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Introducing IPL betting online at 10CRIC

Indian Premier League is undeniably the most popular Indian cricket league in India, most Indians watch often cricket only but now it’s time to spice it up a bit. Earn real money through watching IPL matches and predicting the winner. Isn’t it a dream of all cricket lovers to sit and earn more real money with small efforts?


10CRIC India gives life to your desires by allowing you to play IPL betting online, bet on your favorite teams in IPL at 10CRIC and earn a fortune for yourself through it. 10CRIC India is the leading and trustworthy online betting site and yes, 10CRIC is legal in India to bet on. Use the opportunity and start betting immediately after learning how to play IPL betting online.

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Know 5 highlights on how to play IPL betting online

Why is 10CRIC the best IPL betting site in India? We have got the answer for you. Know the top 5 highlights on how to play IPL betting online at 10CRIC India mentioned below and enjoy earning real money.

  1. Live streaming: 10CRIC broadcasts live streaming of sports matches in the sportsbook, use this to your advantage to bet on IPL matches and keep track of your bets to win the most.
  2. Variety of odds: Make the best use of 10CRIC odds calculated by professional betting experts in different formats, fractional or decimal to get a clear-cut idea of the predicted match-winner.
  3. Betting options: 10CRIC India provides different betting options, like a winner (Including super over), 2-way money line winner, statistics and so much more to bet on at one destination.
  4. Sports exchange: Few online betting sites have sports exchange options available for punters and 10CRIC is one of them. Reduce the risk of losing your money by letting the experts bet on 10CRIC IPL matches for you, more like mutual funds.
  5. Flexible viewing options: Players can choose to display the odds in different formats, fractional, decimal, and odds calculated by different countries betting experts, according to your preferences.

How to play IPL betting online at 10CRIC – 3 steps guide

Without further ado, let’s get you started with IPL betting and earn more gun-earned money. Follow the points mentioned below stepwise to play IPL betting online.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC, Register & Select Sports

  • Access the official site of 10CRIC India via the link given above to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘join now’ in the top right corner of the homepage to make a 10CRIC register, and fill in the accurate details to complete the process of verification smoothly.


  • Select ‘Sports’ in the left corner of the homepage alongside the 10CRIC log, given in the horizontal list with all other 10CRIC products.

Step 2: Choose all sports, cricket & select the match

  • You’ll be redirected to a new page, where all the betting action takes place. Select ‘Cricket’ to learn how to play IPL betting online at 10CRIC India.


  • Choose the ‘India > Indian Premier League’ under ‘Top Leagues’ to play IPL betting at 10CRIC India with a minimum betting limit of ₹5 and multiple betting options.
  • Select the ongoing or recent upcoming IPL match to bet on, we are selecting ‘Gujarat Titans vs. Lucknow Super Giants’ to place our bets on.
  • Get the latest 10CRIC IPL online betting app & start betting anytime & from anywhere on your device.

Step 3: Observe the odds and place your bets

  • Always observe the odds, look at sports news and forecast, and understand the sports better before playing IPL betting at 10CRIC sports. Remember that higher odds yield greater pay-outs.


  • Click on the odds you want to bet on and enter the stake you want to wager in IPL betting online at 10CRIC India, minimum betting amount is ₹5.


  • Click on ‘Place Bets’ to place your bets and wait for the result to determine whether you win the bet or lose it, as there are different scenarios based on different betting options.

Increase your probability of earning more real money by using 7 magical cricket betting strategies at 10CRIC India.

Suppose you chose to bet on either team with ₹100 as betting amount or winner as a betting option. Let’s look at the two cases in tabular form that you might face while doing IPL betting online at 10CRIC.

Case 1: Bet on Gujarat Titans

Case 2: Bet on Lucknow Super Giants

10CRIC-IPL-Betting-05 10CRIC-IPL-Betting-06
Odds: 1.69 Odds: 2.10
Wager: ₹100 Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: ₹169 Pay-out: ₹210
If Gujarat Titans win: you get ₹169 If Lucknow Super Giants win: you get ₹1210
If Gujarat Titans lose: you lose ₹100 If Lucknow Super Giants lose: you lose ₹100

Make the best advantage of IPL season with betting tips and pave your way through huge profits of real money. Don’t just learn how to play IPL betting online but practice it in real at 10CRIC India.

3 Pointers to remember while doing IPL betting online

Avoid making the most common mistakes usually made by newcomers and win more real money than usual. Know the 3 points mentioned below to avoid making mistakes and play safe IPL betting online at 10CRIC India.

  1. Shoot for the best odds: The importance of bets is not unknown anymore to every punter, do your research thoroughly before placing your bets, and always trust your instincts while placing a bet at 10CRIC India. Enjoy the next-level online betting with more real money.
  2. Look in sports forecast: Trust your instincts but also rely on sports betting experts, take a glance at sports news, and look in 4-5 sports forecasts before placing your bets on IPL matches at 10CRIC India and increase the chances of winning more real money through IPL season.
  3. Start with small bets: It’s stupid, to begin with, a huge amount of bets at the very starting of your betting journey. Place a small number of wagers in the match so if you lose the bet it won’t affect you as much it will when you’ll lose a large amount of real money.

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Are you ready to take advantage of IPL season? We hope that you learned how to play IPL betting online at 10CRIC India and have already signed in. If now, then what are you waiting for? Indian Premier League season to get over? Register at 10CRIC India and claim a 200% welcome bonus of up to ₹20,000 in the sportsbook.

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