10 ways of How to win live football betting in 10CRIC India

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You are become a millionaire by live football betting! Now that we have your attention. Let’s find you not just a way but 10 ways how to win live football betting. Register at 10CRIC India, start live football betting, and grab an opportunity to start your living with football betting.

#1. Analyze team statistics before the match

The power of analyzing the team doesn’t stand in every hand, it’s the fundamental quality. The online betting enthusiast must acquire this fundamental quality to predict the match winner better.


  • Knowing the sports, matches, head-to-head performances, history of the team and players, and key positions on a football field is important to predict the match-winner.
  • Analyze the team statistics before betting on any football match. Sportsbooks often have statistical sections that research this data.

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  • Hence, know the teams before placing your bets on any sportsbook and enjoy making more real money with 10 ways.

#2. Access individual player’s performances

Knowing the teams playing is important but knowing the players and their key positions is also very important. You can predict a lot about the match by accessing the performance of individuals.

  • Understand the sports, football, and its key positions before betting on any match. Know the history of teams playing in the match and players playing in the match.
  • An average player to turn the tables of the match as much as can a brilliant player. Look out for the underdogs since no one can surprise you like an underdog.
  • Is the defensive part of the football match stronger or the one which is attacking? Watch the match and pay attention, no one can stop you from winning when you know your bets.

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#3. Favorite to win the first half

The favorite team in the betting is the team that is most likely to win, strong and predicted as the winner according to the betting experts. Therefore, choose your favorite team to win the match.


  • Online sportsbooks categorize the teams as favorites and underdogs. The favorite is a strong team, which is more likely to win and is denoted by a plus sign in the end.
  • Underdog is a week team, denoted by a minus sign, and is most likely to surprise sometimes. There has been a long debate on which team to bet on.
  • After a long debate, betting experts came to a conclusion of betting on a favorite team in the first half of the football match.

#4. Don’t judge a book by its cover

Don’t jump to the result of the match even before it has started. One should never judge the book by its cover, neither should they judge a team before the match. As we said, no one can surprise you better than the underdogs.

  • Don’t make a conclusion about the match before the match starts. You can look into football sports forecasts, sports news, and head-to-head performances of the teams.
  • They can tell you the history of the teams but jumping to an absolute conclusion will be stupidity. Since sports is uncertain and full of surprises.
  • History just tells the past, not the future. You can make assumptions based on it but the reality of it can only be concluded by the future.

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#5. Don’t bet without watching the match

One of the biggest advantages of betting online is that you can see the game flow and all the intangibles of the match. Without watching the match, you deliberately let the sportsbooks win.


  • If you are opting for online match betting, then you must be committed to the match. Watch the match while placing the bet and throughout, otherwise don’t place a bet.
  • When we say watch the match, we are not trying to say to watch the match for the sake of watching and knowing the score. We want you to pay utter attention to the match.
  • If you are only inserted in the money you will get after winning the match and are not willing to watch the match, then we advise you to stay away from living over under football betting.

#6. Consider the expert’s opinion

Before placing bets on any match, you should consider looking for an expert’s opinion through sports forecast or live commentary. You should value your decision but there’s no harm in considering the expert’s opinion.

  • Odds are soft in live betting than pre-match betting since the odd makers don’t get enough time to consider all factors and then present the perfectly calculated odds.
  • Don’t worry, online sportsbook often compensates by factoring the money more heavily. Hence, you should not worry about pay-out.
  • Consider looking for an expert’s opinion to ensure more perfectionism in your bets. Enjoy live football betting with 10CRIC sports and earn more money.

#7. Go for quality over quantity

Betting makes sports more exciting! Live football betting gives multiple betting options. But this also comes with a lot of risk of putting your money in so many betting options. Little dangerous huh!


  • So many betting options tempt you to bet more money in the game, this makes the match more enjoyable. But it should not be your goal if you are betting to make money.
  • You’ll get better opportunities to place your bets during the match and then you should grab them tight. But don’t bet on too many betting options for the sake of earning money.
  • Therefore, it’s important for you to understand that you should run after quality, not quantity.

#8. Don’t lose the sight of your position

Online bets are faster when compared to traditional sportsbooks. Punters often wager on a lot of different bets quickly, losing the track of their bets without realizing their position in the game.

  • In the urge to win more money, punters always forget that losing in online betting is as common, in fact, more common than winning.
  • They continue to wager without realizing how much money they have waged in the bet. They often end up betting more money than they usually should.
  • Therefore, always look out for yourself and your bankroll. Don’t go against yourself. Stick to the limited money you decided to bet beforehand and don’t cross the limit.

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#9. Remember to bet for value

Place the bet only if you are confident that the bet will offer you a value that others can’t. Don’t risk your hard-earned money for the sake of enjoyment. Invest it with a brain to earn more real money.


  • In the betting world, it’s not enough to bet on the option you think might have more chances of happening. You must put a great deal of consideration into the betting odds too.
  • Betting odds doesn’t only guide you to most likely winners, it also tells you the potential pay-out you will be getting after winning the bet.
  • Know the value of your money and if the odds for the possible winning team are not high enough that they should. Then don’t place your bets.

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#10. Perform responsible betting

Performing responsible online betting is important to not lose sight of what’s more important. It might not help you to win a football bet but it will help you to win peace in your life.

  • Save your money: Follow the 50:30:20 rule and don’t waste your hard-earned money on online betting. Only 30% of your earnings should go into your desires and enjoyments.
  • Save your time: Keep a track of your activities, online betting and gambling are addictive. Save your time wisely and utilize them in the best way possible.
  • These may not help you win money in football betting, but they will help you win life and discipline. Making living out of online betting is a marathon, not a sprint.

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