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7 Master’s powerful ways how to win Baccarat Online: 1. Martingale 2. D’Alembert 3. Fibonacci 4. Labouchere Strategy…for beginners with a 96% winning rate.

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Online baccarat is the most played card game in a live casino, it’s way above poker, blackjack, or roulette. Two cards are dealt with two poles, player and banker; punters bet on either of three betting options, banker, player, or tie. Whoever of the two gets the higher single-digit value wins the game and gets the pay-out. Here I present 7 ways how to win at baccarat online from my experience. Start your baccarat online journey with a minimum betting amount of ₹5 at 10CRIC and win more money.

#1. Martingale Baccarat strategy

Martingale’s strategy emerged in France in the 18th century and has gained popularity since then. It can be used not only in gambling but in other kinds of investments too, such as the stock market. The core objective of Martingale’s strategy is to progressively increase the betting amount until you win, the only condition it asks for is loyalty. Loyalty towards one betting option, means you are supposed to bet on only one betting option continuously as long as you want the strategy to work. This genius strategy is commuted by a French mathematician, Paul Pierre Levy.


Traditional martingale strategy states to double down the bets if your last bet was a loss. For example, if you place a bet of $5 on the banker and lost, then place another bet on a banker of $10. But it doesn’t stop there, you have to keep doubling your bets until you win. Hence, if you lost the best again then place another bet on a banker of $20 and so on until you finally win. The objective is to win the highest pot in the game.

#2. Which betting option is better?

There are three primary betting options in baccarat, banker, player, and tie. Among all of them, the rarest one is the tie. The greatest odds-on-tie betting option might try to lure you in, but be careful it’s nothing but a waste of your money and time. Players and bankers are more suitable betting options and after an experience of more than 15 years, I can advise you to bet on bankers whenever you are not sure of which betting option to choose.

  • The banker has the odds of 1.98, which implies that if you placed a bet of $10 on bankers, you’ll win $19.98 and the same happens in the players betting options. Then why banker is a better betting option, because of the house edge.
  • Hence, with 15 years and more experience, I strongly recommend you neglect the tie bet as much as you can. Choose a banker and give it a longer try and you’ll see the impact on your own. Know more reliable casino tips on different games and win more.

#3. The D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert system, a positive progressive system emerged in the 18th century in France, just like the Martingale strategy. It is devised by Jean le Rond d’Alembert, the French theorist. In the D’Alembert system, the sequence is simple because it is consecutive. The D’Alembert system is made to help the punters to decrease their highly potential losses in baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.


  • The secret is to follow the strategy with all heart till the very end of the game to gain overall profit and decrease your overall losses.
  • Though the main aim of the D’Alembert system is to even out your wins and losses.
  • Follow the process carefully and keep track of your betting amounts accurately. Start with the least minimum betting amount possible in the online gambling

For instance, if you place a bet of $1 on a banker and lose, place another bet on a banker of $2. If you lose again, then bet on a banker of $3 and continue to do so until you win the game. Like every other strategy, its aim is to even out your losses and wins. This is one of the most affordable and cheap online gambling strategies.

#4. The Fibonacci Baccarat strategy

Fibonacci is a famous sequence of numbers where the next number is determined by the sum of the two previous numbers. The Fibonacci sequence looks like 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. Hence, in the Fibonacci baccarat strategy bettors determine the amount of the next bet through the Fibonacci sequence. In the Martingale strategy, the punter doubles the bets in the next round, but in the Fibonacci baccarat strategy, the punter multiplies the bet in the sequence of Fibonacci.

  • For instance, if a punter placed a bet on the player of $10 and lost, then the next bet amount will be $20. If he lost again, then the next betting amount will be $30 and so on until he finally wins.
  • The core objective of the Fibonacci baccarat strategy is also to make the punter win a higher pot.
  • It follows the same condition of betting on one particular wagering option throughout the game. Start with the least betting option of ₹5 at 10CRIC live casino if you are an absolute beginner.

#5. Card counting is not worth the effort

The most common strategy that many articles on how to win at baccarat online give are card counting. This goes beyond my mind, if you have played online baccarat online at any live casino, you might have seen that the live casinos use more than one deck of cards which makes card counting completely useless. Well, if you ever read online to card count while playing baccarat; leave that advice and never look at that page again. You cannot predict the upcoming card from 8 decks of cards. Yes, a live casino uses 8 decks of cards to play baccarat and is unable for the players to use a card counting strategy.


Instead of wasting your time finding a way to track the cards and predict the possible upcoming card, try to keep track of your bets. Use martingale strategy, Labouchere system, Paroli strategy, Fibonacci sequence, D’Alembert system, and so many more techniques made for gamblers after keeping mathematics in mind. Follow the algorithm, not mere luck to win at baccarat.

#6. The Labouchere System

Labouchere system is going in the online gambling world with many names, split martingale, cancellation system, and American progression. The Labouchere system was introduced by a popular roulette player, Henry Labouchere. The Labouchere system can be used in blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The best thing about the Labouchere system is that it allows the punters to create their own progressive sequence. It gives the freedom to players to choose the next bet according to their bankroll. Make sure your bets are progressive.

  • Every process in the Labouchere system is the same as the Martingale strategy, the only difference is the sequence. The punter follows the sequence of betting in a progressive manner until he wins the game and takes the bigger pot at home.
  • I recommend using the Labouchere system with a stable bankroll and emergency fund. The Labouchere system gives freedom to the punters while keeping them in line with the process.

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#7. Money, time, & tilt management

Online gambling requires a clear sense of your limits, be it money, emotions, or time. Not to help you earn more, but to help you lose less. Many beginners neglect the importance of being in control and many un-professionals never learn the importance of being in control of their emotions or controlling their time and money. Many lost their huge winnings after losing their emotions. So, I strongly advise you to follow some steps when it comes to online gambling.


  1. Money management: Fix a percentage of the money you can afford to spend from your salary every month. Keep it as minimum as you can afford to lose without tempering your emotions.
  2. Tilt management: Create a default baccarat strategy of your own and follow it till the very end. Don’t throw your default baccarat strategy out of the window when you experience a tint of loss in the game. Keep trusting and don’t let your emotions control your moves.
  3. Time management: As a beginner, you should keep your time limited to online gambling and stable your bankroll before jumping into it full-time. Spend a limited fun time on online gambling if you are not willing to run a marathon. Living a life out of online gambling is not a sprint.


Throughout my journey, I have seen loads of gamblers making their way up to the top and losing overnight. It takes a second to break something that took years to be created. Be vigilant from the beginner and learn how to win at baccarat online to earn more money. There are many online gambling websites but the online reason I would suggest you join 10CRIC is that its minimum betting limit is the lowest in the market, that is, ₹5 in India. Join & grab 150% welcome cash deal up to $15,000.

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