How to win $1,500 in 7 Up 7 Down game per day for Beginners?

Martingale Strategy! Yes, that’s one key of how to win 7 Up 7 Down game. Know 6 more Strategies in-depth & increase your chances of earning $1,500 every day by 98%

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What is the 7 Up 7 Down Game?

The 7 up 7 down game is a dice game at 10CRIC, played with two dice. A dealer rolls the dice in vibrating equipment and total value of face-up two dice determines the winner. Punters place their bets on three betting options and the total value of dice numbers will determine the win.


7 up indicates that the total value is above 7, 7 indicates that the total value is 7 and 7 down indicates that the total value is below 7. Place bets and earn bags of cash.

7 Up 7 Down Game Strategies to make any beginner a master!

Know 7 strong actionable strategies on the 7up7down game to follow and win loads of real money up to $1,500. Increase the chances of your winning by 98% with the Martingale strategy and 6 more tips.

#1. Martingale Strategy

Martingale strategy is a universal strategy, it can be used in most live casino games & even in the stock market, same implies for 10CRIC live casino. Therefore, if you are into gambling and investing, you’re about to get a strategy to improve both, your online gambling and your stock marketing.

  • By following the martingale strategy in 7 up down real cash game, you continue to increase your wager until you win and get back to the initial wager amount after a win. Stick to one betting option.
  • You cannot change your betting option if you want to keep winning via the martingale strategy. You will double the betting amount each time you lose until you win the round.

For instance, let’s say you chose to bet on 7 down from the start, remember that you can’t change the betting option. You place a $1 bet on 7 down and lost, double the bet to $2, and if you lose again, double the bet to $4. Suppose you win this time; you’ll get $8 and balance out the loss.

#2. Reverse Martingale Strategy

I guess it’s easier to understand, that the opposite of the martingale strategy is the reverse martingale strategy. In this 7 up down real cash game, you continue to increase your wager stake until you lose. You can follow any one of them and they will do wonders for your earnings.


  • Suppose you place a bet of $2 on 7 down and win, then double your bet to $4 on 7 down again. If you win, then double your bet to $8. If you lose, then go back to the initial wagering stake, that is, $2 for another round of following reverse martingale strategy.
  • Are you wondering which technique is better? The martingale strategy is better than the reverse martingale strategy. Do the math and you’ll know the answer to your why.

#3. Start with optimum wager & level up

To build a steady comfortable living via 7up 7down game, you must start small and optimal. You can begin with a medium amount of betting stake too, that completely depends on your bank account.

  • I started with $20 and won up to $50 on the first day of playing the 7 up 7 down dice game. Hence, I would recommend you start with the amount you can afford. Don’t go overboard.
  • You don’t have to start by betting $100 to earn $150 or more. Start with whatever you are capable of spending and then increase your betting stake slowing with your winnings.

#4. Avoid too many 7-betting options

There are two dices in the 7 up down game betting game and three betting options, total value of dice numbers can range either below 7 or over 7 or on 7. Though the total value of 7 odds is greater, it’s rare.


  • Avoiding the tie-in martingale strategy or even, in general, is a good option and safe way to earn more money. Rare betting options are dangerous if you want a steady income via gambling. Know more casino tips to earn more.
  • If you want to have fun and are gambling for the sake of fun and blowing the heat, then go for the wild options, trust your guts, test your luck, and have a go on a 7-betting option.

#5. Stick to one side to the very end

Everything in gambling tests your loyalty and makes you earn more. The key to winning 7 up 7 down using any calculative strategy is to stick to one side, be it 7 up or 7 down, to the very end. This works as the most underrated 7 up down game trick.

  • Why is it important to keep betting on one betting option? Suppose you bet $2 on 7 down but lose, you bet $4 on 7 down and lose again. In tilt of emotions, you decided to bet on 7 up with $8, and then, 7 down ends up winning.
  • In this unfortunate event, you have disrupted the cycle of martingale strategy and lost $16 in total. Now, you know why it’s important or would you like to try an experiment.

#6. How to choose the right live casino

Look for the best welcome bonus opportunities to win more money to make a living out of it. What should you settle for, price or percentage? Well, make sure both are optimum. There are other things to look for in a right live casino to play 7 up 7 down, 5 of them are mentioned below:

  1. License: Authorisation for a live casino to conduct 7up down real cash game online.
  2. SSL certificate: Keeps the documentation & personal details of punters safe.
  3. Bonus: Optimum price and percentage like 10CRIC offers, 150% up to ₹15,000.
  4. Minimum wager: Live casino should be affordable, let’s say ₹20, that is, $0.25
  5. Transparency: in payment modes, gameplay, and 24×7 monitoring to ensure trust.


#7. Enjoy the sheer luck & earn

One fact you need to address, every punter needs to accept that gambling is based on luck too. The percentage varies from different-to-different games, but in the end, it’s a good amount of luck with the right tactics. Perhaps this enhances the thrills of playing the 7 up down real cash game

  • One way to start a living via online gambling is to be prepared for an emergency fund. Create an emergency fund for 6 months and then, move on to play online gambling games.
  • With consistency, you’ll earn more but that doesn’t mean you’ll not encounter the bad days. You just learn to handle the tilt and don’t throw your chosen strategy out of the window.


Become the master with a professional punter’s weapon! Martingale strategy! Follow up the 7 ways on how to win 7 up 7 down game at 10CRIC India. Start earning real money via fun and make a living out of it, there are thousands of examples who bought their dream with online gambling money. Join 10CRIC India, play now & win more.

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