How to play Poker Online for money at 10CRIC- Beginners guide

Play poker online in 10CRIC casino. Holdem Poker is new exciting game by BetGames provider. In this guide, Kric88 will tell how to play poker online for money!

10CRIC Poker 10CRIC Free ₹15,000 Poker Online

Poker is an incredible live casino table game to play. At 10CRIC online poker, there are multiple variations of poker you can prefer, each with further rules and terms. The most famous poker variation online bettors play is Texas Hold’em followed by casino Hold’em. All types of Texas Hold’em poker normally maintain the exact rules.

What is the poker online game?

  • The key point to determine concerning playing poker online, as objected to other gambling games like blackjack, baccarat, or roulette, is that you’re playing against different authentic poker players.


  • You can take a seat at a poker table virtually and be up against competitors worldwide.
  • Multiple punters play online without even believing about what runs on “behind the scenes.”
  • It’s undoubtedly not something you must understand to appreciate playing or be victorious, but for you being curious to know precisely how things work that Kric88 has described it properly here.

How to play poker online at 10CRIC – 3 Steps beginners guide

For beginner players and newly joined members, Kric88 will explain to you within the 3 easy steps how to play poker online for money at 10CRIC India.

Note: This beginner guide is for playing casino hold’em poker available at 10CRIC with the name “Bet on Poker”. To learn other variant gaming, you can read the articles under the Casino Tips category of Kric88!

Step 1: Go to 10CRIC, login & select live casino

The foremost step to learning how to play poker online for money at 10CRIC is to go to the official 10CRIC site to start your play.


  • Existing users must use an accurate username and password to access their 10CRIC account.
  • For newbies, observe the instructions on the 10CRIC Register guide to creating an account.
  • Once you logged in or sign up for your account, click the Live casino category tab from the menu bar.
  • By clicking the live casino menu, you will be able to see the available games under the live casino category, then go to the All Games section to locate the poker game.

Step 2: Pick BetGamesTV provider to play poker with min bet of ₹100

  • When you reach the All games section you’ll discover diverse famous casino live dealer games.


  • You can see that the “Bet on Poker” is in the 2nd position under BetGamesTV gaming provider software.
  • Choose the “Bet on Poker” game by the BetGamesTV gaming provider.

Step 3: Put bets on “Bet on Poker”

Remember to identify the rules and various hand rankings of poker games for better winning online.


  • You need to decide on your preferred hands by observing other hands and selecting.
  • Then, put a bet worth ₹100 since it is the minimum required bet amount to place a bet at 10CRIC poker online.
  • After deciding the bet stake, click on the “Place Bet” button heightened in a blue.
  • Finally, once all 5 community cards have been shown, the winner will be declared based on hand rankings and if you succeed, you will be paid immediately.

Essential rules to play poker online casino game

Poker online game is all about the rules and how you utilize your ability and talents to your benefit to win significant money! Uncover the real-time gameplay to get the feel of playing the game below:


5 Basic pointers on poker online game

  1. You must put a minimum stake of a fixed sum of money before the dealer hands you the cards which are known as the ‘blinds’.
  2. Each player at the table requires to deposit a minimum amount bet ₹100 or more as per their wish to start the game.
  3. A player may even opt-in to raise his stake. The live dealer would give the cards to the players once all the bets get balanced.
  4. Relying on the cards a player owns and the cards given by the dealer on the flop, turn, and river, a player might fold, check, or raise as the game goes.
  5. At the round end, the hand holding the highest rank would win the pool.

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Understand your poker playing choices

When it is your turn to play or decide in the poker game, you generally contain the following choices:


  • Bet – Set a bet with your poker chips based on the strength of your hand
  • Call – If another participant has put a bet, you may opt to reach the bet they have completed and resume the game.
  • Raise – If another opponent has bet before you, you hold the possibility to bet more than him. If you decide to raise the stakes, it’s commonly soundest to keep a hand that you believe is better than others – unless you like to simply “bluff” and pretend that you do to bring your competitors to fold.
  • Check – Suppose a no player hasn’t bet yet, and it is your turn, you can refuse to bet too, handing it along to the next individual or poker round. This is named a “check”.
  • Fold – You need to learn when to hold and fold. If somebody carries a bet before you and your poker hand isn’t strong enough, it’s presumably best to just fold and wait for the next round.

10 Must know 10CRIC poker hand rankings


  1. Royal flush – A hand is a pair of 10s, jacks (J), queens (Q), kings (K), and aces of the same suit – ♣10 ♣J ♣ Q ♣ K ♣A
  2. Straight flush – A series of 5 cards of the same suit – 5 6 7 8 9
  3. Four of a kind – 4 cards having the identical value & 1 is different – ♠9 9 ♣9 ♦9 ♠A
  4. Full house – Having a combination of 3 of a kind and a pair – ♣J J ♠J ♣5 ♦5
  5. Flush – 5 cards of the similar suit in a different order – 3 5 9 2 10
  6. Straight – 5 cards in increasing order series of any suit – ♦3 ♠4 ♣5 6 7
  7. Three of a kind – 3 cards that with the exact value & different suit – ♠Q Q Q ♣7 9
  8. Two pair – Having cards with 2 different pairings of any suit – 2 ♠2 8 ♣J ♠J
  9. One pair – 2 cards with the same card value & different suit – 8 ♣8 ♠2 9 ♣5
  10. High end – The worth of your hand is just the highest card you have been dealt & the hand does not come under the types described above – ♠K J ♣3 8 ♠6

Real money poker online gameplay at 10CRIC

Round 1: Poker online at 10CRIC begins with deciding & putting bets on the preferred hand by the punter

  • The game starts with setting bets by choosing the hands placed on the left side of the poker game screen.


  • A 30 seconds time limit will be given to all the players within they need to decide the hand and place a bet with a minimum amount of ₹100.


  • As you can see in the snapshot, a player has decided to go for a “Three of a kind” hand by placing a stake worth an amount of ₹200.

Round 2: The dealer will deal 3 cards and wait for 60 seconds

  • A live dealer will be dealing 4th community card of a poker wait for the players to bet on their preferred hands.


  • You can again place your bet within a time of 60 seconds.
  • Here, a player has placed a bet on a “High card

Round 3: The dealer will deal the 5th card and wait for 50 seconds

  • A live dealer will be dealt the 5th community card of a poker wait for the players to bet on their preferred hands.


  • You can again place your bet within a time of 50 seconds.
  • Here, a player has placed a bet on a “Flush”


  • As you can see in the image a player’s 1st “Three of a kind” has won a bet and received the payout of ₹1050. Yay!!


Kric88 expects this guide for beginners to know how to play poker online for money at 10CRIC India to assist you to understand the rules, hand rankings of poker, etc. Read the rules, poker hands, and poker terms thoroughly, and try your luck by playing the game online. So, why don’t you join 10CRIC to make more money by poker online?

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