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3 Best Football Betting Apps in India for Beginners in India 2022: Dafabet, Betway & W88. Get honest Reviews & Pick the Best one! Win a 100% bonus up to ₹17,000.

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Introduction to Football Betting Apps in India

Football has been a sport that many people genuinely enjoy with friends and family. It is a sport that can evoke an intense range of emotions that often feel intense making the game even more loved. However, what is even better than just sitting back and watching football is to play football sports betting online and experience the thrill of football matches like never before.

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By playing football betting online you can not only win more cash but also truly enjoy the essence of many ongoing football matches across the globe in one place. And for you to be able to experience this, Kric88 has shortlisted the top 3football betting apps in India that can help you have fun as well as earn cashback offers every day! So, buckle up and get ready to explore Dafabet, W88, and Betway for Football Betting Online.

8 Important Things Essential for Football Betting Apps in India

Before we introduce you to the top 3 Football betting apps in India, let us first mention some important points that you must keep in mind when looking for an online betting football app in India. This is essential to keep in mind because it serves as a guideline for how you can select a good online betting app for you that will satisfy your entertainment needs to the fullest.

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  1. Legality: The first thing that you must do to play football betting online is looking for a site that is completely legal and safe to use. In India, finding a legal site to play sports betting can be difficult since the legality of online betting sites is in a very grey area. So, make sure you look for a site that holds licenses from foreign companies that allows sports betting to operate online in India legally.
  2. Security: The next important thing that you need to make sure of is that your online betting site offers an app that is completely safe and secure to use. This is because to play sports betting online, you will have to make real-cash transactions online which will require you to enter sensitive information online. Besides this, you also need to make sure the app does not come with additional viruses that can harm your device’s system.
  3. Welcome Offer: Next and most important thing that you must look for when selecting a football betting app in India is the offers you will be getting in return for playing football betting online with them. These offers usually should be Welcome Bonus Offers that will help you kickstart your football betting journey online.
  4. Betting Limit: Next, the betting limits of the sportsbooks on the football betting app matter the most. This is because low betting limits enable you to not only make more bets but also help you stick around and play for longer. So, it is important to look for apps that offer low minimum betting limits, especially if you are a beginner.
  5. Betting Odds: Besides the aforementioned point, finding an app that is constantly up to time with updated betting odds during live football matches is essential. This is because high betting odds offer more payouts and so, the app should be able to keep up with the changes taking place live.
  6. Betting Options: Having more options to choose from always makes anything more fun and interesting. So, it is important that you select an online betting app that offers all the possible betting options for football betting online. These include H2H bets, Over/Under Bets, Odd/Even bets, Match Winner bets, Total Score bets, Parley bets, Handicap bets, etc.
  7. Main Tournaments Available: Any football betting app that does not give you the option to bet on the hottest tournaments taking place isn’t really the app you should be looking for. Thus, make sure that the app you select to play football betting online often is updated with the latest tournaments available.
  8. Accessibility: Lastly, the app should be accessible to all and everyone. The App should be fun to use whether you are a beginner or a pro. It is important that you choose an app that allows you to play football betting online without any lags or hassle.

These 8 qualities should be incorporated into the football betting app that you choose to play at. Using these points as a guideline will help you find the best of the best football betting app for you, just like we found the coolest top 3 football betting apps in India.

Choose from the Top 3 Football Betting Apps in India

We have emphasized above that the below-mentioned 3 apps are the top-quality online football betting apps you can find in India; however, you do not have to take our word for it. Instead, read everything written about these apps below and decide for yourself.

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Dafabet Football Betting App

First on the list, we have Dafabet, the best and most widely used app in India. This is because Dafabet offers you with the best bonus deals you can find on online betting platforms in India. Not only this but at Dafabet you can use two Sportsbooks offered by the app as well as make full use of the welcome bonus offers it has.


Dafabet is an app that is completely safe to use as well as fully legal in India. It has a license by Antillephone License Validation and is regulated and operated by the government of Curacao. Dafabet offers you will endless entertainment on its two amazing sportsbooks.

Why Bet with Dafabet Football Betting App?

  • The reasons to bet with Dafabet are many after all it is the most widely used and popular site all across Asia. This is because Dafabet is loved by many sports bettors whether they are a pro or a beginner.
  • Using the App would give you many benefits that will check mark all the criteria mentioned above essential for a good online football betting app in India.


  • The minimum betting rate on the Dafabet app is ₹10 only.
  • Besides this, you can choose from different Sportsbooks – Dafa Sports and OW Sports online, both of which offer equal top-quality betting experiences.
  • Lastly, Dafabet offers you will all the betting options available in football betting online, which includes, H2H bets, Handicap bets, Parlay bets, Match Winner bets, etc.

Dafabet Sportsbook Bonus up to ₹17,000

Dafabet offers two of the greatest sportsbooks that are always full of active Indian users. They are Dafa Sports Sportsbook and OW Sports Sportsbook. What is even more amazing is that both of these sportsbooks offer their own welcome bonuses that new joiners can use to play football betting on the app.


  1. Dafa Sports: You can get a 170% up to ₹17,000 on Dafa Sports as a welcome bonus upon making the first minimum deposit of ₹1,000 only. Use the code ‘DSFDB160INR’ to earn this cashback offer today!
  2. OW Sports: Next, we have the OW Sports Sportsbook Welcome offer that can give you 110% cashback up to ₹16,500. Join and fill in the opt-in form at the Dafabet app under this sportsbook to claim your bonus on the minimum deposit of ₹1,000 only.


With this, you can go ahead and kickstart your online football betting journey using the Dafabet app as well as its exciting 2 welcome bonuses.

W88 – Beginner’s Football Betting App in India

Next, we have W88, an online betting app loved by all beginner gamblers in Asia. W88 is the easiest app for football betting online that you can use today. Not only this but it also offers some of the most amazing deals you can find in the football betting world online. From the moment you download the W88 App to the time you make your first W88 withdrawal online, you will find this app the best one to play at.


W88 is a legal site and app that is operated under the license of the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). It is also an app that is the safest to use which ensures a smooth download procedure. Apart from this, you will find one of the easiest-to-use sportsbooks available on the app which will make you want to play more and more.

Why you should choose W88 Football Betting App?

  • W88 is an app that you can use and which we recommend to you if you are new to the football betting world online.
  • This is because W88 has a good interface which will help you understand the basics of the betting world online in the first try.
  • Not only this but the app has ‘how-to-use’ explanations on its sportsbook as well as its 24/7 customer service available on all the pages.


  • The minimum betting rate at W88’s app for football is ₹100 which makes the payout you receive higher.
  • W88 offers you will most of the betting options like over/under, 1X2, Handicap, etc with explanations for each of these bets under ‘betting rules’ to make it easier for beginners to understand.

W88 Sportsbook Bonus up to ₹15,000

What is the greatest thing a beginner can get by downloading the W88 football betting app in India is the welcome bonus offer that comes with it. At W88, you can win 150% of up to ₹15,000 welcome bonus of its sportsbooks. All you must do is make a minimum deposit of ₹500 and complete the 20 times rollover requirement.


Using the code ‘INR150SB’, you can get a bonus up to ₹15,000 on a-Sports and e-Sports at the W88 app. With this, you can play many sports betting games for football and keep winning which will double up your cash in no time!

Betway Football Betting App in India

If you want to ensure that you game responsibly when playing football betting online then Betway’s Sports app is for you! Betway offers exciting things which makes it one of the best sports betting apps you can explore and play. Not only this but when you open the app, you will notice how organized Betway is which makes every sports bettor want to play more.


Betway is completely legal and one of the safest apps you can use in India. It owns a License from Malta Gaming Authority which allows the app to promote its services legally across India. Thanks to this, Betway is now one of the biggest gaming platforms in India where sports betting on football is always fun!

Why Play Football Betting at Betway?

  • There is no reason that you shouldn’t choose Betway as your go-to app to play football betting online.
  • Like the other two apps above, Betway fits well with most of the criteria making it a good betting app to play football betting.
  • It has active users that play responsibly every day with minimum bets of ₹50, thus, it offers high payouts.


  • You can play at Betway’s sportsbook with ease as it can be navigated by pros as well as beginners on the first try.
  • Betway offers you to place football bets on the most common betting options like H2H bets, Handicap Bets, 1X2 bets, Parlay bets, etc.

Betway Sportsbook Bonus up to ₹4,000

Lastly, Betway offers a bonus of up to ₹4,000 on sportsbooks at a minimum deposit of ₹250. You must be wondering why Betway’s bonus offer is less, well this is because it offers responsible gaming as well. Betway wants you to spend as little as possible on Sports betting online.


For this, Betway ensures that you add daily betting limits for yourself. Additionally, Betway offers you a Free Bet worth ₹500 every week on Sports for every ₹500 you spend on betting on football. Thus, compared to all the mentioned betting sites here, Betway puts responsible betting before high bonuses.


In conclusion, downloading any of the 3 best football betting apps in India is the best thing you can do today to get top-quality entertaining services as well as free cash-back offers of up to ₹17,000! Not only this you can play sports betting on other live matches going on across the globe from various sports online. So, grab your phones and download the apps today and try them out yourself!

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