Tricks to Win in Roulette Online Game: 12 Pro Tips by Kric88

Follow 12 Tricks to Win in Roulette Online & Win ₹7,000 daily! Master your favorite Casino Game with Professional tips & increase your Win rate by 98% in a day.

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Well, it is because pro-players follow their Roulette-Playing rules thoroughly and stick with them they help keep winning. If you want to earn the title “Roulette Master” then follow these 12 tricks acquired by pro-Roulette Masters online at Kric88.


#1. Select A Good Online Roulette Betting Site

The first thing you must do in order to become a pro-Roulette gambler online is to find a suitable playground for yourself. This means, that you must find a good Site that allows you to enjoy most of the benefits every Roulette gamer needs to win online.

These benefits include good game rooms, low minimum betting rates, high payouts, and low commission, topped by some of the craziest live casino bonus offers. When looking for such a site, our team came up with 3 sites that fit these criteria well:

  1. Betway: Betway ensures responsible gambling and gives you up to a ₹15,000 welcome bonus on live casinos!
  2. 10CRIC: As a beginner, 10CRIC is a site you will enjoy because of its easy interface! You also will get up to ₹12,000 welcome bonus on your new 10CRIC account!
  3. Dafabet: Offers many Roulette casino game rooms and live dealers to play Roulette at, and gives up to ₹8,000 Casino Bonus.

The common things about all these sites are that they offer low betting rates on Roulette as well as have many game rooms you can choose from!

#2. Find a Good Live Casino Roulette Game Room

Speaking of the many game rooms the aforementioned sites provide, it is now time to find the one that suits your needs the best. This is because although most offers are provided by the site, the game room is provided by a game provider. At online casinos, you will find many game room providers with various features. Thus, all game rooms are different for online Roulette games.


  • When selecting a good game room, you must make sure that the minimum betting rate is low, especially for Roulette.
  • In India, playing Roulette online should cost you a minimum of ₹5 per round. Lower minimum betting rates are great as well!
  • Besides this, your Online Roulette game room should have high payout rates and low house commission.
  • This is because any game room that offers its customers more than they take automatically becomes a good and welcoming game room.

Some of the best game rooms you can find at online casinos at 10CRIC, Dafabet, and Betway are Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, PlayTech, Club Ezugi, etc.

#3. Read the Terms & Conditions

The next tip that pro-gamblers use is a necessary one, and since most gamblers online tend to ignore it, there are only fewer pro-players at Roulette. This next trick to win at Roulette online is easy as you only have to read the terms and conditions – of the Site as well as your game room.

  • Reading the terms and conditions is something that is ignored and thus, most players end up playing recklessly without understanding the conditions under which they have to play.
  • Not only this but it is important to adhere to these conditions when playing Roulette online to be more respectful.
  • That being said, most pro-players read, understand, as well as play by these conditions thoroughly, mostly to come up with their own strategy that does not disregard any conditions.
  • This also means that they strategize by bending the conditions to their convenience.

Thus, if you want to strategize in a better way without any holes in your Roulette strategy, then it is best for you to visit the terms and conditions sections of your Site and Game Room!

#4. Understand the Rules of Roulette Online

It is a given rule that as a beginner when you learn how to play Roulette online, the first thing that you learn is the rules of the game. However, if you want to be a pro player in no time, then you have to not only memorize all the rules of Roulette but also understand them through and through!


  • Understanding the rules of the game is similar to the previous point of reading the terms and conditions of your online betting site and Roulette game room, after all, rules is another word for conditions here.
  • So, to help you not make any wrong decisions at the Roulette table, it is best to come prepaid as that is the basic expectation.

The basic rule of Roulette is to place bets on the table before the timer ends. Once done, the dealer will throw the ball on the spinning roulette wheel and then whichever number the ball lands on will determine the winner of the round. Simple, right? But…

#5. What you Bet on is Important!

In continuation with the previous point, betting precisely in a Roulette game is important because even though there would be a round worth of ₹5, if you do not win any

  • In Roulette, there are several betting options, which make the game thing in 4 rounds, and you end up losing ₹20! Thus, Betting blindly sometimes adds to the thrill of playing Roulette online, however, betting blindly is very risky and can cost you more than you wished for. even more interesting because if you place your bets right, you can win more!
  • Besides this, Roulette is also a game where you can make many bets in one round. However, if you decide to make 2 bets, then the minimum cost will double up – ₹5 for 1 bet, ₹10 for 2 bets, and so on.
  • Each bet has its own betting odds in Roulette, the higher the odds – the better the payout! However, payout on odds varies depending on the game room and minimum betting rate.
  • Betting on Outside bets is considered to be better and has higher odds than betting on inside bets.

That being said, before leaving the Roulette table, that is when you make your last bet for the day, we urge you to make a blind bet just for the thrill of it – after all, most casino games are meant to test how lucky you are!

#6. Understand the Odds of the Game

As mentioned above, understanding the betting options is important to place bets accurately and understanding the odds of each game goes hand in hand.

  • The odds of the bets are responsible for the payout you will receive, which also makes people question – is Roulette a fair game? This is because not all odds and payout in Roulette are equal.
Roulette Betting Options Their Odds
Single Bets 2.70%
Basket Bets 13.5%
Column Bets 32.40%
Odd/Even Bets 32.40%
Odd/Even Bets 48.60%
Black/White Bets 48.60%
High/Low Bets 48.60%
  • As you can see, the odds of Roulette bets vary and yet some are the same.

Thus, depending on the odds, which basically means chances of winning, the payout will be decided.

#7. Always use the Lowest Betting Rate

One of the reasons you chose a game room with a low minimum betting rate is so that you can play more by spending less money! So, it is important that whenever making bets you use the least betting amount available at the live casino game room.

  • Yes, if you use the least betting rate to place bets then the payout will be received accordingly, however, your goal should be to earn more by spending less.
  • Thus, using low betting rates is a positive way to start and build your way to the top in online Roulette game rooms.
  • Additionally, as a beginner, we urge you to come up with your own strategy by trying out different combinations of bets which will obviously require you to spend double initially.

So using the minimum betting amount available here helps. For instance, you can place a bet on odd and a bet on even, regardless of what number outcome, you will win anyway, however, you must make double bets.


#8. Observe the Gameplay

So far we have looked into tricks to win in Roulette related to the technicalities of the game. Here on, we will see tricks that will help you not spend more money as well as help you be a responsible player. The best way to understand most of the tricks to win in Roulette here is to observe the gameplay first.

  • This is because you can get a better understanding of what bets to place and what to not do when playing the game for real.
  • Besides, sometimes it is best to not play any Roulette rounds at all! Yes, it is possible that as a beginner you will keep losing online betting in Roulette more times than you win.
  • Even when you use these pro 12 tricks to win in Roulette online, it is possible that you will take many trials and errors to learn them thoroughly.

Thus, in order to recklessly spend money, stop betting for some rounds and just observe the game play. This is because sometimes it happens that you already have more money at the beginning of a Roulette game compared to what you have when you leave. So, it is important to sometimes sit back and just watch other people make bets.

#9. Try Playing Roulette for Free First

The best way to avoid spending more money is to just play for free!

  • Yes, before trying to bet with real money, you can be patient and bet at free online casinos using fake money available there.
  • This will help you strategize better and make more than 2 bets in one single roulette round to analyze the outcome of it.
  • This way, you can try all the betting rounds and come up with various combinations to polish your strategies.

These pro tips require practice and online Roulette game rooms that are free are the best places where you can practise them.


#10. Do not Spend Recklessly

Playing Roulette as a pro does not only require good strategies and betting plans. It also requires good manners and takes a lot of self-control for pro-players to be in control of the Game in casino rooms.

  • Roulette is a game that is inherently fun to play because of all the betting options and bets you can make to test your luck.
  • This is why people end up getting addicted to not winning but to the gameplay of Roulette itself, which makes them bet more and more mindlessly!
  • So, pro-players usually set a betting limit they bring to the Roulette table and once that is spent, they leave, whether they made double or lost everything they came with.

So, betting responsibly and still enjoying roulette doesn’t only show that you are a good gambler but also shows that you truly enjoy and respect the oldest casino game, Roulette.

#11. Always be Conscious when Playing Roulette

The best thing about knowing how to play Roulette or any casino game as a matter of fact is that it automatically makes you cool. I mean, have you watched James Bond playing Roulette? He was so cool that he ended up creating the “James Bond Roulette Strategy”!

  • So, if you know how to play Roulette you are already cool. But the moment you enter a game room drunk you lose not only your charms but also all your money.
  • Yes, I understand that Roulette is a nice way to whine down at the end of the day with preferably a wine bottle in hand, but being conscious and aware when playing Roulette is important.
  • Strategy games make people smart in coming up with instant solutions, and Roulette is a game where you have to constantly strategize even when you have a fixed strategy.
  • By being drunk and playing Roulette, you won’t be able to follow any of the above tricks and would end up making unsuccessful bets.

That being said, Casino games are something you have fun at! So, there are other casino games you can play while getting drunk, like Poker Drinking Game or Irish Poker. Yet again, these games are enjoyed in a safe physical environment and not at online casino forums.


#12. Know when to Leave the Roulette Table

We finally reached the last pro tip and that is to know when to leave the Roulette Table!

  • As mentioned above, spending recklessly is not something that pro-players do online and when they are done for the day, they are DONE for the day!
  • So, the best way to earn money is to save most of the amount you already have by setting betting limits.
  • These betting limits you can set can be daily betting limits or hourly, or even depending on the number of rounds you decide to play for the game or even weekly or monthly limits!

This way, whenever you have reached your limit, you can leave the game for the day and come back the next day. It is the best trick in Roulette to avoid addiction as well as save money!


In conclusion, following these 12 Tricks to win in Roulette thoroughly will take time to master, however, once you learn by practising, you will start doubling up your cash in no time. Choose a good online betting site like Betway, 10CRIC, or Dafabet, to kickstart your journey with hot promo offers. But be sure to gamble responsibly because pro-gamblers are always in control of their games and do not let their games control them.

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