10 Best ways on how to make money in IPL betting at 10CRIC

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With IPL season at its peak, what have you been doing to make the most out of it? Don’t be like any other cricket lover. Use your knowledge and love for cricket to the next level and grab an opportunity to earn loads of real money through it. Join 10CRIC India, know how to make money in IPL betting with the 10 boosters mentioned below, and enjoy making more real money with your love.

#1. Team, players, and sports analysis

Knowing everything about sports before betting is one of the crucial steps in earning money. Hence, read and learn as much as you can about the Indian Premier League before starting to bet on it.


  • Understand the team as a whole entity, and know their past performances. Know the cricket thoroughly, key positions, rules, wickets, etc to make an accurate judgment on yourself.
  • Try to understand the players responsible for key positions individually, not their personal love life but previous performances and records. Knowing the teams will tell you the winners.

#2. Select a highly reputed sportsbook

If you are an online punter and don’t know the importance of a reputed sportsbook, then are you really deserving of being an online punter? Always, bet on the reputed and known sportsbook.

  • Look for the license, SSL certificate, customer reviews, betting odds, and betting options before betting at any sportsbook. Understand the sportsbook and if you see any red flag, then leave.
  • It’s important that you pick the best IPL betting apps in India that meets your requirement and is secure to transact your money and share documentation. Therefore, choose a reputed and popular sportsbook.

#3. Update yourself with sports news

Current affairs are the best ways to predict. Look into sports forecast, previous scores, player performances, etc to choose your best option. Don’t go on google to check the news before betting.


  • Be up to date with cricket sports news on daily basis. It will not only increase your knowledge but will also make you a betting expert after some experience with the sportsbook.
  • You might be able to crack the online sportsbook algorithm and master the art of online cricket betting. Keep going and keep reading the cricket news to enjoy earning more money.

Make the most out of the Indian Premier League with betting tips and pave your way to earn a great deal of real money.

#4. Analyze head-to-head performances

The best way to predict the precise winner is to know the head-to-head performances. Know the head-to-head performances of the teams playing in the match with each other and the last 5 matches.

  • History is a mere weapon to predict the possible future since things are likely to repeat on their account. Hence, analyze the head-to-head performances before placing your bets at 10CRIC.
  • 10CRIC sports offer statistics beforehand for the punter to look at and bet on. See the head-to-head performances in 10CRIC India itself and make your best betting decision to win.

#5. Study the weather and pitch report

Unforeseen circumstances often distract the match. Cricket is an uncertain sport, and some unforeseen situations make it more uncertain. Like pitch condition, weather, and player injury.


  • Some locations are prone to unannounced weather situations and often, disrupt the form of cricket teams. It damps the pitch and makes it hard for players to play. It often delays the match.
  • Player injury is also counted under this, be up to date with the sports news if you are planning to take betting seriously for the longer term. Hence, study the weather conditions & pitch reports.

#6. Adequate betting odds & betting options

Is your online sportsbook offering you better betting odds and options? Most online sportsbook often offers fewer betting odds to less likely winning cricket team. Investigate before betting.

  • It’s your right as an online punter that you have been offered greater betting odds and multiple betting options. If the sportsbook you are betting in is not offering you these, then run.
  • Remember, greater odds mean higher pay-out. Odds are directly associated with your potential winning amount. Make sure you choose the 10CRIC IPL betting with greater odds to offer.

#7. Opt for double chance cricket betting

Many modern-day online sportsbooks offer a feature where you can bet on both the teams playing in the match. If your sportsbook offers a double chance cricket betting, then you should take the chance.


  • Double chance cricket betting means that the punter will get more than one chance to win. He can bet on both the teams, playing in the IPL match to earn more winnings.
  • One of the best ways to either neutralize your loss and profit or make more profit is double chance cricket betting. So, grab the strategy and make the most out of it.
  • Discover 5 amazing features of the 10CRIC IPL online betting app & download it now to bet on the go.

#8. Keep track of who wins the toss

67% of the time, the team which wins the toss is more likely to win the match. Some people consider it a myth but it’s real. Toss winnings give a lot of advantages to the team to win the match.

  • The team who wins the toss gets to choose between batting and bowling. Most often, they choose to bat to set a high target for the opponent team and this strategy often works.
  • Therefore, a team that wins the toss tells you a lot about the possible winning team. So, keep a track of who wins the toss in the cricket match of the Indian Premier League season.

#9. Set a limit for oneself & do not overshoot

IPL season itself is very addictive, wonder about the addictiveness of IPL betting then. Earning through IPL betting is awesome until you don’t come across a loss. Therefore, set a limit on how much to spend.


  • Practice control over you, your time, and your money. Set a limit for yourself and don’t cross it. Set a time frame and small portion of your bankroll to waste on IPL betting and follow it.
  • Time and money management are important to excel in the online betting world. You can’t lose sight of reality. Use a maximum of 7% of your bankroll to bet on IPL matches. Know 10 tips on how to win money in cricket betting.

#10. Claim the promotional deals before betting

Many online sportsbooks offer IPL welcome bonuses to attract more players. Claim those welcome bonuses is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money in IPL betting.

  • Take the advantage and earn money without betting on the IPL matches. Look for the promotional deals of online betting sites before joining and terms to claim. Choose the best one.
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