, then we recommend going for the Reverse Martingale Strategy.

#11. Make Use of Promotional Bonus Offers

Another way and the best way to spend less while earning more is to make use of the promotional bonus offers offered by your online casino site. These offers can come from the online betting sites you choose or directly offered by the game room providers. This is a great way to double up your cash in no time without having to spend much from your own pocket.

  • One of the criteria for picking the best online betting site above was to make sure the site offers you extra bonus offers which will allow you to play for more hours at a less price.
  • Assuming that you have done so, you must opt-in for the welcome bonus offers, or the weekly reload offers, offered by your online gaming site.
  • This is because using these promotional offers you will get free cashback bonuses upon making a minimum deposit. What is even better is that to claim the bonus offers completely in your account, you must spend time completing the rollover requirements, which basically means playing games at the live casino.

Just like the terms and conditions, the promotions offered by some of the coolest online betting sites in India like W88, are always ignored by many newbies, because they all seem shady. But as long as you have picked the right site, you can definitely trust and claim these promotional bonuses to earn extra real money in no time.


#12. Leave When You Spend a Lot

With this, we come to the last point, which may be a bitter pill to swallow as well and that is to leave the Andar Bahar table when you have played too much.

  • Remember, the goal of playing Andar Bahar online is to enjoy yourself while earning some extra cash and bonus deals.
  • However, if you develop an unhealthy habit of gambling on Andar Bahar game rooms, then you won’t only lose your money but also lose the joy of gaming online.

Thus, in order to be a pro-Andar Bahar gambler, it is important that you act like one, and to do that you must first learn how to game responsibly by following these amazing Andar Bahar tips used by pro players.

In Conclusion

Finally, we have come to the end of the 12 pro tips and tricks for Andar Bahar. Using these, you can go ahead and kickstart your Andar Bahar gambling journey in no time. Remember to be patient with yourself, because learning takes time and it is okay to take as much time as you want to learn because, in the end, you will be able to play well and win even more than you give. That being said, it is important to keep and maintain a healthy and responsible relationship with gambling online. With this, we bid adieu – Happy Betting!

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