How to Bet on Basketball: 10 Tips proven to earn Real money

Here’s the Ultimate beginner’s Stepwise guide to Bet on Basketball 2022. Learn 10 effective tips to earn more real money up to ₹10,000 per week at 10CRIC India.

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What is a ‘bet on basketball’ means?

Basketball is the third most popular sport to bet on, after Cricket & Football in India and it has been gaining immense popularity in the online sportsbook world. By saying ‘bet on basketball’ in the sportsbook world, it means to place a bet on the winner of the basketball match. Basketball betting is a big market to understand and everything starts with a fundamental. We will provide you with the basic knowledge to place a bet on basketball on any online betting site and professional tips to play like a master.


We recommend the beginner to start betting on basketball at 10CRIC because of the minimum betting amount of ₹5 and many more amazing facilities that you’ll get to know further in the article. Betting types, odds, and formula to evaluate payout in the article is applicable globally. You can use the knowledge given in the article in every sportsbook.

Top 5 Basketball Betting types one must know

There are many basketball betting options available in the online sportsbooks to bet on and earn real money. But now all betting options are to be bet upon, mentioned below are some most popular and chosen bet options in order for you to choose and bet on a basketball match.

#1. 1X2 Basketball Bet

1 refers to a home win, X means to draw, and 2 refers to an away win. In the 1X2 Basketball betting option, punters get to bet on any one of the three possible outcomes of the match. 1X2 Bet type is the most popular and chosen bet type when it comes to football and basketball betting.


  • Case 1 – Bet on 1 ‘Bolts’ with 1.54 odds & ₹100 stakes: If Bolts win the match, you get ₹154 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.
  • Case 2 – Bet on X ‘Draw’ with 10.63 odds & ₹100 stakes: If the match between Bolts & Blackwater Bossing results in a draw, you get ₹1063 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.
  • Case 3 – Bet on 2 ‘Blackwater’ with 2.73 odds & ₹100 stakes: If Blackwater Bossing wins the match, you get ₹273 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.

#5. Draw No Bet 

Draw no bet is a savior for punters who don’t want to bet on X from the 1X2 betting option. It neglects the possibility of drawing in the match and punters can bet on either team to win the match without worrying about the third option of a draw.


  • Case 1 – Bet on Bolts with 1.45 odds & ₹100 stakes: If Bolts win the match, you get ₹145 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.
  • Case 2 – Bet on Blackwater with 2.57 odds & ₹100 stakes: If Blackwater Bossing wins the match, you get ₹257 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.

Note: If the punter chooses to bet on the ‘Draw no bet’ betting type and the match ends in a draw, the wagering stake will be returned to the player as it is.

#3. Handicap 0:5 Bet

Handicap discards the main result of the match and gives an advantage to the underdog team in a basketball match by adding 5 baskets to the score for the weak team and deducting 5 baskets from the strong team. Punters have to predict the winner after adding and reducing the said amount from both the teams in a basketball match.


  • Case 1 – Bet on Bolts (0:5) with 1.54 odds & ₹100 stake:
  • Case 2 – Bet on Draw (0:5) with 10.63 odds & ₹100 stake:
  • Case 3 – Bet on Blackwater (0:5) with 2.73 odds & ₹100 stake:

#4. Over/Under 175.5 total

The total score in the match will cross 175.5 total or not? That’s what this betting type deals with. If you predict the total score will cross 175.5 in the match, then bet on Over 175.5; otherwise, opt for Under 175.5.


  • Case 1 – Bet on Over 175.5 with 1.89 odds & ₹100 stakes: If the total score in the match crosses 175.5 baskets, you’ll win ₹189 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.
  • Case 2 – Bet on Under 175.5 with 1.76 odds & ₹100 stakes: If the total score in the match doesn’t cross 175.5 baskets, you’ll win ₹176 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.

#5. Winner (incl. Overtime)

Predict the winner of the match after including the overtime in Winner (incl. overtime) betting option. Sometimes the basket is made at the very end of the game after the time is over, that basket won’t be considered in the main conclusion but it plays role in betting since it might impact the results.


  • Case 1 – Bet on Bolts with 1.44 odds & ₹100 stakes: If Bolts win the match after including the overtime, you get ₹144 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.
  • Case 2 – Bet on Blackwater with 2.47 odds & ₹100 stakes: If Blackwater Bossing wins the match after including the overtime, you get ₹273 in return; or else you lose your wagering amount of ₹100.

How to place a bet on basketball at 10CRIC in 3 steps

Well, there’s a reason to choose the 10CRIC online betting site to teach you how to place a bet on basketball & the reason is its cheap betting stake. 10CRIC India allows betting lovers to bet on basketball or any other sports match with a minimum betting stake of ₹5. Without further ado, let’s see the wholesome guide to earning more real money in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Log in at 10CRIC & select Sports to bet

  • Access 10CRIC via the official link to avoid duplicated websites, click on Log in, and enter your correct username and password to access 10CRIC products.
  • If you don’t have an account, make 10CRIC register by clicking on the join now.
  • Select Sports from the horizontal menu bar alongside the 10CRIC logo to place your bets on basketball matches and access an online sportsbook by 10CRIC India.


Step 2: Select preferred league under Basketball

  • Choose Basketball from the list of sports available on the left side of the sportsbook page.
  • Click on Top Leagues to see all the results of the most popular basketball leagues to bet online.
  • Select as you prefer, we are choosing Philippines > PBA, Philippine Cup League to place bets.
  • Choose the ongoing or recent upcoming match to bet on basketball at 10CRIC Sports. We are selecting the basketball match between Bolts vs. Blackwater Bossing to place bets.
  • Observe the odds and click on the odds of the team that you want to wager.


Step 3: Place a bet on basketball with a minimum of ₹5

  • After clicking on the odds of the respective team you predict to win, a bet slip will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter the betting amount you want to wager, the minimum betting limit at the 10CRIC betting site is ₹5 only.


  • You can see the Potential Payout once you entered the betting stake in the box.
  • Click on Place Bet to confirm your bets on the team and wait for the match to be concluded.
  • There are two possibilities for your bets, if you predict the right result you’ll get the payout. Otherwise, you’ll lose the wagered money.

Suppose you place a bet of ₹100 on either of the three outcomes in the 1X2 bet type. There will be different outcomes as per the result of the match and betting odds on the team. Let’s look into three possible cases if you place a bet on either of them.

Case 1: Bet on 1 – Bolts

Case 2: Bet on X – match Draw

Case 3: Bet on 2 – Blackwater Bossing

How-to-bet-on-basketball-02 How-to-bet-on-basketball-04 How-to-bet-on-basketball-03
Odds: 1.54 Odds: 10.63 Odds: 2.36
Wager: ₹100 Wager: ₹100 Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: ₹154 Pay-out: ₹1063 Pay-out: ₹236
If Bolts wins: you get ₹154 If match draw: you get ₹1063 If Blackwater wins: you get ₹236
If Bolts loses: you lose ₹100 If match doesn’t draw: you lose ₹100 If Blackwater loses: you lose ₹100

Note: 10CRIC India doesn’t allow double chance in basketball betting. Hence, punters can bet on only 1 outcome of the betting type in the same match of basketball.

Evaluate pay-out using basketball betting odds

You don’t have to go through the long process of clicking on basketball betting odds, going to the betting slip, and entering the betting stake to determine the amount of money you might win on a basketball bet. There’s a simple mathematical formula with just multiplication to help you determine the potential payout as soon as you see the odds and know your betting stake.


Potential Payout = Betting stake X Basketball Betting odds

  1. Odds – 2.00
  2. Stake – ₹100
  3. Payout – 2 X 100 = ₹200

As described above, all you have to do to find out the amount of money you might win if you predict the right winner of the match is to multiply the odds on the team you are betting on and the amount of money you are wagering in on the team.

10 Additional bonus tips to win at basketball betting

As promised, here are your top 10 additional bonus tips to win more real money at basketball betting. Go ahead and read more betting tips to win loads in all the games and sports online. Follow the tips mentioned below and have a guaranteed earning; the condition is to stay vigilant.


  1. Opt for live betting: Betting on a basketball match while you can see the match is a plus point, use this advantage and grab the most out of it. 10CRIC allows live betting on a basketball match.
  2. Shop for better lines: Don’t stick to one sportsbook, investigate the best odds, best lines, and less house edge to win more. Pick the one with better money lines to bet on basketball sports matches.
  3. Start the journey early: NBA is the highest tier of basketball league in the world and we recommend starting betting from the very beginning of the season. Begin your journey in basketball betting as soon as you can to gain more experience than others.
  4. Study injury reports: Keep track of the news and team players, and track the movement of all the players. The absence of one player from the team just before the match can affect the whole result of the match. Always keep your eyes on the news before the match begins.
  5. Be updated with sports: Sports news and sports forecasts will help you like no other platform ever will while predicting the winner of the match. Take utmost advantage of such sports betting masters to bet on basketball. Follow up on their previous results and trust the one with the most accurate predictions. Follow more than 4 sports forecasts for better analysis.
  6. Take a chance on underdogs: Punters often like to bet on their favorite teams, instead, try betting on underdogs since they often have higher odds and can turn the match around in no time.
  7. Double chance betting: Double chance is a strategy to bet on two possible outcomes simultaneously out of three to balance the loss. Use it to balance out your losses in basketball betting by placing a bet on two different outcomes in the same bet type and match.
  8. Check the team’s schedule: Knowing the schedule of the team can help you predict their stamina and zeal. Knowing whether they are going to face a strong team or a weak team in the upcoming match can help you determine the winner easily.
  9. Manage your money smartly: The main aim is not to never lose, the main aim is overall profit. Devote only 5% of your bankroll to online betting on basketball or any other sports.
  10. Keep track of your bets: Knowing your previous bets can help you keep a track of your overall loss and profit and make better decisions. Keep full knowledge of history before placing your bets on any team.


Basketball betting is gaining immense popularity and there are thousands of matches across the globe to bet online. Now that you have learned how to bet on basketball games online. Choose a preferable online sportsbook, we recommend 10CRIC for Indian punters because of its simple layout, smooth working, fast withdrawals, the minimum betting limit of ₹5, and exciting sportsbook welcome bonus of 100% cashback deal for new punters up to ₹30,000.

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