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Explore 3 Best Sites for Cricket Betting in India 2022: Dafabet, 10CRIC & Betway! Start betting with just ₹5 (CHEAPEST) at 10CRIC & win 100% bonus up to ₹30,000.

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Online Cricket Betting is always a thrilling experience because it’s always a double celebration when they win alongside their teams. However, finding the right betting platform online is the most crucial task you must take. This is because not all online cricket betting sites give the same experiences. The goal is to enjoy cricket betting even if you lose, so here we have mentioned the top 3 sites in India that you can choose from for cricket betting.

Questions you should ask when picking a cricket betting site

Before we take a look at the 3 best sites for cricket betting in India, it is essential to note that there are some responsibilities that lie upon your shoulders as well. These responsibilities include asking some important questions when looking for online betting sites for cricket. Here are the 3 basic questions you should know the answers to.


  1. Is the site Safe and Secure? It is given that you will have to make a deposit if you want to play cricket betting. This means that you will have to enter sensitive information about yourself, like your bank details and all, online. So, the first basic thing you must ask yourself is whether the site you choose for online cricket betting is safe or not. You will get your answer by looking for the site’s license as well as its SSL certificate. Reading the terms and conditions would help as well.
  2. What will the site offer me? When joining a site, you will be giving them money to keep yourself entertained. But besides entertainment, would you be getting anything? Usually, good online cricket betting sites offer low betting rates and some of the most amazing promotional deals that can help you earn extra cash. So, it is important to see the additional benefits you would be getting when you join a cricket betting site online.
  3. How much money will I spend on the site? This question is directed to your online cricket betting site as well as yourself. Gambling is another word for betting that is often taken into negative light because of how much money people spend on it. So, it is important to find a site that does not ask too much from you. Not only this, but you should definitely go for a site that implements and ensures responsible gambling. Any good sports betting site should have the self-exclusion option to help you maintain a healthy relationship with online betting.

Asking these 3 questions would help you narrow down your choices as a beginner in the sports betting world. Remember, since money will be involved in cricket betting, it is always a wise choice to conduct proper research on online betting sites for cricket in India.

Top 3 Online Betting Sites for Cricket in India 2022

Using the above 3 questions, we have narrowed down all our choices to the top 3 betting sites in India that fit every criterion of being the best site for cricket betting. Let us look at a detailed profile of each of them.

#1. 10CRIC: Place bets with a minimum stake of ₹5

First up on the list is the website with not only a great bonus deal but also the lowest betting rate. With Chris Gayle as its brand ambassador, 10CRIC has gained popularity over the years for its smooth-running ways regarding online betting. Right from joining to withdrawing the winning cash, everything is easy-to-use at this online cricket betting site. Besides this, it promotes responsible gambling.


10CRIC Cricket Betting  10CRIC Sportsbook  10CRIC Free ₹30,000

10CRIC has been active since 2012, and in the span of 10 years has managed to grow an audience that are happy members of the 10CRIC fam. The site has exciting things that you can explore besides online cricket betting like 10CRIC’s live casino and online slot games which have equally interesting bonus promotions.

  • Compatibility: 10CRIC is compatible with most devices – Android and iOS. You can visit the site using your PC or phone’s browser as well.
  • Interface: 10CRIC’s interface is loved by many beginners as it is pretty self-explanatory. Making cricket bets is also really easy as every information needed is available in one place.
  • Active Users: 10CRIC has many active users that joined the family of 400,000+ gradually over the years and continue to stay with 10CRIC as it keeps offering exciting promotions and deals.

It is emphasized above that it is important to ask the aforementioned 3 questions before joining any site, so, here are the answers to 10CRIC’s test.

Is 10CRIC safe in India?

Absolutely! 10CRIC is a very safe and legal site to use in India. It holds a license provided by Curacao eGaming License Validation. The site is safe and secure as well, you can find the SSL certificate under the lock icon next to the official site.


Besides this, 10CRIC’s security protocol is very strict and they take immediate action against any fraudulent activities. Customer satisfaction and entertainment are their no. 1 priority, so all sensitive data is locked safe with 10CRIC and no third parties are allowed to be involved in this. So, you can create a 10CRIC new account without any worries.

Best Sportsbook Promotion by 10CRIC

The promotions that 10CRIC offers are always jaw-dropping. Since 10CRIC appreciates each customer, when a new one joins, it offers them a 150% Welcome Bonus up to ₹30,000 on their first deposit. All this can be achieved at a minimum deposit of ₹1,000.

Not only this but with this sportsbook promotion, you also get additional 10 free spins on the casino game Idol of Fortune. This sportsbook promotion is considered to be the best promotion out of all the many promotions offered by online cricket betting sites in India


What are the minimum cricket betting rates at 10CRIC?

If you thought the promotion was the best part about 10CRIC, wait till you hear of the minimum betting rates for Cricket at 10CRIC.

With only ₹5, you can make cricket bets at their sportsbook and earn double and even more. Depositing the minimum bonus amount, which is ₹1,000 is even better as you can win up to ₹30,000 cashback that you can play with. All you need is a good internet connection and a comfy place to sit back and relax while you make your cricket bets starting at ₹5.

#2: Dafabet: Get 160% up to ₹16,000 on Sportsbook

Next up is the most famous cricket betting site in India, which is Dafabet. Dafabet is home to many sports bettors as it has so much to offer. Joining Dafabet would give you the benefit of experiencing the thrill of the betting world on another level. It offers sports betting, live casino games, and online games as well.


Dafabet Cricket Betting  Dafabet Sportsbook  Dafabet Free ₹16,000

Dafabet has been in the sports betting business since 2004 and has since then adhered to its terms and conditions policy strictly. They are a reliable and trustworthy site where you do not have to worry much about security. This is because Dafabet offer’s high security over each customer’s personal data and is known to take strict actions against fraudulent activity.

  • Compatibility: Dafabet is compatible with most browsers and can be used on a PC as well as a browser on the phone. Besides this, you can also download the affiliated Dafabet apps on Android and IOS.
  • Interface: As a beginner, when you first glance at Dafabet’s sportsbook, betting on matches will be confusing. However, Dafabet is known for having the easiest interface to use among other sports betting sites. Once you get the hang of it, you will find that it has a simple interface that can project most things in one place.
  • Active Users: As mentioned above, Dafabet is home to many online cricket bettors. In India alone it has about 3.3 million users, making it the most famous betting site in the country.

Does Dafabet operate legally in India?

Yes, Dafabet operates legally not only in India but also all over Asia. With its headquarters in the Philippines, it holds a license by Antillephone License Validation, which is regulated and operated by the government of Curacao. With this, Dafabet can freely operate and provide games. in India


As for the site, you can check the SSL certificate that can be found by clicking on the lock icon next to Dafabet’s official website. Thus, the connection to Dafabet’s servers is secure and also has the required certifications.

Top 2 Sportsbook Bonuses by Dafabet

At Dafabet you will find 2 sportsbook providers, one by Dafa Sports and one by OW Sports. This is also the main reason why Dafabet is a top betting site since it offers 2 different welcome promotions at each sportsbook. They are:

  1. 160% up to ₹16,000 (Dafa Sports): To claim this promotion you must make a minimum deposit of ₹1,000 in the Dafa Sports wallet. Then upon entering the bonus code, which is “DSFDB160INR”, during deposit you will lock this bonus in your account. To unlock it you must complete the wagering requirements and gain more money from betting on cricket matches.
  2. 100% up to ₹15,000 (OW Sports): Their second offer is by OW Sports which offers new joiners a 100% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000. This deal can be completed upon the first deposit of ₹1,000 and once the wagering requirements are completed.


Using any of these two promotions, you can extra cashback while playing cricket betting, which is a great benefit you can achieve at online betting sites.

Bet on Cricket with the minimum amount at Dafabet

So far you know that using Dafabet as your official betting site would provide you with many additional benefits and the best part is that you can bet on Cricket with a minimum amount of ₹10.

So, you can deposit the minimum amount required for the bonuses, which is ₹1,000, and continue to play and win double. It is also worth mentioning that making a Dafabet deposit is very easy and there are many transaction options you can choose from.

#3: Betway: Cricket bets starting at ₹50

Last but definitely not least we have Betway, which offers equally exciting things as its siblings above. Betway is a site where you can experience live betting in a very different way. When you log into the site, you will immediately notice that all, its features are very different. However, it provides equally amazing promotion offers and entertainment.


Betway Cricket Betting  Betway Sportsbook  Betway Free ₹2,500

Betway was first launched in 2006 and immediately became one of the leading online betting providers in India. It offers a wide range of options you can bet on from Live Cricket betting to the famous PC video game Valorant betting. Using this site would bring you more or less the same benefits as the ones above.

Compatibility: Like the others, Betway is available on Android and iOS devices. Besides this, you can play cricket betting on your PC or phone browser using the site’s official link.

Interface: Betway’s interface is different from the ones above and can be a little difficult to navigate at the start. However, the site is categorized very well which makes it easier to explore. Cricket betting is easy on Betway’s site and app.

Active Users: Betway is also a very active site as it is one of the 3 top online cricket betting sites in India as well as across Asia. In fact, in India, it has more than 1,000,000 users who are very active on all the domains offered by Betway.

Betway is a legal site in India

You already guessed it – Yes! Betway is one of the best legal cricket betting sites in India as it has become one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world. It is fully licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and can provide its services to everyone in India. Like the others, it also has an SSL certificate attached to its site making it a secure site.


Besides this, Betway is also safe when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with gambling. It strongly promoted and emphasizes Responsible Gambling. Betway also provides various kinds of help when it comes to self-exclusion and stepping away from gambling. Thus, your money, information, as well as health is pretty much safe with Betway.

Sportsbook Promotions that Betway Offers

Betway has many promotional offers that could be yours immediately upon joining. But the one that would help you with online cricket betting is the 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹2,500. Unlike the promotions above, to claim this offer you must make a minimum deposit of ₹200 only. With this, you can bet and win more at Betway’s cricket sportsbook.


How much will you spend on Betway Cricket Betting?

The minimum betting amount in Betway is ₹50. You can play cricket betting by making a deposit first and applying for a bonus code to double up your cash.

Additionally, Betway also recharges your account with Free Bets on certain matches if you manage to make a ₹500 bet in one match. Using this, you can play cricket betting for a longer time,

In Conclusion

If you have made it here, you now know the important things about the Best Sites for Cricket Betting in India. You can explore each site on your own by logging in on them and testing and finding out which you like the most. Remember to question all the sites you visit and explore till you find the one you find the safest to deposit money. Until you find one, you can rely on us to provide you with updates on the top 3 betting sites.

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