Cricket online Betting Odds explained- Evaluate your Profits

Decimal form is most popular in online cricket betting odds. Learn art of reading different odds & calculate your wins. Don’t just predict, evaluate the winner.

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What are cricket online betting odds?

In simple words, betting on a cricket match is cricket betting. The popularity of cricket betting has grown a lot since the emergence of online sportsbooks. Almost every cricket match is available for betting on online gambling sites nowadays. Two teams with 11 players play with bat and ball in the large field to compete and win with a higher score of runs. It’s evident that one of the two teams is bound to be stronger than the other. Sportsbook represents two teams with different numbers on them, called odds.


Cricket sports betting odds are an expertly calculated number by betting experts in the online sportsbooks company to help the punters predict the winning team. A stronger team gets lower odds and a weaker team gets higher odds, this is a way of house to make sure that punters win the correct amount of profit if they win the bet.

How does a sportsbook set cricket online betting odds?

Online sportsbook offers their own different odds, calculated by their betting experts keeping two crucial points in mind.

  1. Probability of the outcome: Based on the experience, head-to-head performances, previous statistics, and so much more.
  2. House margin: The amount of profit sportsbook will get from your share of pay-out if you bet on the correct winning match.

For instance, there’s team A & team B. Let’s say the probability of team A winning is 60%, the probability of a draw is 20% and the probability of team B winning is 30%. The total probability is 100%, obviously. Sportsbook adds his margin in the odds to grab his profit. Every online sportsbook has different house margins according to the sports, match, and event. These default margins will be tacked in the odds, increasing the probability of an already winning team with greater odds. House margin is the reason behind the phrase, ‘house always wins. It does always wins in overall profits, but it doesn’t take your winnings.

Top 3 forms of cricket online betting odds in the world

Every region has a different set of cricket online betting odds based on their understanding. Among all formats of cricket online betting odds, three of them are more popular because they are simple to understand and easy to interpret.


#1. Decimal betting odds

Decimal cricket online betting odds are represented in a mathematical decimal form with the dot in the middle. They are also known as European, continental, and digital odds, popular in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Decimal cricket online betting odds are the easiest to understand and work with, that’s why their position is number one.

Expected Payout = stake x betting odd

In decimal cricket online betting odds, the total pay-out is represented and not just the profit. For instance, if the betting odd is 4.18 and you decide to bet with $100, then the payout will be equal to the multiplication of your wagering amount and betting odds, that is, 4.18 x 100 = $418. Hence, if you win the bet you will get $418 as a pay-out in your betting account.

#2. Fractional betting odds

Fractional cricket online betting odds are popular among the British and Irish bookmakers, they are also known as British, UK, and traditional odds. They contain a slash (/) between two numbers to determine the probability of winning the team. A fractional odd 5/1 means that the punter will win $5 on every $1 he wagers. In other words, fractional cricket online betting odds tell the amount of profit won by the punter on his bet, instead of the whole pay-out.

Potential Payout = (stake x betting odd) + stake

For instance, if a punter decided to wager $100 on the betting odds of 4/1, then the potential payout will be equal to the multiplication of stake and betting odds and add the wagering stake again. Hence, your payout will be equal to 100 x 4/1 + 100, that is, $500.

#3. American betting odds

As said before, every region has its own set of odds; so does America. The name of the nation is written in front of the odds to indicate their region. Like Indian odds, American odds, and so much more. Among all odds, American odds are the most popular. If you wager on a favorite team, you risk winning and if you bet on an underdog, then you win each time you risk.

  • Betting on a favorite: Odds will be represented with a minus (-) sign in front. Punters risk the money to win more. If you bet on team A with -120 odds, you need to risk $120 to win $220 with team A.
  • Betting on underdog: Odds will be represented with a plus (+) sign in front. Punters will win for risking every $100. If you bet on team B with +120 odds, you need to risk $120 to win $100 with team B.

Note: American odds are used often by American sportsbook companies, it is one of the most popular betting odds in the world after the decimal and fractional. Almost all the betting sites in India, like 10CRIC offer decimal odds only. Hence, decimal odds are popular in Asia.

Working behind cricket online betting odds

Cricket is a complicated complex sport with multiple factors to bet on. Being the most uncertain sport, the result can never be 100% clear to anyone. Results can turn to be drawn frequently, especially in long matches like test series. Such complex sports results are uncertainties in betting too.


  • Pre-match odds: The odds that you see before beginning the match are based on past performances, results, pitch, head-to-head and so many factors by betting experts.
  • Ongoing match odds: As the match begins, odds tend to take better shape as the present performance comes into view with unpredictable events.

Professionally calculated 10CRIC cricket odds by betting experts are present throughout the cricket match. The crucial element that impacts the odds is the coin toss in the very starting, as the team to bets first will set the bar for the rest of the cricket match.

Convert fractional into decimal betting odds

Decimal 10CRIC odds are more favorable than fractional odds as it is easier to understand and simple to interpret. Players are more comfortable with the decimal format as compared to fractional. There are many websites available to convert the fractional format odds to decimal, we present you a simple way to do so on your own.

Fractional odds = decimal odds – 1

Let’s do an example, suppose the decimal odd value is 1.20 then to calculate the fractional odd, minus 1 from 1.20, that is 1.20 – 1 = 0.20, and then simplify the value 0.20 = 20/100 which will end up being 1/5 and here is your fractional value of decimal odd.

Learn the art to read cricket online betting odds

It’s all automatic in 10CRIC to calculate the expected payout but it is always better to cross-check your potential winnings. It’s just a simple multiplication, not the most difficult math to do, and can be calculated in a single step. That’s why we didn’t provide you with a complete 3-step guide but a single step. Let’s begin & follow the points stepwise:

  • Observe the 10CRIC cricket odds and select the team of sports match you want to bet on, click on the odds displayed alongside the team to place the bet.
  • A betting slip will pop up on the screen, look into the betting slip to know your potential payout calculated by 10CRIC India if you win the bet.
  • The potential payout will be equal to the multiplication of 10CRIC cricket odds on the team x betting amount you wager in.


  • 10CRIC odd:1.89
  • Betting stake: ₹100
  • Potential Payout: odd x stake = 1.89 x 100 = ₹189

Suppose you choose to bet on a cricket team with 1.89 odds and wager ₹100 on it, then the expected payout will be the multiplication of 1.89 and 100, that is, ₹189. Calculate and cross-check your potential winnings every time you bet and have fun with 10CRIC cricket odds.

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3 Benefits of knowing cricket online betting odds

Why do you need 10CRIC cricket odds? A great yet stupid question to wonder if you are betting for a long time. Well, if you are an amateur then you have come to the right place to get accurate answers. Mentioned below are 3 important points as to why you need 10CRIC cricket odds.

  1. Helps in predicting the winner: Betting experts calculate the odds professionally to help the players to predict the winning team better. A team with greater cricket online betting odds is less likely to win the sports match since the stakes are higher for greater odds. Hence, cricket online betting odds help players determine the winning team and place their bets.
  2. Greater odds yield great payouts: Whatever wager amount you choose to bet with will be multiplied by the 10CRIC cricket odds of that betting option to determine the potential payout. Hence, if you bet on the team with higher odds your expected payout will automatically increase. Keep in mind, that payout can vary as it is an expected amount.
  3. Determines the payout amount: Players can now calculate their winnings with the help of 10CRIC cricket odds on their own. Even if they don’t have control over the 10CRIC cricket odds, you do have control over the betting amount and through that, you can manipulate the winning amount. Payout is equal to the multiplication of 10CRIC cricket odds and the betting stake you wager.


What are you exactly waiting for? Take uttermost advantage of this wonderful opportunity with cricket online betting odds. Observe the odds, enter the betting amount you can afford, click on process bets and wait for the results to be announced to know your winnings. Sign up at 10CRIC India and grab a chance to win a 200% welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000 in your 10CRIC sportsbook wallet on your first deposit.

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