How to win in Dragon Tiger? 7 Tricks for Beginners by Kric88

Follow positive progressive & double chance betting system to increase your winnings by 98%. Earn $500 per day with 7 strong tips on how to win in dragon tiger.

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Dragon Tiger is an interesting and simplest online casino card game to play and win more real money. There are two sides, dragon and tiger in the game, and one card is drawn to each by the live dealer on your desktop or mobile screen.

  • Whichever side gets the card higher valued than the other, wins the game. There are four betting options in dragon tiger, two are on either side and two are tie and suited tie.
  • Bet on a tie if you think that both sides will get the same value card and bet on a suited tie if you think the suit and value of the cards will be the same.


It’s a game of luck but tips and tricks can help the punters to enhance their chances of earning and receiving their lost money. Excited to know the 7 tested, proven, and powerful tricks for beginners on how to win in dragon tiger at 10CRIC India? Without further ado, the treasure of strategies to help you win more money is mentioned below, read, and follow.

#1. Positive progressive betting strategy

Following a positive progressive betting system can help you earn more than you think, but remember to not mix up many betting systems in one game of dragon tiger. Here we explain two positive progressive betting strategies below to help you earn more real money with simple techniques using math and loyalty. Yes, loyalty to one side throughout the process you follow any betting system is important.

  1. Martingale Betting Strategy: The player tends to double the betting amount consecutively in upcoming rounds until he wins the bet. Once you win the bet, you can go back to the initial betting amount in the next round. Remember that you can’t change the side once decided.
  2. Paroli system of Betting: No matter which betting system you decide you use, always bet on one betting option in the game until you decide to give up on the betting system. The Paroli system is the same as the Martingale, the only difference is that you have to double down the bets with every win. This means you continue to double the bets until you lose.

Follow these tricks at the most affordable online casino at ₹5. Do 10CRIC register in three simplest steps and play online casino games.

#2. Double chance to balance out the loss

There are four betting types in the dragon tiger online casino games; dragon, tiger, tie, or suited tie. Punters can bet on as many betting options as they want to increase their chances of winning. Since tie and suited tie are rare to happen, we recommend placing an equal amount of bets on both, dragon or tiger as one is bound to win. Double chance betting can be used in many games to balance out the losses. It is used to retrieve the loss amount, this technique is meant for beginners who don’t want to lose their money.


For instance, let’s bet ₹50 on the dragon and ₹50 on the tiger betting type. If the dragon wins the game, you win ₹100 through the dragon and lose ₹50 on the tiger. Hence, you end up getting back what you wager in. Double chance betting helps the punter gain a small portion of money in the long term without risking any of it. It’s best for beginners, who don’t aim at making a living out of living and play dragon tiger to blow off the steam of the day.

#3. Rare outcome’s bet types are not worth it

The tie is a rare outcome in the dragon tiger card game & suited tie is the rarest outcome in the dragon tiger online game. If you have an extreme belief in your luck, then go ahead with the tie and suited tie betting option. There’s a great amount of money in the tie and suited tie, but do you have that much to waste for a single one-time win? Suited tie happens rarely in online casinos, perhaps once or twice in a day; whereas tie is a bit more frequent than suited tie but now often enough to lose your money on them.

  • Hence, we strongly recommend to not choose betting on a tie or suited tie as a beginner.
  • If you have loads of money, then we would recommend a martingale strategy on the suited tie; that’s a touch of sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it.
  • Conclusion: don’t bet on the tie or suited tie, it’s a waste of your money and time. It’s now worth it until you really win, which might takes days. Read the simplest 3 steps guide to learn how to play dragon tiger game at 10CRIC live casino.

#4. Limit the over-use mixing of betting strategies

Beginners often want to win a large sum of money as soon as they can which makes them impatient and they end up following multiple betting strategies to do so. Remember that using multiple betting strategies won’t help you win more money in an online gambling game. Sticking to one default betting strategy, even in the time of tilt will help you win more money in dragon tiger, be it any positive progressive betting system like the Martingale betting system, Paroli betting system, etc.


  • No matter which betting system you choose to implement, don’t change your side once you start following anyone’s betting system. Be loyal to one side until you win.
  • For instance, if you choose to bet on the dragon in a Martingale progression, then continue to choose the dragon till the very end until you win the rounds and squared off your losses.
  • Be loyal to one side of the dragon tiger at the 10CRIC live casino game and don’t mix up the strategies, follow one to the very end.

#5. Follow the last cards & try to guess the pattern

While playing the dragon tiger online casino game on any online gambling site, you will notice the pattern of previous winners is listed in the right bottom corner of the screen. Observe the pattern and follow your gut feeling, put your luck to the test and see if you win the bet or not. Even if you lose the bet, we recommend following the betting system strategy from then onwards to get your lost money back.

  • There are only two possibilities when you look at the pattern of previous winning sides. If the last winners are dragons consistently, there’s a chance that the dragon might win again & there’s also a chance that the tiger might win and breaks the pattern.
  • Hence, it’s nearly impossible to predict the winner using previous winners, but it gives a sense of knowledge and intuition. There’s no harm in trying to use your brain. Try to observe the pattern, even if you predict wrong, start following the betting system to scope loss.

#6. Think it through before following any betting system

There are two types, positive and negative betting systems. In a positive betting system, punters are supposed to increase the size of their betting amount until they win the game & in a negative betting system, punters are supposed to increase the size of their betting amount until they lose. Both betting systems are beneficial to punter’s need, that is to retrieve the lost money and make huge profits.


  • Do thorough research before placing your bets on the dragon tiger online casino game following any of the betting systems. Know their advantages and disadvantages and most importantly, the amount of money you are willing to risk in online gambling.
  • We recommend following a positive progressive betting system to bet on dragon tiger online games, like the Martingale & Paroli betting strategy. Continue to double the amount of your wagering stake until you lose the round in the game.

#7. Research, select trustworthy platforms & claim bonuses

There are some factors you should look for in any online gambling site before playing dragon tiger. We’ll help you choose the best online gambling site for yourself. Mentioned below are 3 factors that you must look for before playing the dragon tiger online casino game.

  1. Welcome promotional deals: Online gambling sites often offer amazing promotional deals for new customers, it’s an elegant way to attract more customers. Grab the most out of this wonderful opportunity and claim the 100% welcome bonus that 10CRIC offers to new players by making the first deposit of at least ₹1,000 in a live casino wallet to claim up to cashback of ₹15,000.
  2. The credibility of the platform: Online gambling platforms must have a valid license, a correct SSL certificate, fast payment modes, faster withdrawal methods, and strong finance to ensure their credibility to the customers. Some ways to check the finance of a website is to check whether it has an app for Android & iOS users, a working of the website, and fast withdrawal.
  3. Minimum betting limit: Beginners look for affordable online gambling platforms to enjoy and earn some money without losing much of it. The low minimum betting amount makes an online platform affordable to place bets. We recommend playing dragon tiger online at 10CRIC India with a minimum betting stake of ₹5 by Pragmatic Play.


We know how difficult it is to be a beginner in online gambling and that’s why we are here to provide you with the best 7 tips that no one tells the beginners to win more real money at any online casino. Follow our simple 7 tricks guide on how to win in dragon tiger for Beginners and increase your chances by 98%. Start by claiming a 100% promotional cashback deal up to ₹15,000 at 10CRIC India and have happening gambling.

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