How to play blackjack online in 10CRIC – Win 100% up to ₹20k

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The online blackjack game connects thrill and skill with a bit of luck as the cards are dealt, making it one of the most famous casino games in India. The 10CRIC‘s blackjack in-depth guide will make you a proficient blackjack player in no time. So, get ready for real money wins!

Step 1: Go to 10CRIC & login into your account

  • You need to visit the 10CRIC India site via your browser from a PC, laptop, or any other device.
  • Once you are on the homepage of the official site, click on the Join now tab highlighted in yellow to complete 10CRIC registration if you are a newcomer.


  • Existing members can simply do log in, by clicking the Login tab shown in black.
  • Choose the Live casino tab from the menu bar, then click on the Blackjack and follow the next step.

Step 2: Pick the lowest minimum bet table of ₹50

  • Look and select the Blackjack from the Live casino menu present on the right side of Roulette
  • You’ll find a variety of blackjack games tables to play online on 10CRIC.


  • Select the lowest minimum bet table of ₹50 – unlimited Blackjack

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Step 3: Place bet & start playing Blackjack with real money

  • Place a bet, and you will be dealt 2 cards facing up. A live dealer will be dealt 2 cards likewise, but only 1 is face up.


  • Compare your card’s value with the dealer’s and see if you wish to hit (means take another card) or stand. One of the most useful online blackjack advice is to stand if you hold a total of 17 or higher.


  • When you made a decision, the dealer will show their 2nd card.
  • If your hand is nearer to 21 than the dealer, you win. If the dealer is closer to 21, then the dealer will win.

Blackjack game terminology to keep in mind

When you are willing to play blackjack online at 10CRIC India, you must know the terminology for the game. Even if you are a pro player, you will have to understand a whole new collection of terms for blackjack. So, Kric88 will show you the terms that are required to play online blackjack at 10CRIC and make real money. You can check out the Casino Tips for beginners in India to play online casino games with live dealer!


  • Bust: A bust is when you hold a hand that is over 21.
  • Hit: When it is your turn and you decide to add another face-up card to your existing hand.
  • Stay: When it is your turn and you prefer to stay with your present hand.
  • Fold: When it is your turn and you decide to give up yourself from the game because you know you will lose.

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3 Key tips for playing online Blackjack for beginners

Once you determine to dive into the world of online blackjack at 10CRIC, you need to keep in mind a few things. Here are 3 easy pieces of advice that you should learn before you get begun.


  1. Bet Wisely
    • Always understand which chips you’re utilizing and play with a funding budget in mind.
    • You can’t undo a bet once it has been put so, only gamble with a precise mind.
  2. Make Quick Decisions
    • In the matter of playing at a live dealer online casino, play fast and make your determinations incisively.
    • Most casinos will believe it disrespectful if you take too long when making any betting findings. Quick gameplay is key.
  3. Understanding the Rules
    • While a live dealer can define the rules of the game as you play, it delays the process and should be avoided if potential. You may learn basic rules of casino blackjack & then start playing at 10CRIC for real money.


The game of Blackjack is a card game between you and the dealer making it quite fitting for online casinos. To play Blackjack online is smooth and easy and the game can be discovered on most betting platforms available in India – the best is 10CRIC. Kric88 believed that you learned how to play blackjack online casino at 10CRIC, so why wait further? Join 10CRIC now and start your betting journey online!

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