How to Delete 10CRIC Account? Send Email to Customer Support

Learn How to Delete 10CRIC Account if you want to get rid of online betting habits permanently. Here, Kric88 will share easy steps via customer support Email!

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10CRIC is a widespread online betting brand amongst players in India. Here, you can bet on any sports, online casinos with live dealer games, slots, and many others. If you got failed tremendous money by playing, again and again, the same game and want to get rid of the betting habit, then read out further to learn how to delete 10CRIC account – instructions are given by Kric88, scroll down now!

Introduction to 10CRIC India

10CRIC is not the common betting website for Indian players. It isn’t a platform that only accepts players from India.


  • Established in 2013, you would be surprised to realize that 10CRIC is headquartered in Cyprus.
  • However, don’t allow that to concern you – 10CRIC is very much an Indian organization. It is based in Cyprus due to India’s online gambling regulations concerning international online casinos.
  • 10CRIC is more than simply a betting game serving Indians. It is a website that naturally accepts INR – Indian rupees and India’s most used payment choices.
  • There are welcome bonuses, promotions, contests, and deals, much similar to other online casinos. Moreover, the safety and the gaming software used at 10CRIC are very pleasant.

How to Delete 10CRIC account – Deactivate the 10CRIC account

  • Do you want a way to delete or deactivate your 10CRIC account? If yes, then you are on the correct site. Moreover, all you must execute is to halt and read this guide entirely and carefully.
  • Meanwhile, 10CRIC users flood search engines with a query on how to delete 10CRIC accounts from the website. After some analysis on this matter, Kric88 discovered that some members are not using the 10CRIC website and 10CRIC mobile app anymore.
  • Also, some of the players got tired and lost so much money on online betting games so, to get rid of the habit of spending money on betting games at 10CRIC they want to delete their 10CRIC accounts.

Delete your 10CRIC account by requesting an Email to customer care

There are 4 easy steps that you need to keep in mind while mailing the 10CRIC customer care for deleting the 10CRIC account. Read and follow the steps below:

  1. Open your email account which you have registered at the time of signing up application.
  2. You need to compose an email draft and to the email address
  3. On the Subject text area enter “Request To Delete My 10cric Account”.
  4. Now it’s time to draft an email concerning deleting your 10CRIC account sample shown in the image.


Mention your username, and email address associated with it, and write your genuine reason for why you want to delete your 10CRIC account. Then click on the Send button in your email and wait for a few days to get any sort of response from 10CRIC representatives.

There are 2 other ways in which an account can be deleted are as follows:

  1. By calling customer support on a mobile phone requesting to delete your account
  2. Live Chatting customer support to request to delete your 10CRIC account.

Is 10CRIC reliable to play – is 10CRIC legal in India?

  • Is 10CRIC legal in India? Yes, it is. Since 10CRIC India is a licensed online betting platform by CURACAO eGaming license validation.
    CURACAO eGaming license validation is superior to any other ownership as other license parties usually obtain client complaints on a regular basis


  • There are no doubts about 10CRIC being genuine and welcoming of players from India. However, players must glance at a few other trustworthiness points. For example, can mobile users join 10CRIC? Yes, they can use a mobile browser or dedicated 10CRIC mobile app.

Before opting for a Delete 10CRIC account, Kric88 recommends you go through the outstanding bonus offers from 10CRIC India to its newly joined members recently. By depositing just ₹1,000 first time to your Sports or Live casino wallet, you will receive 150% up to ₹30,000 cash benefits in the form of welcome bonuses. Are you still want to delete 10CRIC account of yours? Go ahead and read the below points.

Top 2 Promotions of 10CRIC for new members

Aside from the superb collections of betting games online, 10CRIC welcome bonus is home to multiple welcome bonus deals for its newly joined members. Kric88 has named the more famous 2 of the best promotions – on Sports and on the live casino.

#1. Sports Promotion – 100% up to ₹30,000 bonus


  • Relish an endearing welcome with 10CRIC’s amazing promotion deals! Your money will be doubled directly on your 1st deposit in your sports wallet. And real money players who truly deposit more than ₹10,000 will obtain 10% Extra on top of the welcome cash prize to score even better!
  • Deposit a minimum amount of ₹1,000 using the WELCOME as a bonus code. Get a 100% up to ₹30,000 welcome bonus and 10 Free Spins on the slot game – Idol of Fortune!

#2. Live casino – 150% up to ₹15,000 bonus


  • Enjoy 10CRIC’s superb Casino Welcome package of up to ₹60,000 by depositing 3 times! 10CRIC promotions all deliver the lowest ever rollover conditions, so you could obtain your hands on your winnings even quicker!
  • Make your 1st ever deposit of a minimum amount of ₹1,000 by using the BOSSPLAY1 bonus code. You’ll gain a 150% up to ₹15,000 welcome bonus on a 10CRIC live casino wallet and a ₹500 Free Bet!

3 Major reasons why people want to delete 10CRIC account

Kric88 found 3 major reasons why people search for “how to delete 10CRIC account” and they want to delete their 10CRI account. Check out the reasons below:

  1. Email spamming: Email spam is typically sent in bulk to an extensive list of recipients. 10CRIC uses the same way to bombard its members with email spamming. Kric88 suggests that you can unsubscribe their emails from their newsletters.
  2. Huge losses – Lost interest: This is in your hands only. You simply need to manage your bankroll proficiently to avoid huge losses. 1st-time players won’t be capable enough to manage their funds which leads to huge real money loss – always start with a small stake and remember that luck is not with you for every round.
  3. Stop Addiction: This is a somewhat dangerous reason. If you’re playing online betting at 10CRIC continuously without a break, and don’t consume meals that means you have got addicted to it. Distract yourself to some other activity and try to stop playing 10CRC betting games for a few days.


Thus, as Kric88 recommends you play small rounds of the games to avoid a large loss of your bankroll else fix your spending limit so that you won’t get a habit of playing with a huge amount of money spending on online betting games at 10CRIC India. Kric88 believes that you have learned how to delete 10CRIC account via the customer care emailing option. So, no need to worry much just wait for the response till then be calm!

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