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Do you know the casino game baccarat online? This engaging card game is also known as 21 and is definitely worth a try. Kric88’ll walk you through the game of baccarat on how to play at 10CRIC India and describe everything you must understand before you begin playing.

Step 1: Go to the 10CRIC site & create a new account

  • Do you know the first and foremost step would be to access the official site 10CRIC when you think about playing baccarat online?
  • Well, go to the official 10CRIC India using any browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.


  • Once you are on the homepage, login to your account if you are a 10CRIC family member.
  • If you are not a member yet, complete your 10CRIC registration by clicking the Join now button highlighted in yellow placed in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Upon successful login/signup, click on the Live Casino tab from the menu bar

Step 2: Find Baccarat & choose the table with lowest bet of ₹10

  • In the next step, find the Baccarat on the menu of the live casino.
  • You will get with several different live casino providers that have baccarat tables where you can sort them by most popular and filter by provider.


  • Kric88 is recommending to go for the Speed Baccarat 1 table from the Pragmatic play provider since it has the lowest minimum bet worth ₹10.
  • Once you are on the table screen follow the next step for the proper guide on placing bets, rules, and time limit.

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Step 3: Start your 10CRIC Baccarat betting journey

  • You are right to begin your 10CRIC Baccarat journey by placing your bets after picking your preferred Baccarat table.


  • Remember that a player gets 15 seconds to confirm the bets. Follow the steps described below.
  • Choose a betting chip starting with as lowest as ₹10
  • Place your chips on Banker or Player or Tie
  • Click on the Confirm button to confirm your bet

5 Must know basic rules while learning how to play baccarat online casino

Baccarat is a card game in which you bet on the result. Well, you don’t have to be a pro to start your gameplay at the Baccarat table. Learning how to play baccarat online at 10CRIC is so easy that you know at Casino Tips, you’ll have moved from a beginner to a seasoned skilled.


  1. Aim: For the player’s side, the dealer will deal with 2 cards, and for the banker’s side, the dealer will deal with 2 cards. The result of the first 4 cards will decide the result of the following cards. The objective of the game is to get the nearest hand to a sum of 9. A “natural” winner is an 8 or 9 given to either side utilizing only the first 2 cards. A tie occurs when both teams achieve an 8 or 9.
  2. Various Bets: The game begins with the player putting a bet.
    There are 3 various ways to bet. Bets can be set on the “Player,” “Banker,” and/or “Tie” positions.

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3. Player: If you bet on the Player’s hand, you’re gambling that it will be nearer to 9 than the Banker. If you win, you will get a 1:1 prize. If the value of the first 2 cards in a hand is less than 5, a 3rd card is dealt with that hand. The player bet has a 1.24% edge.

4. Banker: The Banker is a similar but different hand. Because it has the lowest house edge of all the bets (simply 1.06%), it is the most famous bet to play at online casinos. The reason for this is that if the player is handed a third card, the Banker’s hand will act differently. Something we’ll look at in a moment. However, due to a 5% commission, this bet only pays 0.9:1 in exchange for the low house edge.

5. Tie: The Tie is the wager with the lowest winning chance of the three primary bets, but it pays out at an enticing 8:1 ratio. The Player and Banker’s hands must have the same value. In comparison to the other two, the house margin on tie bets is excessively high.
14.44% house edge – In a 6-deck game
14.36% house edge – In an 8-deck game

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We hope that you learned how to play baccarat online at 10CRIC but make sure whenever you’re playing, you must be responsible. You see, whenever you’re playing with real money, there are inevitable risks involved, and it’s your job to avoid these troubles by playing satisfactorily and safely.

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