How to Win Andar Bahar Every Time: 10 Tips to Win ₹9,000 Daily

Learn how to Win Andar Bahar Every time using our 10 Pro Tricks. Good Live Casino Site & Better Gaming Room are 2 Must-Haves to Boost your Winning Rate by 98%.

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In India, although online casinos are not really legal, many gamblers risk it all by betting on Andar Bahar, India’s most loved casino game. Luckily, today there are some online betting sites like 10CRIC in India that allow you to play Andar Bahar online legally, thanks to their foreign licenses.


People tend to love Andar Bahar and make it their go-to casino game because it is not only simple to play but also with each card being turned, you get to experience the thrill of online gambling. However, winning the game is something that only a few people can do, so stick around to learn the 10 tips most pro gamblers use to win Andar Bahar every time!

2 Must-Have Requirements to Boost Your Andar Bahar Winning Rate

Before we look at the online betting tips to win Andar Bahar online every time, you must first equip yourself with some of the best products to help you increase your winning rate online

#1 Good Online Betting Site

Finding yourself a good online betting site is the most important thing that you must do because this will immediately help you boost your winning rate and also increase the cash in your casino wallet by offering many great promotional bonuses. Some of the best sites to bet on in India are:

  1. Dafabet: Dafabet gives you the joys and betting online by offering you many Andar Bahar game rooms to choose from. Here, you will find that these game rooms have some of the best interfaces you can find in the online betting world. Using Dafabet as your online betting site, you can win up to a free ₹8,000 as a welcome bonus.
  2. 10CRIC: India’s go-to betting site is 10CRIC because it does not only cater to the needs of pros but also beginners by offering the most beneficial yet simple-designed Andar Bahar game rooms. Not only this but with 10CRIC you can take home up to ₹15,000 Welcome Casino Bonus.
  3. Betway: Lastly, and most importantly, the site you should check out is Betway. Betway is not only easy to use but also safe to use as it ensures responsible gaming. With Betway, you can get a ₹15,000 cashback bonus offer and also a weekly ₹500 free bet on playing casino games.


#2 Better Gaming Room

When learning how to play Andar Bahar online, you will be needing a good gaming room from your betting site. If you took our recommendation and selected any one of the recommended online betting sites, then you will be introduced to many game rooms available online on these sites. This is when you must pick one for yourself which you consider being the best. There are 3 must-haves to evaluate a game room:

  1. Minimum Betting Rate: The first thing that you must look for in a game room is the minimum betting rate. This is because most of the pro tips below require you to use the minimum betting limit. This is why finding a game room that offers you the lowest minimum betting limit is beneficial in many ways.
  2. Updated Betting Odds: Odds in online casino betting are one of the most important things because it tells you the chances of a bet winning. Most online casino betting options almost always have similar betting odds. However, these odds must be up to date as you will require to make most bets based on the betting odds.
  3. Accurate Payouts: Lastly, the betting odds and betting stake you place will produce the amount of payout you will receive, so you should make sure that your online betting site offers you accurate payouts. The formula to calculate payouts is betting stake x betting odds = total payout, keep this in mind to calculate the payouts yourself.

As you read the article, you will notice that most of these are tips to help you save the money you already have and minimize loss, and starting with a valuable online betting site and a good game room is very important.


Apply these 10 Pro Tips to Win Andar Bahar Every Time!

Now that you have equipped yourself with two of the most essential things to play Andar Bahar online, let us look at the 10 Pro Andar Bahar Tips and Tricks you can apply to your Andar Bahar gameplay to increase your winning rate by 98%.

1. Compare the Odds of Andar and Bahar

The first and most important thing is to look at the betting odds and analyze them. This is because betting odds is the best and easiest way you can use to not only make accurate bets but also win more.

  • Although Andar Bahar may seem like a game which has a 50%-50% chance of winning, the odds of winning slightly differ.
  • This is because the chances or odds of Andar winning is 51.5% and that Bahar Winning is 48.5%
  • Thus, the higher the odds the more chances it has of winning and in turn, you will be paid more because the betting stake is multiplied by the given odds to calculate the RTP or payout rate.


2. Use the Minimum Betting Stake On the Table

As mentioned above, the minimum betting stake on the table is important in many ways as you will require it to apply most of the strategies to increase your winning rate online. However, using the minimum betting stake is beneficial for beginners as there will be many trials and errors they will have to go through to place accurate bets online.

  • Using the minimum betting stake would help you spend less and play more Andar Bahar betting rounds online.
  • As a beginner, using the minimum betting limit would help you try many different betting strategies and find the one that suits your game style the best.
  • Additionally, using the minimum betting stake you can make multiple bets which include main and side bets in the Andar Bahar game.

3. Observe the Game Play Before Placing Bets

When you enter the Andar Bahar game room, it is understandable to be excited to place your bets and see the outcomes of your predictions, however, we highly recommend you avoid doing so until you complete observing the gameplay for a few rounds.

  • Before you place your bets online, it is important to observe how the gameplay of the game is flowing out.
  • Although Andar has a slightly higher chance of winning, it is important to look at which site wins more rounds out of at least 5-10 rounds before placing your bets online.
  • Besides this, observing the gameplay could be very beneficial to make accurate side bets, which brings us to tip no. 4.


4. Consider the Side Bets to Win More

Another way to make easy money by betting on Andar Bahar by winning every time is to use the side betting options available in the game rooms. This can be done with the help of winning tip no. 3.

  • The side bets in Andar Bahar are placed to determine the number of cards it would take to find a winner for the round.
  • When you observe the game to see which side wins more, you can also analyze how many cards it takes on average to determine the winner of the bet.
  • Based on this, you can place your side bets on the card betting option sequences available using the minimum betting rates.

5. Set Daily or Hourly Betting Limits

With all the above betting Andar Bahar Betting Winning Strategy mentioned, you can win Andar Bahar rounds easily without much hassle. However, saving and using the money you enter the game room with is equally important as winning. So, here are some ways in which you can save up by maximizing profit and minimizing loss.

  • One way is to set betting limits which would not only let you save up cash but also help you keep a healthy relationship with gambling online.
  • You can set these limits based on daily or weekly limits where you save some extra money specifically for betting for the day or week.
  • Besides this, you can also divide your cash based on hours by setting hourly gameplay timings or betting amounts.


6. Use Strategies to Maintain Your Betting Limits

Another way to set and maintain a betting limit is by using ready-made betting strategies that will help you maximize profit by using the amount you set aside specifically for playing Andar Bahar online. Here are two of the most common betting strategies you can use to increase your winning rate,

  1. Martingale Strategy: One of the most famous strategies you can use is the Martingale betting strategy, where you must increase your betting stake whenever you experience a loss. You can use the Reverse or Anti-Martingale Strategy as well where you increase your betting stake when you experience a win.
  2. D’Alembert Strategy: The D’Alembert strategy is best used by beginners because here, you must increase your betting stake by 1 unit when you experience a loss, however, you must decrease the betting rate by 1 unit when you win a round.

Using both of these strategies could help you play many rounds with the same betting limit. However, the Martingale Strategy is recommended for high rollers and the D’Alembert Strategy is recommended for beginners gamblers.

7. Try the Labouchere System to Stick to a Betting Limit

Another fun way to place bets at 10CRIC Live Casino online using a limited betting stake is the Labouchere System. However, this will require you to do some basic math and keep track of your previous bets, which makes placing bets even more fun.

  • With the Labouchere system, you must imagine your goal which is how much you wish to make within a certain betting round. For instance, ₹100 in 5 betting rounds.
  • Now you must take this 100 and divide it into smaller units like 20, 30, 25, 15, and 10. However, this must be with respect to the minimum betting rate on the table as well as your budget.
  • With this sequence, you must calculate the first and last digits and sum them up to place bets. Do this till you win, if you do not win ₹100 or an amount closer to your goal, then you must stop playing for the day.
  • However, if you manage to win, then you must cancel the user’s first and last digits and move on to the new digits in the sequence till you win again and use all the digits.


8. Do Not Increase the Betting Stake Irresponsibly

As mentioned above, the payout you will receive depends on the betting odds as well as your betting stake. So, just like higher odds pay more, the more you stake, you will be rewarded double. So, at some point increasing your betting stake is a must to win more in less time.

  • However, you must not increase your betting stake blindly, but when you are ready. This requires you to start with the minimum betting limit.
  • Another best way to increase your betting limit higher is to use any of the strategies which gradually allow you to increase your stakes while helping you win as well strategically.
  • We recommend using the D’Alembert Strategy more if you want to increase your bets as the Martingale Strategy requires you to double your bets when you lose, but with the D’Alembert strategy, you can increase it slowly by 1 unit as well as decrease it.

9. Responsible Gaming is a Must

Now that you have learnt all the external factors that can help you place bets accurately to increase your winning rate, it is important to understand that some responsibilities rest with you which you must take care of.

  • One such responsibility is to game responsibly. This means that you should ensure that you are responsible enough to research and put your money into a good online betting site.
  • But this also means that you must be responsible and professional in the game rooms and adhere to their rules.
  • Speaking of adherence, it is important that you pay mind to the terms and conditions of the online betting site as well because they have the right to suspend your online account if you are caught in any fraudulent activities.


10. Always Be Conscious When Gambling

Last and most importantly, it is always important to be mindful whenever you sit to gamble online for various reasons but the main reason here is so that you can follow these betting tips mentioned above consciously as it definitely will help you win more in less time.

  • Gambling is one of the coolest skills you can own and if you know how to be responsible and mindful when gambling at Andar Bahar online, then you automatically become cool too.
  • This means that you should avoid drinking or taking any substances when placing bets at the Andar Bahar game room.
  • Betting with a clear mind would also enable you to think and make up your own on-spot betting strategies which most often pay out with surprising wins.


In Conclusion

These were the 10 tips on how to win Andar Bahar every time. Use these precisely and you can earn more in less time by playing at your favourite Andar Bahar game rooms online. Speaking of online game rooms, it is important that you select the best online betting site for yourself which would give you an edge on many gambling offers and promotional bonuses. With this, we bid you farewell and wish you luck with gambling (responsibly) online.

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