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Ultimate guide on how to play Blackjack in a casino for beginners. Play at 10CRIC with minimum bets of ₹50. Join & win a 150% bonus up to ₹15,000 on Live Casino.

10CRIC Blackjack 10CRIC Free ₹15,000 Blackjack Online

Being bored as an adult and not knowing what to do has to be one of the most problematic things in the world. Luckily, we have the internet and have access to various entertainment platforms. 10CRIC is one such platform where you can bet and play some of the most interesting games. Among these interesting games, we have the Casino game Blackjack. Learning this game would not only keep you entertained for a good amount of time but also will help you experience the thrill of testing your luck and doubling up your cash.

Understanding the basics of Blackjack

Before we learn how to play Blackjack at 10CRIC, let us understand the most basic rules and objectives of the game. Although these are labelled as the basic rules, they are also the most important points to keep in mind whenever you play Blackjack.

  • Blackjack is played between the Dealer and the Player with the main objective of the game being to beat the dealer by getting a total sum of 21 or a number closer to 21 with the cards that have been dealt.
  • If you get an overall value that is more than 21 then you lose to the dealer.


Blackjack Terms you should know

Since Blackjack is one of the fast-paced casino games, knowing its basic terminology is important so that you do not get confused in the midst of everything. Below are the basic terms in Blackjack you should memorize to help your Blackjack games run smoothly.

  • Hit: When you chose to add another card to your hand, then you “Hit”. You can Hit till you get 21 or a value closer to 21. Sometimes, when you Hit, the additional card can sum up to more than 21 which is bad.
  • Stand: When you reach the sum of 21 or a value closer to 21, then you “Stand”. This means, you hold your cards in place and cannot draw any additional cards.
  • Bust: When all the player’s cash is spent, then it is called a Bust. Here, the Player is automatically out of the game.
  • Surrender: When you decide that there is little chance of winning the round so you decide to give up the bet, this is called Surrender. This is a smart move considering that even if you were going to lose, you can get at least half of the money you bet back.
  • Push: When there is a tie between the Dealer and the Player, then it is considered to be a Push.
  • Double Down: When you are feeling confident in the hand dealt to you, you can choose the double-up betting option which is only exclusive to Players.
  • Split: Another option available only to the player is Split. Here, if the cards dealt to the player are from the same rank, for example, two tens or two fours, then the player can split the two cards into two different hands. However, in order to do so, they must place another bet.
  • Insurance: Another benefit for the player is Insurance. This is used when one of the Dealer’s cards is an Ace. The player makes a side bet on whether or not the Dealer’s other card has the value of 10, in other terms, Blackjack for the Dealer.
  • Blackjack: When the cards total up to 21, then it is called Blackjack. These cards usually are an Ace and a Ten, King, Queen, or Joker card.

Blackjack’s Gameplay

Every Casino game has a pattern and thus, Blackjack follows a pattern as well. This pattern that is followed is called gameplay. Blackjack’s gameplay takes place as follows:

  • Every Blackjack game begins with the dealer giving you some time to place your bets.
  • After the time is up, the bets placed will be accepted and locked.
  • Then the dealer will deal the cards, 2 cards for both – the Player and the Dealer. These cards are dealt one by one, as in, one for the Player, one for the Dealer and then another one for the Player, and another one for the Dealer.

Note: One of the Dealer’s cards will always be faced down. This card is revealed in the end when it is the dealer’s time to play. On the other hand, both of the Player’s cards are faced upward.

  • After that, you will get the chance to Hit, Stand, Double Down, Insurance, Split, or Surrender, depending on the cards in your hand.
  • When you decide to Hit, then the Dealer will deal an additional card. When you decide to Stand, no further cards are dealt.
  • If you get 21 or a number close to 21, then you can Stand. If you think you can Hit and increase the number to 21 or close to 21, then you can Hit.
  • When you Stand your hand, it is the Dealer’s turn to play. Here, their second card is revealed. They can then decide to deal themselves additional cards depending on the overall value of their first two cards.
  • When that is done, whoever gets 21 or the overall value closest to 21 wins the bet.

Play Blackjack Online using 10CRIC in 3 steps

Now let us look into the main topic of the article, that is, how to play Blackjack online using 10CRIC.

10CRIC is one of the safest and most trusted online betting sites in India with many active users. Besides this, joining the 10CRIC India family would provide you with many additional benefits like promotions, monthly packages, and much more!

Step 1: Create a 10CRIC Account and Visit Live Casino

  • The first thing you need to do is to make a 10CRIC new account.
  • You can do this by (1) clicking on “Join Now” in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Fill in your details very well and create a unique username and strong password for your account.


  • Once you have completed registering at 10CRIC, you can then (2) click on “Live Casino” and explore the amazing game rooms available at 10CRIC.

Step 2: Select Blackjack and choose your game room

  • On the Live Casino page, you will find (3) “Blackjack” on a ribbon bar, as shown in the picture, click on it.
  • The page will then scroll down to the available Blackjack game rooms, that you can choose from.
  • At 10CRIC, there are 14 Blackjack game rooms. Click on “Show More” to get a full view of these rooms.


  • You can take your time and explore these rooms to see which one you like best. However, we suggest choosing a game room with the lowest betting rate. (4) Pragmatic Play’s “One Blackjack” has a minimum betting rate of ₹50.

Note: It is important to make a 10CRIC deposit before playing games on the site. You can do this right after completing your registration.

Step 3: Make a bet and wait for the dealer to deal the cards

  • Once you have selected the game room, you can start playing Blackjack by placing a bet.


  • To place a bet, you can (5) click on the number of chips which is available at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Since the lowest betting rate is ₹50, we recommend you place the 50 chips on your first try.
  • Next, you will have to wait for the dealer to deal the cards, as mentioned in the gameplay above, two cards each will be drawn out for the dealer and player.


  • Then you can (6) hit, stand, or drop the bet placed.
  • After all the players have played in the game room, the dealer then reveals his cards and hits or stands depending on the overall value of his cards.
  • Then the winner of the round is declared after a quick comparison and the next round begins.


  • In this round, the Dealer wins the bet automatically because our cards are more than 21.

Card and Betting Rules in Blackjack

In Blackjack, each card has its own values that are important to remember. It is advisable to memorize these values thoroughly. Not only that but additional bets can always save you from losing your money so it is important to remember them as well. Besides this, the Dealer has to play by some rules that could be advantageous to you. Let’s look into them.

Card Values

  • All cards numbered 2 to 9 have their face values. This means that nine of Spades cards will have an overall value of 9.
  • The face cards, that is Kings, Queens, Jokers, and all 10 numbered cards have the overall value of 10.
  • Ace cards can be considered to have a value of 1 or 11, depending on which value will help you win the bet.


Dealer’s Play Rules

Since the Dealer deals their card after the Player chose to Stand and because one of their cards is revealed later, the Dealer has some additional rules to follow.

  • If the Dealer’s first two cards sum up to the value of 16 or less than 16, then they must draw additional cards.
  • However, if the Dealer’s first two cards sum up to 17 or more than 17, then they must stand their hand.

Note: In some Casinos, the Dealer must hit when there is a “Soft 17”. Meaning that if there is an Ace involved. So, it is advised that you be thorough with the rules of the game room you play in.

Advanced Side Bets in Blackjack

Although these bets are mentioned above, it is important to remember when you can place these bets to keep winning. These bets are only meant for the Players.

  • Insurance Bets: As discussed above, these bets can be a live saver in Blackjack. The moment you see the Dealer with an Ace card, you can place a bet on whether or not their second card will have the value of 10 and land them a Blackjack. This way, even if you lose, you’ve won!
  • Perfect Pairs: This bet is made depending on the Player’s cards. As the name suggests, the bet is won if the Player receives a Perfect Pair of cards, with regard to the same values, same colour, or same values and colour.

Real-Time Blackjack Gameplay with Pragmatic Play

Now, let us look at real-time Blackjack gameplay using the Pragmatic Play game room at 10CRIC Live Casino.

Round 1: 

  • Here, we have entered the Pragmatic Play Game room, where a dealer sits on the opposite end of the table.
  • As the round begins, we are given some time to place our bets. Here we have placed a ₹50 bet.
  • When the timer goes off, the bets are accepted and the dealer begins dealing the cards.


  • Since we have the cards 7 ♠️ and 9 ♠️, we get a total value of 16. Which is good yet a risky number.
  • We are then given the option to make a decision. We then click on Hit, because we can still increase our value.

Round 2:

  • Once all the Players in the game room have made their decisions, the dealer will again deal the cards.


  • This time, the third card the player received is a 4 ♦️. This gives us an overall value of 20, which is extremely good.
  • So for the next decision-making round, we will click on Stand.

Round 3:

  • Now it is time for the Dealer to turn his cards, his second card is revealed to be 3♦️.
  • This gives him an overall value of 14, which is also good as he can now deal the third card for himself.


  • The third card dealt is a 2 ♦️ which makes the overall value still less than 16, so he picks another card which is 3 ♥️. This makes his overall value 19 as well.
  • Since we have 20, which is closer to the number 21 than 19, we win the round.


Now that you have learnt how to play Blackjack online, you can go ahead and try the game yourself. We also encourage you to find other Blackjack game rooms to play the game. You can also enjoy socializing with fellow Blackjack players through the live chat present in these game rooms. Lastly, and most importantly, be sure to gamble responsibly. That being said, may luck be on your side.

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