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Attention to all the cricket betting lovers! Let’s earn more through cricket betting and become a millionaire. Seem impossible huh but can be possible with intense hard-word and some extraordinary risk. 10CRIC India provides you with 7 magical cricket betting strategies to earn more real money.

#1. Dogon Strategy

Dagon strategy is quite popular among the new punters because of its simplicity and mathematical advantage. It ensures that your losses the obtained when you win and bring back your lost money.


  • In the Dogon strategy, you double down the bets in consecutive rounds until you win and the losses of previous rounds are incurred. Continue to double your wager until you win.
  • For instance, you placed a bet of ₹100 and lost. Place a second bet of ₹200, if you lose again then place a bet of ₹400. Suppose you finally win; you’ll get ₹800 as a payout or maybe more.

#2. Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind cricket betting strategy is similar and yet different from Dogon strategy. In Oscar’s Grind strategy, punters double up the bets until they lose instead of winning the bet.

  • So, the betting amount keeps getting double until you lose and then goes back to the initial betting amount. Your loss is neutralized once you win the bets again.
  • Suppose you placed a bet of ₹10 and win, then place your bet of ₹20. If you win again, then your next bet will be ₹40. If you lose this time, then your next bet will go back to the initial.

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#3. Ladder System

The Ladder System is a straightforward cricket betting strategy. Everyone can use it, amateur and professional. The amount you win in the previous bet will be stakes in the next bet in this strategy.


  • Place your bets on the team with optimum lower odds. It’s a good cricket betting strategy until you keep on winning. If you lose once, you will lose all your previous winnings.
  • The Ladder system cricket betting strategy is a bit riskier than any other cricket betting strategy. It is the ideal cricket betting strategy to check the losses. Place your bet with extensive research.

You may visit, learn and use 10CRIC betting tips for more valuable information on betting. Place your bets on cricket matches with great odds and greater winnings.

#4. Flat Betting Strategy

Increase your earnings with a Flat betting strategy, best for beginners. A flat betting strategy is simple, mathematical, and advantageous. It minimizes the risk and optimizes your bankroll.

  • The core principle behind Flat betting strategy and flat bets is the fact that every wagering amount you put on a betting option will be of the same amount. No doubling up or down.
  • Start with small flat bets, deposit the small percentage of your bankroll in your betting account and use that amount in small portions to place your bets. Start with ₹100 per bet.

#5. Danish System

Danish System cricket betting strategy is a progressive cricket betting strategy. In the Danish System cricket betting strategy, punters are supposed to increase the betting amount by 1 unit and the odds are to be increased by at least 0.5 units. Install the best betting app in India for cricket & implement these profitable strategies in your gameplay to win more.


  • Suppose you place a bet of ₹10 on odds of 1.0 and lose, then the next bet will be of ₹20 on 1.50 odds. If you lose again, then the next bet will be ₹30 on 2.00 odds.
  • This pattern follows until you win the bet to neutralize your losses. This Danish System cricket betting strategy is undoubtedly risky. It helps you recover the losses and bag a big profit.

Understand the 10CRIC cricket odds before using the Danish System cricket betting strategy and enhance your winnings.

#6. Tank Attack Betting Strategy

Tank Attack cricket betting strategy means that you separate the amount in your betting account. You must separate your betting account in different tanks and place the bets independently.

  • The best way to decrease the possibility of greater loss is to diversify the bankroll you are willing to spend on online cricket betting. Put your eggs in different baskets.
  • Diversify your bets in different cricket matches, do thorough research for each of them, and then place your bets with good knowledge, great instincts, and proper betting strategy.

#7. D’Alembert Betting Strategy

D’Alembert’s Betting Strategy is similar and yet different from Martingale’s strategy. The only difference is the number of next bets that follows a pattern. It is less risky and copes with previous losses.


  • In D’Alembert Betting Strategy, you will add the initial bet in the next until you win the bet. For instance, if you placed a bet of ₹5 and lose, then your next bet will be ₹10.
  • If you lose again, then your next bet will be ₹15. Suppose you win this time, then you’ll restart the betting, and your next bet will be the last bet minus the initial bet, that is ₹10.

3 Bonus tips to perform responsible cricket betting

In addition to 7 magical cricket betting strategies, 10CRIC Sports India provides you with 3 bonus tips to perform responsible cricket betting. Manage your money and time wisely with extensive research.


  1. Money management: One of the most essential things to live a life is money. It fulfills your every need, don’t waste it on wants until all your needs are fulfilled. Make a strict financial sheet and spend less than 5% of your monthly salary on online gambling and betting.
  2. Time management: Since it’s been said that time is money, you should treat it that way. Manage your time wisely and follow a strict schedule to save your time and money. Play for 30 minutes at most in a day on any online gambling and betting game. Use it wisely!
  3. Research and bet: No bet is complete without proper research. You cannot expect to live your life merely on betting on cricket if you are not willing to go through all the hard work of research. Thorough research on sports, players, and sportsbooks is important before betting.

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