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Introduction to Andar Bahar casino game

Indian loves gambling but it’s not possible to go to Las Vegas and play online casino games. Therefore, online casino platforms are available to help Indians play their favorite online casino games. One of the most famous online casino games is Andar Bahar and the best online casino games provider to play with is 10CRIC India, the most affordable and trustworthy.


Today, we will learn How to play the Andar bahar casino game in 3 simplest steps at 10CRIC India with 600,000 other Indian punters. Understand the rules, place your bets, and earn huge profits of real money with the 10CRIC Andar Bahar casino game. The minimum betting limit at 10CRIC Andar Bahar casino game is ₹5.

5 Basic points to understand Andar Bahar casino game

Understand the game before playing the Andar Bahar casino game, know the game to master it. Mentioned below are 5 basis points to understand the Andar Bahar casino game better and earn more real money.


  1. 2 Poles: Andar Bahar casino game have 2 poles, named Andar and Bahar. Cards are dealt with for both the poles alternatively by the live dealer until the winner has been determined.
  2. Base card: Also known as the joker card, it is the first card dealt by the live dealer before starting the round and kept aside as a reference card, which determines the winner in the game.
  3. Gameplay: Live dealer deals with the first card and keeps it aside as a reference card. Then she deals the cards alternatively to both the poles until one of them gets the card like the base card.
  4. Betting option: There are multiple betting options at the Andar Bahar casino game but 2 of them are the most prominent, Andar & Bahar. The First 3, How many cards will be dealt, etc are more.
  5. Betting amount limit: 10CRIC India offers a minimum betting limit of ₹5 for Indian punters to play Andar Bahar casino games for cheap prizes and play the wonders of live casino games.

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3 Easy steps for playing Andar Bahar game at 10CRIC

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the action. Learn how to play the Andar bahar casino game in 3 simplest steps at 10CRIC and enjoy earning huge profits of real money.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC, Register & Select Live Casino

  • Access the official website of 10CRIC to play the Andar Bahar casino game and earn real money.
  • Click in ‘join now’ in the top right corner of the screen to make the 10CRIC register smoothly.


  • Select ‘Live Casino’ to play the Andar Bahar casino game at 10CRIC India with great ease.

Step 2: Choose Andar Bahar under Top Indian Games

  • Select ‘Top Indian Games’ in the horizontal list of all other 10CRIC live casino games to play the Andar Bahar casino game and earn huge profits of real money with it.


  • Choose the ‘Andar Bahar’ casino game provided by Pragmatic Play since it offers the players to play the Andar Bahar casino games with a minimum betting limit of ₹5.

Step 3: Select the betting option & place your bets

  • The live dealer will appear on the screen with a deck of cards to shuffle and deal with.
  • Remember, you’ll get only 15 seconds to place your bets. You must choose a chip equivalent to the amount of bet you want to place on either betting option.
  • Choose the betting option you want to bet on, either Andar, first 3, or Bahar and your bet will be placed as soon as you click on the betting option.


  • The dealer will deal the first card, known as joker or base card, and then, will deal cards alternatively to both the poles, Andar and Bahar pole until one of them gets the card similar to the base card.
  • If the player predicted the accurate pole to get the card the same as the base card as the other pole, then the player wins the bet and takes the pay-out money home.

Continue to play as long as you want, enhance your earnings with casino tips, and have a great experience with slots online at 10CRIC.

3 Points to remember while playing Andar Bahar casino game

Keep mentioned below 3 points in mind while playing the Andar bahar casino game at 10CRIC India. Avoid making mistakes by being in rush, calm your surroundings down, and play peacefully.

  1. Choose Bahar in doubt: If you are a beginner and doubting your choice of the betting option then go for bahar. Look into previous winners on the screen and then make the decision. Yes, Bahar is more likely to win when compared with the Andar pole.
  2. Understand betting options: There are 2 prominent betting options, Andar & Bahar. But live casino providers provide multiple betting options and understand them before placing bets on any of them carefully. Start with small bets so you don’t end up losing loads of money.
  3. Don’t rush up the game: If you are a beginner, then we advise you to take your time with the Andar bahar casino game. Understand the game, watch 2-3 rounds of the game before placing your bets, and understand the pattern, betting options, and pay-out to make a wise choice.

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