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Arbitrage & double chance are excellent Football Betting Strategies that really work. Know 7 professional techniques of all time to increase the win rate by 98%.

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Not a single football match is beyond the online betting platform’s reach, hundreds and thousands of football matches are presented to bet on every day. Bet on football leagues like the English Premier League, and so many more popular leagues of different countries. Before betting on any football matches, take away 7 proven football betting strategies that really work, tested by 10CRIC betting experts, and earn huge profits of real money.

#1. Arbitrage Betting System

An excellent betting strategy to ensure 99% profit, the Arbitrage betting system in football matches is simple and stable. The arbitrage betting system is all about finding online platforms with wrong odds and proposing your right odds by taking the place of bookmakers through exchange betting. The football team will have odds of approximately 1.5 mostly, these are considered the right odds with 66.7% of winning the match. Bookmakers tend to offer the odds of 1.70, which results in the possibility of 58%.


In the Arbitrary betting system, you place a bet of $100 on the team with 1.70 odds and bet with $65 on the same team with a different betting platform with an odds of 2.45. No matter what the outcome will be, you’ll still have a profit of $5. This seems a lesser profit in comparison to one bet, but the Arbitrary betting system is about the constant practice to build a stable income. This little profit, when multiplied 30 times can lead to $135 profit per month if you bet on one football match every day.

#2. Double Chance Betting

Giving two chances to the punters, it’s a way to nullify your loss by winning through another team. In a double chance betting strategy, sportsbooks allow the punters to bet on both teams for one betting option. Double chance football betting is the best way to ensure the balance between loss and gain in online sports betting.

  • Placing the bets on one team in one betting option decreases your chances of winning by 33%, meanwhile placing the bets on both the teams playing in the match on one betting option increases your chances of winning by 66%.
  • Hence, make sure that the online betting platform allows double chance betting before placing your bets. To save your time, one betting platform that allows double chance in football is 10CRIC.
  • Place your bets at 10CRIC Sports with an affordable minimum betting stake of ₹5 on any 1×2 football betting event and grab yourself a wonderful opportunity to negligent your losses and profits.

#3. Back & Lay Methodology

In simple words, exchange football betting considers back & lay methodology. In exchange betting, punters place their bets on the outcome of bets and not on the outcome of the match. By placing your bets on ‘back’ you bet in the favor of the betting option while placing your bets on ‘lay’ you bet against the outcome of the bet. In more simplers words, back the bet when you are FOR it and lay the bet when you are AGAINST it.

  • Back: Betting in favor of the outcome of the bet. That is, the outcome of the match is similar to the outcome of the bet. Hence, Backing the bet means supporting the bet.
  • Lay: Betting against the outcome of the bet. That is, the outcome of the match is different from the outcome of the bet. Laying the bet means going against the outcome.


Punters can go against the betting odds and create their own odds for others to bet on. For instance, if you don’t agree with the betting odds by the bookmakers, you can become the bookmaker and hold its position. Set the odds you want to offer and the maximum betting amount on it for other customers to bet with you on the outcome of the match. Laying a bet gives you an opportunity to double chance.

#4. Matched Betting Strategy

Matched betting is a legal use of free bets to earn more money smartly. Online betting platforms offer free bets for new customers to start their online gambling journey for free. Matched betting is a mathematical technique to earn profits through promotions and free bets offered by different betting platforms. Matched betting cancels the risk by betting against the outcome of the bet at any exchange football betting. Bet on the outcome of the match by using real money and lay the outcome of a similar bet to ensure profit.

  • By using matched betting tips, you will remain with 95% of the free bet amount since the house takes a 5% commission of exchange betting. You’ll make a small percentage of loss as both the odds are slightly near to each other. Exchange betting odds are higher.
  • The theory of the Matched betting is simple and the chances of losing are nearly negligible since you are betting in support of the outcome of the event and against the outcome of the bet. If you bet for the team to win and bet against the outcome of the bet,  you’ll eventually end up winning by double chance. It’s another kind to grab a double chance in football betting.

#5. The Kelly Criterion Method

The Kelly Criterion Methodology is used in the financial world for the benefit of marketers. Its arrival in football betting has created a strong foundation for steady profits. The Kelly Criterion Methodology requires constant efforts, devoted time, and practice to become a habit. Hence, The Kelly Criterion Methodology tells the amount of money one can afford to bet without risking a large amount and increasing the probability of winning more in the simplest way.


How much amount of bet one should place?

The Kelly Criterion Methodology gives a better answer through a formula. Follow the formula mentioned below to calculate the correct amount of money you should place in a bet. Use the Kelly Criterion formula to decrease your losses by betting the correct amount.

(ab – c)/a = d

                • a – Decimal odds – 1
                • b – Probability of winning the proposed wager
                • c – Probability of losing the proposed wager
                • d – Amount of bet you should place on the match

#6. Hedging/Coverage Bet System

Start by understanding the lay and back bets, betting in favor of the outcome of the bet means backing the bet, and betting against the outcome of the bet means laying the bet. In lay bet, punters take up the position of the sportsbook and make their right odds apart from the wrong fluctuations.

Hedging/Coverage Bet System, as the name suggests, is a way of covering your losses and stabilizing your profits by protecting your bets from risk. Hedging will save you from financial loss and a slight risk of losing any money in handicap betting in football. Imagine a football match between team A & team B. There are three ways of using Hedging/Coverage Bet:

  1. Bet against the team & hedge: If you bet against team A & team B doesn’t go into the lead in a few minutes, then you can hedge lay bet with a back bet on team A. This way, you’ll nullify the loss on your previous bets and might gain some profit depending on the difference in odds on both bet types.
  2. Bet for the team & hedge: If you bet for team A & Team B goes into the lead in a few minutes, then you can hedge back bet with a lay bet on team A. This way, you’ll nullify the loss on your previous bets and might gain some profit depending on the difference in odds on both bet types.
  3. Bet against the draw & hedge: The same thing can be done with the draw betting option. If you bet against the draw & it doesn’t go into the lead in a few minutes, then you can hedge lay bet with a back bet on the draw betting option. This way, you’ll nullify the loss on your previous bets.

#7. Live & Halftime/Fulltime Betting

The half-time/full-time betting variant is another way to give double chances to the punters. In half-time/full-time betting, punters bet on two outcomes, one at the standing of half-time and the other at the end of the match, concluded after the full-time. The half-time/full-time betting is only successful when you predict the winner of both the parts accurately, that is, standing and concluding. There’s one condition to win through the half-time/full-time betting variant, that is, the football match has to be interrupted by a break.


The half-time/full-time betting variant can be used in only those sports that are played in two halves. It’s gaining popularity in football betting matches on online platforms. The half-time/full-time betting variant offers higher odds, a better way to earn more is to bet on the favorites & home teams.


Experience the impact of 7 powerful football betting strategies that work 99% of the time. All mentioned strategies are experimented with and tested. Explore the ones that suit your betting style and bankroll, pick the preferable one, and make it your default football betting strategy. Start practicing at 10CRIC India and use the matched betting system by claiming a 100% welcome cash deal up to ₹30,000 in an online sportsbook wallet.

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