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Is Baccarat better than Blackjack? Understand the facts & know odds, payouts, and house edge. Baccarat has 1.64% & Blackjack has a 2% commission to the casino.

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Baccarat is the most popular online casino card game in the world and blackjack comes second in the number. Both the games are nearly similar to each other, 2-3 cards are shared between the dealer and player and the total card value determines the winner of the game. But one question is always raised forward; which is better? Is baccarat better than blackjack? Baccarat vs Blackjack odds & house edge?

#1. Baccarat vs Blackjack Odds


Baccarat Odds

Baccarat online casino card game offers great odds and payout. Banker and player betting options have odds in 1:1 ratio and tie betting option has the odds of 9:1. Greater odds result in great winning amounts. The tie betting option is giving an 800% increase in the winning amount. Online baccarat is generous in house edge and awesome given in odds and payouts.

Blackjack Odds

Blackjack odds are lesser when compared to baccarat online. Hence, the value of the winning amount decrease in the blackjack online game. Payout is the blackjack game is also lowered because of the lesser odds. If you want to earn more and spend less, we strongly recommend playing baccarat online over blackjack.

#2. Baccarat vs Blackjack House Edge


Baccarat House Edge

1.06% of players’ winnings are taken by the house as a commission, known as house edge. Whenever any player wins the bet in baccarat online, the casino conducting the game claims 1.06% of the winning amount as their commission and earns through it. For instance, if you place a bet of ₹100 on the banker and win the bet, as per the ratio payout of 1:1 you must get ₹200 back. But due to house edge, you’ll get ₹199.94.

Blackjack House Edge

Blackjack online casino games have a house edge of 2%, that is, 2% of your winning amount will go directly to the casino as commission. Blackjack takes more percentage of the house edge from the winning amount than baccarat online casino card game. Let’s take an example, if a player bets on a banker ₹100 and wins, he should get ₹200 in return. But in reality, 2% goes to the casino and he gets only ₹198.

#3. Baccarat vs Blackjack payout


Baccarat Payout

9:1 is the highest ratio payout offered to a ‘tie’ bet type win in baccarat online. If players opt for the banker and player betting option, the winning ratio is 1:1 and if the player opts for a tie bet and wins, then he gets 9 times what he wagered. For instance, if a player bets ₹200 on a tie between banker and player card value, if he wins the bet he’ll get ₹1,000 in return as a payout.

Blackjack Payout

Betting options in blackjack online are limited and so does the payout. Players can bet only on their cards to win the game and that offers only a 1:1 ratio of payout. RTP rate at blackjack online is 99%+. There are various side bets available but beginners tend to avoid such risky bets and we would advise you to do the same.

#4. Baccarat vs Blackjack betting option


Baccarat Betting Option

There are three prominent betting options in baccarat online: Player side, banker side & tie. Punters can bet on any of the three betting options, they predict to win. The tie is a rare happening circumstance and offers a great payout of a 9:1 ratio. Baccarat offers some side bets too; Panda 7, Dragon 8, etc.

A quick tip: Banker is the best betting option to choose if you are in a doubt.

Blackjack Betting Option

Blackjack online card game is players against the live dealer or other players if you opt for a blackjack table. The betting option in Blackjack online is to bet on your cards as per the confidence you have in your cards. Due to a lack of betting options, blackjack offers less payout over cards, that is, 1:1 only.

#5. Baccarat vs Blackjack Gameplay


Baccarat Gameplay

Baccarat online casino card game is played between the player and banker. The dealer draws 2 cards for each, player and banker; the total value of two cards determines the winner of the game. Whichever side gets a total card value near 9 wins the online baccarat game and gets the winning payout.

The value of each card is different: the value of the ace card is 1, the value of 10, King, Queen & Joker is 0; and the value of face cards is equal to the value of the number of their face. Total card value depends on the card one gets and is calculated as per the card value.

Blackjack Gameplay

Blackjack online casino game is also known as 21 since that’s the highest winning value in this card game. Slightly different from Baccarat, three cards are drawn to all the players and whichever player gets the highest possible total card value near 21 wins the game.

The value of the Ace card depends on the house (always favors the players), it can either be 1 or 11. The value of face cards is equal to their face value and the value of King, Queen & Joker is equal to 10.

Is Baccarat better than Blackjack? 5 Reasons to validate

Understand 5 reasons and know which one is better, there’s no pressure on you to go with our decision. Feel free to make your own decision after playing both games. We have come to a conclusion and put forth 5 reasons to validate our answer.


  1. Less house edge: Baccarat offers a lesser house edge as compared to Blackjack online casino card game. Live casino takes a 1.06% commission from the player’s winning amount in baccarat online and a 2% house edge on blackjack online. Hence, the lesser house edge makes baccarat better than blackjack because you get more return ultimately.
  2. 9:1 payout on tie: Baccarat offers greater odds as compared to blackjack online. The tie betting option in baccarat online has a 9:1 payout ratio, that is if a player bets ₹100 on a tie and wins, then he gets ₹900 in return. Thus, baccarat is better than blackjack.
  3. Better side bets: Everyone loves to earn some extra dime of money and limiting such opportunity is not right. Baccarat knows that and does the right thing with the players by offering better side bets.
  4. Easy Gameplay: The gameplay of baccarat and blackjack is nearly the same, it’s the winning value that makes the difference. Players need a total card value near 9 to win in baccarat online, whereas a total card value is near 21 to win in blackjack online. That makes a huge difference in rules and gameplay, making baccarat easier than blackjack.
  5. Simple strategy: The number of strategies one can use in a game increases when less deck of cards is used. Card counting strategy becomes easier to use and win more money in baccarat online than in blackjack. Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, etc strategies can also be used in both the games.

Hence, it’s clear from all the above points: Baccarat is better than blackjack in four aspects; lesser house edge, greater payout, better side bets, and easy gameplay. When it comes to strategy, baccarat and blackjack stand in the same position. After considering all the possible aspects; Baccarat is better than blackjack, not only in terms of factual information but fun too (speaking with experience).


We hope that you get the answer to the question you are looking for; is baccarat better than blackjack online? According to our betting experts, baccarat is better than blackjack. If you want to try it out, we strongly support you to try both the online casino card games and figure out the answer. Leave a comment down to tell your answer to other players, help others & have an amazing gambling experience at 10CRIC India.

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