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What are basketball betting odds?

Basketball betting odds help the punters to decide on which team they want to bet on. Great odds are specified to predict winning teams at 10CRIC India. Basketball betting odds are professionally calculated numbers that determine the possibility of winning the team by the betting experts.


Remember to hit the optimal odds, neither too great nor too small. Optimal betting odds are more relevant since they don’t offer much risk. Greater odds than usual can make you lose more than they make you gain. Sometimes, greater odds are assigned to possible losses, be vigilant while betting.

Top 5 formats of basketball betting odds

Know the top 5 formats of basketball betting odds and choose the one you want to look your odds in. We recommend you the simplest of all betting options, that is, decimal basketball betting odds. Enhance with betting tips and enjoy earning.


  1. Fractional basketball betting odds: Fraction form is used in fractional basketball betting odds to represent the basketball betting odds. It is one of the popular formats of basketball betting odds. For instance, 2/3 represents that there are 2 chances out of 3 to win the match.
  2. Decimal basketball betting odds: Most popular simple odds are decimal basketball betting odds. There is the simplest, easy-to-understand form of basketball betting odds. For instance, 0.34 and 2.65, it’s easier to determine the greater odds in decimal format.
  3. American basketball betting odds: American basketball betting odds are famous in America. They are represented in fractional form. Hence, American basketball betting odds are also called fractional basketball betting odds. Since it emerged from America itself.
  4. European basketball betting odds: European basketball betting odds are represented in decimal form. That’s why they are also called Decimal basketball betting odds. Since the decimal format of basketball betting odds originates from Europe itself, People prefer this.
  5. Indian basketball betting odds: Indian basketball betting odds are to help Indian punters understand the potential winning team. They are calculated by Indian betting experts to suit the preferences of Indian punters in popular basketball league matches like NBA – USA.

How do basketball betting odds work?

Basketball is a fascinating sport, with multiple betting options from 1×2 to handicap betting basketball. Basketball comes under the category of most uncertain sports. Yet, betting experts try their best to predict the match-winner and bring the best basketball betting odds for you. 10CRIC India showcases the basketball betting odds throughout the match and it keeps on changing as per the course in time.


  • Pre-match basketball betting odds: Odds visible on the screen alongside the teams before the match even begins is the pre-match basketball betting odds calculated by betting experts.
  • Ongoing basketball betting odds: Odds tend to change with moving matches, according to the courses of the match. They tend to shape themselves as the match moves forward.

Basketball betting odds are represented on the screen throughout the match and even before the match even starts. Crucial goals affect the odds of the game like no other thing ever can. 10CRIC Sports India showcases the odds throughout the match and distributes the winnings as per betting time odds. Take a tour of the 5 best betting apps for basketball, pick the best based on your preferences & enjoy betting at your fingertips.

Fractional vs decimal basketball betting odds

1.20 or 6/5, which number is easy to understand? Well, we think this question clears your doubt. Punters prefer simple basketball betting odds. Hence, they often prefer decimal basketball betting odds over fractional basketball betting odds. If you ever got stuck with fractional odds.

Decimal odds = fractional odds + 1

Then use this simplest formula to convert fractional basketball betting odds into decimal basketball betting odds for your ease. Punters prefer decimal cause it is simple to understand and has an easy format.

Calculate your winnings using basketball betting odds

In today’s digital world, everything is automatic. Even calculating potential pay-out is automated by the website with a simple algorithm. But there is no harm in calculating or cross-checking your winnings. Take a look at the 9 best basketball betting tips & start winning cash prizes approx ₹3,000 daily.

  • Select a recent ongoing or upcoming basketball match to bet on. Observe the odds, choose the team you want to bet on, and enter the stake amount you want to wager in the bet.
  • To calculate the potential amount of your winnings, all you have to do is multiply the basketball betting odds of the team by the stake amount on the team you place a bet on.


  • Basketball betting odd: 6.89
  • Wagering amount: ₹100
  • Potential pay-out: ₹689

Hence, your potential winning amount will be equivalent to the multiplication of basketball betting odds and the amount you wager at the basketball match. Enjoy calculating your potential amount and earn more with double chance betting basketball.

Top 3 significance of basketball betting odds

Why understanding the basketball betting odds are important? We have got not one but three significant reasons to show you the significance of basketball betting odds. Mentioned below are those 3 significant points that will help you understand the importance of basketball betting odds.

  1. Helps in determining the winner: Basketball betting odds help the punters to determine the possible winner. Most often the team with greater odds is more likely to win the match. Therefore, most betting experts suggest you place bets on greater odds.
  2. Determines the potential pay-out: Calculate your possible pay-out before placing your bets. Basketball betting odds help the punters determine the expected pay-out so that they can know the returns even before placing their bets on basketball matches of the season.
  3. Great odds yield greater returns: Since the value of your pay-out completely depends on the odds. Small odds will yield smaller returns and great odds will yield greater results. Hence, the significance of basketball betting odds is directly connected to your potential pay-out.

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Knowing basketball betting odds is as important as knowing the rules of basketball before betting. We hope you understood how do basketball betting odds work now. Use the basketball betting odds to your advantage to earn more real money winnings. Join 10CRIC India, place your bets on basketball matches at the online sportsbook and grab a welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000 on a 200% return.

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