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10CRIC Dragon Tiger 10CRIC Free ₹15,000 Dragon Tiger Game

What is a Dragon Tiger Online game?

Dragon Tiger is a classic Asian casino game that is simple & fast-paced. The game is as simple as drawing 2 cards & guessing which one would be higher. It’s a simplified version of baccarat that appeals to newcomers & casual players.


According to the dragon tiger game rules, 1 card is dealt to the Dragon betting position on the table, while the other is given to the Tiger betting position. The winning betting position in the dragon tiger game is the one with the highest card.

How to play Dragon Tiger Online at 10CRIC – 3 steps outlined

10CRIC is a fantastic destination to play live casino games. Learning how to play the Dragon Tiger Game at 10CRIC is the perfect start for novices. Begin betting by following the 3 steps outlined below.

Step 1: Go to 10CRIC official India website & sign up

  • Enter your login & password in the top right corner of the homepage to gain access to the 10CRIC India website.


  • If you have not yet joined 10CRIC, read the article 10CRIC Register article, complete the joining instructions, and then click the Join Now option to fill out the registration form.
  • After successfully logging into your account, go to the menu bar and select the Live casino option.
  • Then go to All Games to find the Dragon Tiger game.

Step 2: Pick Dragon Tiger game with min bet of just ₹5

  • Now look for Dragon Tiger under the All games section.
  • You’ll find it mostly on the 2nd row of the page.


Note: Among all the dragon tiger game providers at 10CRIC India, Kric88 suggests playing Pragmatic Play’s Dragon Tiger Game because it has the lowest minimum betting option of ₹5.

  • To begin, click on the Dragon Tiger game.

Step 3: Start placing chips on 10CRIC Dragon Tiger game

  • Once you’ve chosen Dragon Tiger, you’ll be taken to an online table with a live dealer.
  • Decide the bet type, then select a chip and place it on the bet.


  • The dealer will now deal two playing cards, one for each side of the Dragon and Tiger.
  • The winner is the side with the higher card value, and if you successfully made your bets, you will receive a cash prize.

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Important Dragon tiger game rules for newbies

The rules of Dragon Tiger are quite simple and can be picked up in a matter of seconds. We’ll guide you through the basics if you’re new to casino gaming or haven’t heard of the Dragon Tiger game earlier.


Basic facts to play the Dargon Tiger casino game

  1. Dragon Tiger game – In the Online Dragon Tiger Game, 2 sides are present: 1 for the Dragon and 1 for the Tiger. The player bets on which side will get a card of higher value.
  2. Objective – The objective of the Dragon Tiger game is to accurately pick the winning side for each game round.
  3. Betting time – At 10CRIC India, punters have 15 seconds to place a wager on any betting option.
  4. Betting options – The 4 primary betting options are dragon, tiger, tie, and suited tie, as well as numerous side bets.
  5. Betting limit – At 10CRIC, the lowest betting limit is ₹5, which is the smallest amount of money you must wager in each round of the dragon tiger game.
  6. Value of cards – Find below the value of each card in the game of Dragon Tiger.
Card typeValue
2 to 9Worth face value
10, King, Queen, Jack10

Dragon Tiger Online bets & payout

Since Dragon Tiger bets are limited, most live Dragon Tiger games also provide side betting alternatives. However, there are a few side bet options that are rather popular in top Dragon Tiger online games.

#1. Main Bets

Main BetDescriptionRTPPayout
DragonDragon will have a greater card96.72%1:1
TigerTiger will have a greater card96.72%1:1
TieBoth cards of the same value.89.64%11:1
Suited TieBoth equal rank & suit86.02%50:1

#2. Side Bets

Side BetsDescriptionPayout
Big /SmallBig (Above 7) & Small (Below 7)1:1
Odd / EvenCard value is odds or even1:1
Black / RedSuit color of card black or red1:1
SuitSuit of the card3:1
1 Black & 1 Red1 black & 1 red card1:1
2 Black or 2 RedBoth black or both red3:1

Live real money Dragon Tiger gameplay at 10CRIC

Round 1: Place wager


  • Players must put a wager on their selected betting options before the cards are played.
  • Example: Let’s say you put a ₹5 wager on Dragon

Round 2: Cards dealing


  • The placed bets are automatically approved when 15 seconds of betting time has passed.
  • The dealer hands 2 cards, 1 for Dragon and 1 for Tiger.
  • In this round: Both Dragon & Tiger received Ace.

Round 3: Winner declared


  • We won this round partially because the round ended in a tie & we placed a bet on Dragon.
  • A winning cash prize of ₹2.50 will be added to your 10CRIC live casino account immediately.


If you want to try something different at 10CRIC India, then Dragon Tiger is the go-to option. It will give you an enjoyable & soothing experience. We hope this how to play Dragon Tiger game guide & its basic rules are helpful to novices and allow you to focus on the game & earn some easy cash rewards online.

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