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The finest way to raise your chances of winning in an Andar Bahar online game is simply using Andar Bahar strategies. In this guide, Kric88 will take a glance at the most prominent 8 best Andar Bahar strategies so you are gonna know them to follow further Casino tips and begin employing them.

#1. Get the lowest house edge by placing bets on Andar

  • The most profitable Andar Bahar Strategy is to bet on Andar because it contains a little lower house edge. Since the 1st drawn card is consistently for Andar, it could win without Bahar ever obtaining a card.
  • This tiny benefit comes with a less payout, though.
  • Even in spite of that, the house edge is always 33% lower compared to staking on the Bahar side on the game playing at 10CRIC.
  • Keep in mind that, the exemplary Andar Bahar Strategies can improve your earnings of real money by playing Andar Bahar online casino game at 10CRIC India. This online casino website owns some inventive Andar Bahar variations in its live dealer casino lobby.


#2. Learn the Andar Bahar basics – Rules & terms

  • However, learning how to play Andar Bahar online at 10CRIC India is effortless but you won’t be able to enter the table without understanding the facts and keenness that feature in this casino game.
  • Since there isn’t much vocabulary involved while playing the game with a live dealer, you need to familiarize yourself with the phrases like “Andar”, “Bahar”, “game card” and “longshot side bet”.
  • Andar is the left side area, or box, that you can place a bet on, whereas Bahar is on the right side pot on the game table. These terms represent “inside” and “outside” respectively in the Hindi language.
  • The “game card” is the 1st pulled card from the deck of cards and put in the center area. It is the one that ought to be fitted for the gameplay round to finish.
  • A “longshot bet” is a stake authorized in a few variations of live Andar Bahar where you get a chance to place a wager on over 41 cards being dealt before gameplay for the middle card arrives.

#3. Check for Andar Bahar variations

  • Most of Kric88’s recommended top-ranking online betting sites to play Andar Bahar online offer not just one but multiple versions of Andar Bahar for Indian gamblers; thanks to the global quality providers that innovate such engagging games for punters.
  • Based on your type of playing betting games, you can choose a variant – because some games are made in a way that authorizes participants to decide the total number of cards that’ll collect on the board.
  • There are various live dealer Andar Bahar versions or some say types available at 10CRIC live casino. They convey the standard format of the game, and some actually replicate it to the components, but there are some other variants that present unique characteristics like further choices of bets and side bets.
  • As you enter a live dealer Andar Bahar online table, take a moment to get aware of the interface and follow the rules for that precise game. You may require to soak up renewed knowledge before you set your stakes.


#4. Manage your budget

  • However, for any winning Andar Bahar strategies, you use at the time of your live dealer Andar Bahar gaming rounds, it is invariably perceptive to put apart the total you wish to bet – maintain a budget and avoid overloading it.
  • The Andar Bahar online casino game at 10CRIC India  is a quick-paced one. No matter how sufficiently trained or forewarn you are, to make mistakes is basic human nature! Online Andar Bahar would bring you better prizes if you intend your wagers pleasingly.
  • Andar Bahar is uncomplicated to play, but it may be difficult for gamblers especially newbies to control themselves from overspending.
  • The gaming rounds are ultra-fast and thus need quick wagers with a short time to make estimates. For games like Andar Bahar, it is more prominent to set aside a budget and determine the extent of the bets ahead. It is extremely significant, to begin with, minimum stakes if you are a newcomer.

#5. The 1-3-2-4 technique

  • The 1-3-2-4 technique was utilized frequently as one of the profitable Andar Bahar strategies while playing earlier casino games like Roulette and Baccarat, the 1-3-2-4 gambling approach was developed in the year 2006 by the Fortune Palace.
  • This technique performs brightly for the Andar Bahar game at 10CRIC because it is improvised for betting games that have 50-50 possibilities of beating & losing.
  • By applying this strategy, participants can allocate 1 for Andar, 3 for Bahar, 2 for Andar, and 4 for Bahar, and put as many stakes as the stated number recommends.
  • If this practice performs for you, resume betting from the 5th round with 1 similarly and continue with 3-2 & 4. As the Andar Bahar strategies used in games are few & far between in India, this method ought to be tried for efficiency so execute this as experimentation and improvise cautiously.


#6. Hot or Cold Strategy

  • This one of the valuable Andar Bahar strategies is based on superstition and not analysis. When you play Andar Bahar online with a live dealer there is a table displaying the most updated winners of either Andar or Bahar.
  • Andar is most frequently observed as a Red dot and Bahar as a blue dot.
  • The technique is actually based on what you consider in, hot or cold. Participants who think in the cold approach base their bet on the side that holds the lesser wins since it is restrained to succeed momentarily.
  • Punters who accept the hot strategy put their stake on the side that has beaten the most spans since it is on a winning spot.

#7. Count your odds

  • Exclusively when you understand the Andar Bahar online game to be played at 10CRIC India nicely and hold played it many times, you would be able to identify how the online Andar Bahar tricks play out.
  • The fundamental odds of succeeding in any variant of the Andar Bahar casino game are 50-50. Even if you are a newbie, this is fair enough as you could effortlessly play the game and make some additional money from your wins.
  • Now, if you desire to uncover Andar Bahar a bit more, it would be a suitable vision to read more about the game’s odds online. Here’s how  winning Andar Bahar strategies in live Casinos perform, especially at live dealer games!
  • Some professionals recommend that more extended games obtain more promising prospects for the matching card to arise. So, this is how it proceeds. 1st, 13 cards are spread on the board. Once the matching card discovers its pair either on the Andar or Bahar side, the game comes to an ending.


#8. The combination

  • Once you are satisfied & familiarized with playing Andar Bahar & putting wagers, try combining all the cited Andar Bahar strategies above successively.
  • Apply this to zero in on the approach that serves you satisfactorily and unlearn the Andar Bahar strategies that overlook to scorch your winning.
  • Combine not more than 2 Andar Bahar strategies at a time as you fail attention at the time of the technique and once you’re agreeably versed, you may combine more than 3 Andar Bahar strategies.


Although all the described Andar Bahar strategies above in the main content in this guide could be used for the Andar Bahar casino game at 10CRIC India, the result is as surprising as laying these to any further card-based online game. whether it is poker, baccarat, or blackjack, these Andar Bahar strategies do not drive you fortunate so spread these with tough caution. The general thumb rules before playing Andar Bahar online live dealer game are to explore & watch out for the game ahead, read the room, and continuously come up with a fixed budget.

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