10 Ways | How to win blackjack online for money upto ₹15,000

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Are you having a hard time turning your bad luck into good? Are you tired of losing money, instead of winning huge profits of real money? Are you also wondering what you are doing wrong and how can you make it right to earn more money? Well, you are at the right place, my friend. 10CRIC India is here to provide you with the top 10 ways how to win blackjack online for money, learn and earn.

#1. Odds variation comparison

Different live casino game providers provide different variants of Blackjack to play and win real money, players can always click on the information symbol, that is, ‘i’ to know more about the Blackjack variant they are about to play and the RTP of different variants to choose the one with highest RTP rate.


  • RTP rate determines the percentage of return, that a player will get after winning a round of blackjack. Pay-out is always determined by multiplying the odds and wagering in amount.
  • The greater is the RTP rate of live casino blackjack, the better will be the expected pay-out and the better are the odds to win a round of blackjack at any live casino.
  • The online casino will always have a mathematical advantage on its side, they call it a house edge over the winning player. That’s why you will never see a 100% RTP rate in any online casino.

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#2. Stick to your betting limits

Professional betting players know the right amount of stretching their bankroll can handle, while the beginners end up wasting a lot of their hard-earned money as they are new to this addictive world. But it’s important to understand the value of your money and time before losing it all.

  • Decide beforehand, how long you can play online casino blackjack and how much you can afford to spend on live casino blackjack, before joining the blackjack table.
  • Start with small bets in a focused area and once you learned control over your money and time, you can go large depending on your salary, save and invest first.
  • Learn to save and invest, then you can do whatever you want with the rest money you are left with. Hence, set realistic bet limits to play online blackjack.

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#3. Avoid progressive betting system

Most players talk about a strategy to win the game of live casino blackjack, but one question is often unanswered, ‘How much should one bet in the starting journey of online gambling in live casino blackjack?’ We are here to provide you with the best possible answer to your wondering questions.


  • Most of the live casino betting systems have a progressive approach, which tells the players to continue playing as long as their bankroll allows because sooner or later, you’ll going to win.
  • In fact, this progressive betting system strategy is not true and has been used to claim money from its many victims for ages with its falsified fantasy, promising players to win a large pot.
  • But the truth is something else, that is, no betting system can help you beat the house. It’s true that the house always tends to win when it comes to calculating an overall profit, after all, it’s a business they are running.

#4. Reconsider side bets

Always remember while betting side bets that RTP doesn’t apply to them. The greater unusual odds are applied only to the standard gameplay of live casino Blackjack using the best strategy. Though pay-outs are greater in side bets of blackjack the risk is greater in side bets as there aren’t good odds.

  • Blackjack is an intimidating live casino card game with the lowest house edge of 0.1% and hence, provides the least profit to the house. Therefore, the live casinos started adding more than one deck in the game to ensure that players can’t break the algorithm.
  • Side bets add up to the fun of playing online casino blackjack, but they often make the players lose a loads amount of real money, slowly and steadily but surely.
  • Hence, the best strategy on how to win blackjack online for money is to never bet on side bets. Stick to a simple card-counting strategy until you have gained experience to use advanced tactics.

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#5. Understand the probabilities

To play live casino blackjack and figure out the odds pattern to understand which one is more likely to win is the main objective to understand the probabilities of your winnings. Understand the standard odds before jumping into the mainstream.


  • Keep in mind that greater odds yield greater results, understand the odds before playing any live casino games and make sure to choose the right ones for yourself.
  • Understanding the odds puts you in a better position to win the online casino blackjack.
  • The game of numbers is a tricky game to play, it is as uncertain as cricket. With a clear understanding of winning probability, your bets will be more precise and wiser.

#6. Learn when to double down

When the dealer has dealt the 2 cards from the deck to you and himself, he shows his cards to you first, you get three options to choose from, either to stand, hit or double down. By doubling down, you wager your initial bet again and ask for one more card to continue playing blackjack.

  • Suppose the value of the initial 2 cards is 11, then we recommend you to always go for a double-down betting option without giving it an ounce of a second thought.
  • There’s a higher chance of you winning the round of online blackjack when your initial total card value is 11, if you get the 10-value card then you will win the round.
  • And even if you hit 8 or 9 face value cards as the third card, you still have a great chance of winning with 19 & 20 total card value in live casino blackjack.

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#7. Understand when to split

The fundamental trick to win any round at online casino blackjack is to neglect the small losses and aim to win in the long-term time to get more real money when dealers’ cards are weak. Split the bets when you have a pair, it is one of the best ways to apply this fundamental trick to win.


  • Beginners, in the rush to win great profits of real money, are mostly tempted to split their tens to double up the expected winning amount in the game of live casino blackjack.
  • But on the contrary, keep in mind that you should never split a ten if there’s a double or more amount of money on the table in the live casino online blackjack.
  • Even if the dealer’s card is less than six value of the total card, which indicates weakness but still doesn’t split a ten-card. If you have 20 values, then don’t split as you already have a strong hand.

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#8. Ignore the insurance bet

Live casino game providers are aware that the beginning punters love the side bets, and they bank on them, taking insurance whenever it’s offered. This is the worst possible side bet to make unless you are familiar with the card counting strategy.

  • Odds at insurance bets are extremely poor, if the odds for the dealer and player to make a blackjack are 9:4 then the odds for an insurance bet will only be 2:1.
  • Live casino blackjack dealers also add 5 more decks of cards to make it more difficult for the player to win a load of real money by using insurance bets over a 7.4% house edge.
  • Hence, we recommend that beginners, who have just begun their journey of online casino blackjack never go for insurance bets.

#9. Blackjack Martingale strategy

Doubling up the betting amount in a consecutive round simultaneously is the main objective of this blackjack Martingale strategy. This strategy increases your chances of winning by 16% in the third round of live casino blackjack if you follow it right.


  • To cope with the prior losses in the live casino blackjack game, players tend to double their betting amounts in each consecutive round followed.
  • It’s extremely important to stick to only one side in every round of 10CRIC live casino blackjack, which means that if you chose a banker in the first round to bet on then you must continue to bet on the banker in all the upcoming rounds in blackjack.
  • Keep in mind that if you win a particular blackjack round then the wagering amount will get back to the initial amount in the next round. The initial wagering amount should be the smallest amount.

#10. Practice responsible gaming

Practicing responsible gaming is not an obligatory section for players but it’s a genuinely crucial strategy. For instance, saving your hard-earned money is your responsibility and the only way to save not only your money but time too is by practicing responsible gaming.

  • Form a tight budget: Don’t spend too much of your hard-earned money on live casino blackjack, divide your bankroll in a 50:30:20 ratio for needs, wants, and investment respectively. Use only 30% of your bankroll to play online casino blackjack which comes under the want category.
  • Time management: Track the time you spend playing online casino blackjack and keep a strict time limit. Manage your time effectively since blackjack is an addictive game, don’t lose track of your time and money.
  • Never chase losses: Hope is one of the best things to stick on in life, but sometimes it’s better to understand when you have reached a dead end. Don’t track a losing trail for so long.

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