Dreams about Lottery Numbers – Is it a Good Sign or Bad Sign

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Dreams are something that can sometimes be fun and sometimes really absurd. However, people claim that no matter how absurd their dreams are, there could be some hidden meaning to them. These meanings are usually associated with Signs, whether good or bad, we will let you decide.

Take Alonzo Coleman, for instance, he dreamt about 6 numbers and used those numbers to play the Lottery, and the next thing everybody knew was that he won $250,000! If you want to be the next Alonzo, then we recommend starting at 10CRIC.

What Exactly are Dreams?

The Beauty of Dreams is that they can be indulged in with eyes wide open, and the same goes for nightmares. This, however, is only something metaphoric that humans tend to come up with to hold on to some kind of Hope. Regardless, the Dreams we have when we fall asleep will always remain a mystery to us.

If you want a technical answer, according to Psychiatrists Dreams are occurring flashes of images, caused by rapid eye movement or REM. Because of these eye movements, our brain stems are activated and we end up dreaming. But in Philosophy dreams are usually linked with the consciousness that is dubbed as the “Soul”. Thus, Philosophically, we are more connected to the past than the future through dreams.


However, Dreams can mean much more than just their definitions, of course, it depends on how you like to interpret them. Speaking of interpretations, many great writers often use their dreams as their muse and create great art. Not only this but many people in the past have spoken about how they saw and experienced the future through their dreams.

Yes, seeing the future through dreams is a whole other topic that has its own mysteries. This is because seeing the future means that you can predict the outcomes of many things and have your own way with them. But interestingly enough, predicting the future via dreams is something that could be true!

Dreaming about Lottery Numbers

The lottery is something that has always been fascinating to many people since the time it got popular. After all, when you buy a lottery ticket for less price you have a chance of winning a lot more, so much that you can even become a millionaire overnight. Yes, that sounds impossible but the case of Alonzo Coleman might make you believe in the fairy tale of dreams coming true.

Alonzo Coleman

Alonzo Coleman, a person from Henrico, Virginia has an interesting story. Alonzo went to sleep one night like everybody does, however, he happened to dream of 6 numbers – they were Lottery numbers. Since it cost only $2, he went and got himself a lotto ticket the next day and played those 6 numbers. Later, he ended up winning a $250,000 cash prize for those numbers he dreamt of.

What was more alarming, was the fact that the numbers he dreamt of were an odd combination of 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18! But if you think this is crazy wait till you find out the number of the bonus ball – you guessed it, 19!

Do Numbers in Dreams have a Deeper Meaning?

Another interesting thing about the world other than Dreams is numbers. They are all around us and are almost infinite. Perhaps, this is why Math is considered to be the universe’s language. We tend to understand and interpret great phenomena of the entire universe using numbers and so, many people believe that dreaming about numbers has a greater and deeper meaning to it.


  • People have been using numbers to interpret most of the things in the universe to the point of digging into the subconscious mind with it as well.
  • Since numbers are almost infinite, so is their interpretation. Thus, many people refer to dream guidebooks and use them to connect dreams with numbers, as shown in the picture above.
  • Another way of interpreting numbers through dreams is by corresponding the letters of the word that you see with their respective numbers in the alphabet sequence.
  • For example, if you see a lot of Red in your dream then the numbers you get from interpreting what you see are R = 18, E = 5, and D = 5.

Dreams about Winning the Lottery – Good or Bad?

The interpretation of Lottery winning dreams cannot and most of the time should not be taken literally. This means that dreams about winning the lottery have some deeper meaning. Remember how I mentioned that Dreams are metaphorical? Well, so is the word Lottery in this context.

So, the answer to this question is obvious and that is yes, dreaming about winning the lottery is indeed a good sign as dreams about winning the lottery are often symbolized as good luck, prosperity, and good changes.

“Lottery” is often metaphorical in Dreams (Sweet Dreams, by Bryant Arnold)

Look at this illustration above by Bryant Arnold, a cartoonist. Here, you can see the man dreaming about winning the Lottery by getting the numbers he needs to bet on. However, in the Cat World, winning a fish is as good as winning a Lottery in the Human world. Thus, lottery dreams are mostly interpreted in many ways rather than taking their literal meaning.

What kinds of Lottery Dreams to people experience?

Interestingly, people that have Lottery numbers-related dreams do not always have the same outcome, which is winning the lottery. Yes, winning the Lottery is a common dream when it comes to the lottery, but what makes this entire phenomenon interesting is the fact that lottery-related dreams are not always about winning. Let us take a look into the 4 types of Lottery Dreams people experience.

#1: Winning the Lottery in Dreams

As mentioned above, the very common type of dream related to the Lottery is winning the golden ticket to instant million dollars! Many people tend to claim that they have seen themselves win the Lottery and become rich in their dreams. Although this statement may sound sad, it definitely ends up as a positive effect on the person because Winning Lottery in dreams is interpreted as good luck coming your way.

#2: Losing Lottery is a Nightmare

A dream nobody wants to have is a nightmare and losing a lottery is definitely one. However, losing lottery dreams are often interpreted as a metaphor for not being able to have a lot of self-control. Not only this but it also acts as a metaphor for the person being vulnerable and used by foes disguised as friends.

#3: Playing Lotto in Dreams

Sometimes, people dream neither of winning the lottery nor losing it. Instead, they just dream of playing the Lotto in Dreams. The interpretation of this kind of dream is almost never derived. However, it definitely has something to do with taking chances, growing and trying new things.

#4: Seeing Lotto Slot Machines in Dreams

Lastly, people also dream of only seeing Lotto Slot Machines or Slot Machines in general in their dreams. They do not go near it or play, however, they just come across this. This kind of dream is interpreted as having pleasant encounters in future and coming across new opportunities.

What Does it Mean when you Dream about Winning a Lot of Money?

Sometimes, people do not directly dream about winning the Lottery. But instead, they dream about winning a lot of cash. This dream is associated with Lottery because that is the easiest way to make millions if you win. But does it have the same meaning and interpretation as winning the lotto?


Well yes, dreaming about winning a lot of money has a direct connection to dreaming about winning the Lottery because they both have a common goal – it makes you rich and wealthy. Although you can take this as a direct interpretation of your subconscious mind wanting to be wealthy, however, in a metaphorical sense, these dreams mean that good luck is on your way.

Do people really win money betting on dream lotto numbers?

As an avid Lotto bettor, you will know that finding 6 random numbers every time can be a hassle. Not only that, but sometimes, you may have also noticed that the numbers in front of you, the ones you ignored, are exactly the numbers pulled out as the winning numbers.

So, you find numbers to place bets on from bills, money notes, etc. So, yes, people do use their dream interpretations and the numbers they get from them to make Lotto bets. This is a fun way because, in the end, winning Lotto all depends on Luck, and luck resides not everywhere but anywhere.

Should you bet on Lottery numbers based on dreams?

Well, again, take the case of Alonzo Coleman again. His win was so bizarre that people began betting on Lottery based on the interpretations of their dreams. So, if you want to bet on Lottery numbers based on your dreams, then there is no stopping you!

However, this is a risky way of making bets because as mentioned above, in the end, it all boils down to how lucky you are. Sometimes, betting on the opposite of what you dreamt of would work too – nobody really knows, however, to know, you must take risks of betting on your interpretation of dreams.

Can you learn how to see lottery numbers in dreams?

Learning has become a lot easier this way and learning how to see lottery numbers in dreams is easy as well. How? Well, you have to excessively play and be obsessed with the lotto.

Jokes aside, you cannot learn how to see Lottery numbers in dreams but this is exactly the charm and thrill of it! Think about it, most of the dreams that we see tend to be forgotten once we wake up. However, if you randomly dream about Lottery and end up remembering the dream and the numbers, then that definitely is some sort of sign.

A Lottery Dream can Affect your Day in many ways

Before I explain how Lottery Dreams affect a person’s day, let me tell you that I am not a firm believer in the supernatural world. However, I agree with the research done, and I understand the effects and interpretations of dreams and nightmares on the human mind. For instance, let us take a look at zodiac signs and the information they have for you every day.

Dreaming about Winning Lottery can boost your day with Confidence!
  • Most of the things said in the daily horoscope section of magazines are tailored in such a way as to make you feel like you relate to them. If you analyze all of the 12 pieces of information, they almost always say the same thing!
  • This is why, to me, it doesn’t make sense because 1) the only force affecting us from Space above is Gravity, and 2) I write and analyze content for a living.
  • But, reading horoscopes every day can and does affect your mood in a good way that can bring good changes in your life!
  • If the information under your zodiac sign says that you will meet the love of your life today, then you definitely will be in a good mood for the entire day. However, if you are already married in this scenario, then things might get messy.

Lottery dreams are very similar to the example above. Think about it, if you dream about winning the Lottery, then you will wake up in a good mood and make sure nothing ruins your day. But if you dream the opposite, then any small inconvenience might make you feel like you’ve lost your charms for the Day!

In Conclusion

Dreams about Lottery Numbers are definitely thrilling. Interestingly enough, these dreams come in many ways – literally or through metaphors and signs. So if you ever get a dream related to Lottery, then you must definitely give it a shot! If you wish to not go outside and buy physical tickets then you can just create a 10CRIC account and play the lottery online for free. Betting on Lottery based on the interpretation of dreams is something that you definitely have to try!

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