9 Dragon Tiger winning strategies – Earn easily ₹2,500 daily

From reading rules to manager bankrolls, in this article, Kric88 will explain best 9 online Dragon Tiger winning strategies to make ₹3,000 daily to become pro!

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Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced casino game that evolved widely available with the expanding popularity of live casino which carried this game to players worldwide.


Although the game may appear like the easiest game at 1st glance, it’s full of diverse 9 best Dragon Tiger winning strategies that you could utilize seeking to enhance your probability of winning given by Kric88 below.

#1. Card counting technique

  • To get this one of the best Dragon Tiger winning strategies to work correctly, you must observe what cards are coming out for a few hands.
  • You’d wish higher cards to get more frequently than lower cards, so you are more probable to win the hand. So wait for a bunch of lower cards to be drawn by the live dealer before hopping in.
  • For example, focus on 7s – losing cards, and review how many 7s are dealt from the card of the deck. The exact process can be used for 8s and higher, so you would know when and how to set your bets.

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#2. Avoid betting on a Tie or Suited Tie

  • Many people who have beaten a tie bet are little. There are nearly 80,000 opportunities for a participant to lose.
  • This isn’t the sort of bet a fine thought to make. It’s all about playing the chances that impact in your favor mostly, not just glancing at the reasonably achievable payout.
  • The one of the most useful Dragon Tiger winning strategies is to avoid Ties. Because gambling on a tie certainly carries a high payout odds of 8:1. But it furthermore includes a house edge of up to 32.77%.
  • That is the reason only the lucky ones win when staking on a tie. Remember that there are 86,320 different card combinations, and just 6,488 contain the capability to draw.
  • Statistically saying, you may lose if you determine to put a bet on a tie.


#3. Keep a close eye on the dealer

  • These Dragon Tiger winning strategies are equivalent to the Baccarat form of gambling.
  • You receive 2 cards on either the tiger or dragon area in this style, and this creates a straightforward game for new individuals to prefer.
  • A trendy method to expand your winning wagers in Dragon Tiger at 10CRIC live casino is to watch the dealer.
  • Take the time to explore how the game moves and come up with a streamlined approach before gambling.
  • Enhance your winning odds by monitoring how every game plays out and establishing your determinations on these outcomes.

#4. Know the ins and outs of the game

  • Before indulging in the enjoyment of the Dragon Tiger live dealer casino game at 10CRIC India, ensure that you keep familiarising yourself with the techniques of the game.
  • Get trained with the Dragon Tiger winning strategies by playing live gameplay to capitalize on your earnings of real money.
  • Since this Dragon Tiger is an uncomplicated game, you’ll be pro the game in no time.
  • You must be mindful of the game’s payouts before playing as varied online Dragon Tiger variants offer further payouts at 10CRIC.


#5. Avoid following patterns

  • When you succeed in 1 game round, you may get lured to resume betting on the exact side to swing out your fortune.
  • Avoid placing identical bets only because you are on a winning spot. The likelihood of winning stays exact whether or not you succeed or fail the round.
  • For example, if the Tiger side is winning continuously for 3 straight rounds, it does not necessarily imply that the Tiger card would win too in the subsequent round.

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#6. Focus on Suits

  • Another one of the best Dragon Tiger winning strategies – people repeatedly express an acceptable opinion is when you try to utilize suits.
  • There’s no getting about the luck element of the game because otherwise, it wouldn’t precisely be a game of luck at all, and betting on it would be senseless.
  • However, there are Dragon Tiger winning strategies you can employ to support enhancing the probabilities, and one of them is maintaining track of the total suits that have been dealt, including most suits that have been dealt.
  • The more you understand the total suit cards that have been played, and over how many decks, the better you’ll learn which suits remain in the deck.
  • In that manner, you could bet on those suits, as it’s better potential that these suit cards would be played next.


#7. Bet Tiger or Dragon

  • A participant must adhere to either a Dragon or Tiger side as it’s the most suitable choice if they do not wish to depend on card counting or any further approach.
  • A player must always strive at putting a wager on the Dragon or the Tiger that he or she notices has the highest rank.
  • In most events, a player earns more winning amounts because the house edge of those stakes is 3%.
  • However, there are examples when the Dragon and the Tiger become equivalent in rank, regardless of the suit it makes a tie.
  • In such a situation, a player gets back 50% of his initial in Bet, and the Tie beats a payout of 11:1.

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#8. Stick to One Side

  • Choose either Dragon or Tiger and adhere to that side while playing the entire game. This would enable you to win a piece better than exchanging sides all the time.
  • You may end up picking the losing side lots more if you’re switching over all the time. It’s finest to decide one and uphold playing on that side.
  • Since the Dragon and Tiger wins are statistically identical, participants could bring various Dragon Tiger winning strategies to put bets.
  • For instance, you must stick to 1 side – Dragon or Tiger. From this mindset, you don’t need to bother about exchanging sides directly before 1 of them begins to win.


#9. Manage your bankroll

  • A live casino funds management is a fundamental talent each bettor ought to keep. However, since your bet amount is the only thing you could handle in Dragon Tiger, it becomes precisely more crucial.
  • Avoid expending more than you could afford to fail. Utilize balanced bets or betting approaches to maintain a trail of your spending.
  • Establish plans and boundaries before you begin playing to guarantee you won’t go overboard.
  • It may sound elementary, but this is one of the most significant live Dragon Tiger winning strategies you’ll actually read.
  • Safeness in gambling is prominent, and you never desire to be loose while paying real cash online.


So, there you own it, these were the best Dragon Tiger winning strategies any player could suggest in reference to live dealer online casino games. Every single bit of recommendation Kric88 gave you is supported by casino professionals with an abundance of knowledge, so you’ll remember from the finest. Kric88 cannot assure you that you’ll win continuously by carrying our recommendations, though you’ll most undoubtedly avoid the rookie blunders and relish the game much more.

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