How to change 10CRIC Password successfully via 3 easy steps

Facing trouble in 10CRIC login? Learn How to Change 10CRIC Password in just 3 minutes. Find the 3 easy steps process to retrieve & change passwords by Kric88!

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10CRIC is the most recent online betting company for Indian punters to open its virtual entrances and offer a satisfactory experience to the extensive number of betting players in India who treasure to bet on their favorite sports events and online casino games.

How to Change 10CRIC Password in less than 3 minutes

  • To play on the 10CRIC India you need to one a new account or login. If you are an existing member and want to know How to Change 10CRIC Password or want to retrieve your 10CRIC password, then follow the 10CRIC Tricks for more detailed info given by Kric88 most simple yet satisfactorily.


  • Let’s assume, you have forgotten your 10CRIC India account password but want to relish online betting then you might still operate your registered email address at the time of signing up you put to recover your 10CRIC password instantly.
  • The password changing or retrieving process is quick and demands you to spend roughly 3-4 minutes changing it. So. let’s get started with the procedure to know how to change 10CRIC password in a stepwise manner.

Step 1: Go to 10CRIC & login to your account

  • Firstly you need to access the official 10CRIC site using your PC or mobile browser and once you are on the homepage try login into your account to change your 10CRIC password.


  • On the official 10CRIC homepage and click on the “login” button placed in Yellow on the upper right corner of the home screen. Once you clicked a small rectangular box will appear asking you to enter login credentials


  • After clicking the login button & getting redirected to a new login screen, you will be asked to enter a valid and proper username and password then click the login button to get access to 10CRIC India. Now, observe the next step to continue changing the 10CRIC password.

If you are not a member of 10CRIC yet, then don’t be delayed, read and follow the 10CRIC Register article from Kric88!

Step 2: Click username & go to Account settings

  • Once you login successfully into your 10CRIC account successfully, you will be able to access the available online sportsbook events, an online casino with live dealers, slots Etc.


  • Now, click on your username or mouse over the username, and you notice the different types of sub-menus are present – like Deposit, Withdrawal, Account verification, Transaction history, Betting history, and Account history.
  • You must click the “Account Details” to proceed with the perform 10CRIC password changing process. Then you will land on the 10CRIC account.

Step 3: Click Password tab to proceed to change the 10CRIC password

  • Once you clicked the Account details tab, the new screen will appear as your 10CRIC account profile where you will see 2 tabs – General and Password. You need to click on the “Password” tab and proceed to change the 10CRIC Password.


  • Once you clicked the password you will witness 3 text boxes – Current password, New password, and Confirm new password, where to need to fill out the valid pointers.
  • Enter your existing password into the Current password text area. Be sure to insert the correct password that you used to access the 10CRIC login along with the username.
  • Then you need to enter your new password, but make sure the new password follows the password rules of 10CRIC that include – alphanumeric or special characters without underscore or space and must be between 6 to 20 characters.
  • Enter your new password again into the Confirm new password area. Ensure the new password must be matched when you enter again to confirm.
  • After fulfilling all the criteria for changing the 10CRIC password, click the button “Change password” to complete the process.

How to retrieve 10CRIC Password via Email – 2 Steps to know

The numerous players access multiple online betting sites like 10CRIC India and operate different mobile apps. Unaffectedly, people can’t recall their usernames and passwords! Here you will get to know the procedure of how to retrieve your 10CRIC password using your registered email address to the 10CRIC account in 2 simple steps below:

Step 1: Access 10CRIC and try login to your account

  • As to retrieve your 10CRIC password, the first step has to be accessing the official 10CRIC India site from your desktop, laptop, or mobile browser.


  • You need to check whether you can access your 10CRIC account by trying login and simply putting your username & password that you remember.
  • Enter your username and password correctly and must be valid. Check if you can access your profile

Step 2: Click forgot password & proceed to retrieve your 10CRIC password

  • Once you try login to your account but are unable to access it, click on the forgot password hyperlink present on the login box below the password area


  • When you clicked the forgot password, you will be displayed on a new screen to enter some pointers, as shown in the below screenshot:


  • Email address: Enter your working and valid email address that you saved at the time of registering your account at 10CRIC India
  • Date of birth: Enter your valid date of birth that you have saved at the time of signing up for your account at 10CRIC.
  • Captcha: Complete the captcha by inserting the shown numbers on the screen correctly and carefully
  • Then click the continue button to continue retrieving the 10CRIC password.


  • You will receive the notification saying, “The link to reset password is sent to your email” So, login to your ID and check the email from 10CRIC; click the link that you received and retrieve your 10CRIC password in no time.


Kric88 believes this guide on how to change 10CRIC password let you resume your online betting experience. Beginners who haven’t joined yet, sign up and make your 1st deposit to enjoy a welcome bonus of 150% up to ₹15,000!

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