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Introduction to 1×2 tennis betting

If you’re new to sports betting then you might be wondering what 1×2 betting is. 10CRIC 1×2 tennis is the simplest technique for punters who are passionate about tennis betting.

10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

Basically, this method is betting on the outcome of a game with 3 possible outcomes: a home win, an away win, or a draw. However, what appears to be simple is not necessarily the case. That is why we are here to show what is 1×2 tennis betting is in this easy guide. So keep scrolling!

How does 1×2 tennis betting work?

The 1X2 bet, also known as match betting, full-time betting, or three-way betting, is a common wager in 10CRIC sports. 1X2 may appear to be an odd term for this bet, and it may create some confusion at first. But don’t worry we’ll help you master 1×2 tennis betting by the end of this article.
Let’s quickly look at what these 1×2 terms exactly mean in betting.

  1. 1(home) – 1 means a home team victory.
  2. X(draw) – X means a draw/tie.
  3. 2(away) – 2 means away team victory.

Remember, that the odds presented in the 1X2 tennis betting do not represent the likelihood of each result occurring, instead, they indicate the possibilities of each outcome(payout) occurring.

How to bet on 1×2 tennis at 10CRIC in 3 steps

We expect now you understand what 1×2 tennis betting is and it’s working In 3 easy steps, we’ll show you how to get started with 10CRIC 1×2 tennis betting. You may check out 10CRIC betting tips, and discover various money-making strategies & tactics on sports.

Step 1: Log in to your 10CRIC India account

10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

  • Newcomers must first make an account at the 10CRIC Signup to gamble on 1×2 tennis betting for real money.
  • Then go to the navigation bar and click on the Sports option.

Step 2: Pick a tennis league and a favorite match to wager

  • You’ll see a range of sports on the left side of the screen, pick Tennis.

10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

  • From the drop-down menu, choose the events you want to bet on.
  • Click WTA and pick Lamens Suzan vs Bara Irina match to bet on.
  • Before you begin betting, take a look at the best 8 ways how to win money being on tennis and earn more than usual.

Step 3: Place your wager on the 1×2 tennis market

Let’s place a wager on Lamens Suzan vs Bara Irina’s WTA match. No draw bets are sometimes available at online sportsbooks, reducing the number of potential outcomes from 3 to 2. 10CRIC India is one among them that offers only match winner bets.

10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

  • Looking at the odds, we believe Suzan will win the match, so let’s go for it.
  • Click on Lemsns, Suzan with odds of 1.76 to access the betting slip.
  • To qualify your bets, you must wager a minimum of ₹5.

10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

  • Enter ₹100 and then hit the Place bets tab to confirm your wager.
  • Remember that if you win, you will receive ₹164, but if you lose, you will lose ₹100. Once you have mastered 1×2 tennis betting, you may also learn tennis spread betting at 10CRIC India.

Odds & outcomes of 1×2 tennis betting at 10CRIC

Let’s look at an example of a probable match in the WTA League to better comprehend the concept. Here we’ll study all the odds and outcomes considering each case.

Case 1: Lamens, Suzan(1) with odds at 1.64

10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

  • If you wager ₹100 on Suzan with odds at 1.64 and if she wins the match then you will get ₹164 in return.
  • If she loses, you will lose ₹100 you wagered.

Case 2: Bara, Irina(2) with odds at 2.22

10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

  • If you wager ₹100 on Irina with odds at 2.22 and if she wins the match then you will get ₹222 in return.
  • If she loses, you will lose ₹100 that you wagered.

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10CRIC 1x2 tennis betting

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Among the several sorts of bets available in the tennis betting market, 1×2 tennis betting is one of the most basic. The classic 1×2 betting may be employed by any punter to get an edge in the game of tennis thanks to its simple explanation. Remember to research each approach thoroughly before making bets to enhance your chances of winning. 10CRIC India is the place where you can find best odds, so register & start betting!

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