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Online Indian Poker, 3 Card Brag, Teen Patti, etc. the famous Indian variation of Poker, 3 Patti has many different names however, the fun and joys of playing it are experienced by all! But the ones who truly enjoy the thrills of gambling at 3 Patti are the ones who end up taking the pot home and if you want to be one of them, join a betting site like 10CRIC today, and follow our 12 strategic tips that can help you win daily by playing 3 Patti online.


1. Understand the Rules of the Table

The first thing that you must do before playing any online casino game online is to learn the gameplay by understanding the rules of the game. However, this tip is of utmost importance when it comes to 3 Patti online because it is one of the variants of Poker.

  • Since Poker has many variants, they differ in rules and sometimes even in gameplay on the table.
  • Not only this but something these rules also differ when it comes to individual online casino game rooms.
  • Thus, it is important that you not only understand the basic rules of Teen Patti thoroughly but also read the rules of the game room every time you enter to play.

2. Memorize All Card Hands Thoroughly

As a beginner, when you learn how to play 3 Patti online with money, the first thing you will want to learn about is the card hands because without knowing about them, you cannot really play the game properly.


  • Knowing the card hand thoroughly when playing 3 card poker online is important because it helps you make quick decisions.
  • This tip is, in fact, applicable to all Poker variants as it is one of the fastest casino games you can play.
  • Thus, since this game requires you to make quick hand combinations, knowing as well as revising the card hands is very important before you start playing 3 Patti online.

3. Observe the Gameplay Before Betting

The third important betting tip to win more by playing the 3 card brag poker game online is actually a step you must take before using betting strategies online. Observing the gameplay before placing your bets is applicable to almost all casinos and it is something that pros follow thoroughly.

  • When you join an online game room to play a 3-card Indian Poker game, it is important that you do not place your bets immediately.
  • Instead, you must take your time to observe how the game is going. Analyze which hands have more chances of winning and which ones do not.
  • It is also important that you analyze the pace of the game since timing matters when it comes to creating the best hands you can come up with on the 3 Patti table.

4. Place Small Bets when Playing

When you think you are ready to place your first bet, start small. This means that you should use the minimum betting rate available in your 3 Patti game room to place your bets. This is because the first few rounds that you play on the 3 Patti table should be considered trial rounds.

  • During these first few rounds, you should use the minimum betting limit to place bets to test if you got your observations right.
  • Additionally, this is also the best time where you can test out various betting strategies for 3 Patti that can help you earn more in less time.
  • Besides this, since 3 Patti has more than 1 betting rounds in a single round, using the minimum betting amount is the best option you can go for as a beginner


5. Use Side Bets to Win Extra

Although it is necessary for you to make the ante bet in live 3 Patti game rooms, there are additional side bets that you definitely should take your chances on.

  • This is because sometimes, you may not win the best hand but thanks to your opponent you can win the side bets with ease based on their cards.
  • So, one way or another, you are winning if you use the side bets. Most online casinos’ game rooms have 3 Patti side bets placed next to the ante bet, where you can drag and place chips once the ante is made.
  • These side bets usually include Pair Plus and 3+3 Bonus bets, where you must bet to create additional bet hand ranking cards, to know more about how to place accurate bets read our 3 Patti Tips and Tricks article.

6. Set and Maintain a Betting Limit

One way pros roll big in live casinos online is by controlling themselves when it comes to online gambling. As shocking as this may sound, they always sit at the casino tables with a betting amount for the day, something that you should definitely do if you want to maximize profit and minimize loss.

  • Setting a betting limit means that you have to set aside a certain amount of money which you can use for online betting only.
  • This amount can be set aside by daily limits, weekly limits, or even hourly limits. It is also important to maintain these limits and follow them strictly.
  • Gradually, you will get used to winning more by only taking a certain amount to the table. With this, if you follow all the 12 pro 3 Patti tips, then you can play more with the money you earn with every round.


7. Increase and Decrease Stakes to Maintain a Balance

In the above points, we spoke about using a betting limit and the minimum betting amount to play 3 Patti online. However, to maximize profit and minimize loss it takes more than this, especially when you play to win daily.

  • This is why you should use ready-made betting strategies that help you bet wisely while keeping the betting stake low as well as using the betting limit you came to play with.
  • Among all, the Martingale betting strategy is the most famous as you have to increase your betting stake with every loss to maintain a balance and get your lost money back the next time you win.
  • Another beginner-friendly strategy is the D’Alembert Strategy where you must increase your betting stake by one unit when you lose a round and decrease it back by 1 unit when you win to maintain a balance.

8. Give Luck a Chance Every Now & Then

Online casino games are created for fun and people have the most fun when they win consecutively. But true casino gamblers do not only rely on strategies but most times they heavily rely on their luck.

  • Think about it, the real thrill of gambling online can only be experienced when you bet with your luck or gut instinct as many people tend to call it.
  • If you win big based on sheer luck then that definitely is considered a pure casino win because it is exactly how winning a lottery would feel like.
  • However, although most casino games are created to test your luck, betting with only luck every time can be risky. Thus, it is important to maintain a 5:1 ratio when betting with a strategy and luck because you never really know when you can get lucky.


9. Do Not Change Your Online Betting Site

Another important thing when it comes to winning big at 10CRIC Live Casino is to stick to one online betting site and not change it frequently. This is because you will miss out on great membership offers that offer free cashback bonuses!

  • Yes, when looking for the best online betting site you can play at you definitely must check out three-to-four sites to see which one you are the most comfortable with.
  • However, when you find your perfect match for an online betting site, it is important that you stay loyal to it. This is also because since you will be depositing money to play and withdraw as well, this site will work as a mini bank for you.
  • That being said, many online sites offer their customers extravagant bonuses for joining, verifying their accounts, as well as staying loyal to them. This is the best way gamblers make more money as they are sometimes even affiliated with promoting the brand to get more free bonuses.

Bonus Tip:

Based on detailed research to ensure that you get the best online gambling experience, here are our top picks for the best 3 online gambling sites.

  1. Dafabet: Every Indian Gambler’s go-to website, Dafabet India offers you with a safe space online to help you gamble to your heart’s content. Here, you can find and play at different 3 Patti game rooms online. Using Dafabet you can carry out almost all of the 3 Patti betting tips to win more.
  2. Betway: If you liked our tip on setting a betting limit, then Betway is for you. Beway ensures that you gamble responsibly and thus, allows you to set betting limits online upon making your account. It also promotes self-exclusion more than any other account which makes it one of the best sites you can play online betting.
  3. 10CRIC: Last but not least, we have 10CRIC which offers you the best experience you can find for online gambling as its interface is the easiest to use. Not only this but you will get many benefits from 10CRIC with free cashback promotional offers that you can claim in no time!

10. Make Use of Promotional Bonus Offers

In the aforementioned strategy, we spoke about bonus offers and so it is important that you claim these offers while you can because these often come with expiration dates. Additionally, applying for them before they expire is equally important.

  • Many online sites use great bonus rewards to help boost their customers’ accounts so they can play more 3 Patti games online. These often come as welcome bonuses or monthly bonuses.
  • These bonuses often come with codes that you have to use or opt-in forms that you must fill out immediately when making your first deposit on the site.
  • Since the welcome bonus is the most appealing, the 10CRIC welcome bonus code as it offers its customers up to ₹15,000 cashback welcome bonus offer that you can claim on your first deposit.


What makes our pick for the top online betting site better is that they all offer you casino bonuses that you can claim online.

  • With Dafabet, you will get up to ₹8,000 bonus if you make your first deposit in the Live Casino wallet.
  • With Betway, you can get up to ₹15,000 bonus as well as a weekly Free Bet worth ₹500 for spending your money betting in their Live Casino domain.
  • Lastly, Dafabet gives you a bonus of up to ₹15,000 on its Live Casino wallet which is definitely something you must claim today!

11. Meet Like-Minded People at Live Casino Forums

If you have been into video games as a kid, then you probably know that one of the best ways to learn quickly is by learning the ways of the pros by talking to them directly. And you can do this by talking to them in Live Casino forums online and learning their ways.

  • If you do not find any live casino forum online, then you just go ahead and find people who love to play 3 Patti as your online game room’s live chat section.
  • Here, you can play games online while making friends to learn more tricks and tip about 3 Patti that can help you win.
  • Besides this, practice makes any skill perfect, you can host 3 Patti get-togethers where you sit and apply all the other 11 strategies playing with your friends as well as pick up new skills by observing their gameplay.

12. Know When to Leave For the Day

The last and most important tip that pro players follow as well is to know when to stop playing the game and leave the table for the day. Doing so would help you win as well as save what you have won to play more the next day.

  • Again, setting a betting limit for the day can be a great reminder of when you must stop playing online.
  • However, this would only work if you are disciplined with this rule you have set for yourself.
  • This also means that if you have been winning more consecutively and your betting limit is over, then you must stop playing and go refresh yourself for the next day.


In Conclusion

This was all about how to win 3 Patti every time you sit down to play at an online casino. As a beginner, following all these would be difficult so take your time to learn them one by one and within a few months you will have too much money in your bankroll which you can definitely thank us for. That being said, join 10CRIC today to ensure you gamble safely and responsibly. As a welcome gift, you can also grab a free bonus of up to ₹15,000 on your first deposit in the Live Casino Wallet.

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