8 Ways on how to win money betting on tennis | ₹5,000 daily

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Tennis is a fascinating sport with a multitude of matches in which one may place a stake and walk out the door a millionaire. Tennis betting markets vary from other markets in that they include flexible and very lively odds and prices that change rapidly.

How to win money betting on tennis

Most individuals are drawn to the wild betting chance because they are interested in the game’s conclusion. Are you a go-getter who is new to tennis betting? 10CRIC India has come up with 8 ways how to win money betting on tennis.

#1. Look for the best bet value

You must select the ideal wager that will profit you in the long term. You don’t have to take a chance just because competition is taking place.

  • Take your time to critically evaluate the worth of each wager you’re about to place.
  • Calculate and compare the outcome as well as the likelihood of the score.
  • To make a lot of money, always try to acquire the greatest possible odds on the best betting sites for tennis, such as 10CRIC India where you may earn some ₹5,000 daily by following the strategies mentioned in this article.

#2. Betting on Favorites should be avoided

Betting on your favorite tennis players is a poor habit that will not help you achieve your goals. The odds are almost always too low, and your favorites do not always win.

  • When selecting a successful player, your job is to think objectively.
  • You should, ideally, broaden your horizons by searching outside the box.

How to win money betting on tennis

#3. Profit from rapid changing odds

The players are accumulating points at a rather rapid rate. Surprise points and game-winners are often in tennis. These events are causing bookies’ opinions to diverge. Newbies can learn 1×2 tennis betting & can opt for winner which is the simple betting market among all.

  • Overpriced odds and outcomes can be utilized as a way to make sure you get paid.
  • Tennis is one of the greatest sports for using these betting strategies.
  • Most good betting strategies are based on this lowering odds concept.

#4. Do not over prioritize head to head outcomes

In tennis, head-to-head records are undoubtedly the most difficult numbers to decipher. Without a question, it’s worth something, but how much is up for debate. The market, on the other hand, is a big fan of head-to-heads.

  • It’s not uncommon to come into a situation when two guys competed the week before and the favorite was 1.4 at the time.
  • He lost 2-0, then the next week against the same opponent, he’s suddenly 1.7.
  • So the most recent outcome was valuable, but not in the way you might think. In tennis, situations like these are not unusual.

How to win money betting on tennis

#5. Learn about the types of tennis players

When you want to wager on live tennis, you must carefully observe how different players respond to various scenarios. It’s because their actions will determine whether they stay ahead or fall behind.

  • Take note of the breakpoints and each player’s performance.
  • You’ll be able to make an informed selection on your in-play wager if you have a thorough understanding of the players.
  • You must also check the player’s previous performance in order to pick the winning player and bet on them.

#6. Take a closer look at the futures market

Betting on futures is another option to make a good profit from tennis betting. Major events are more likely to accept futures bets. Everything is, however, on the table, from who will win the tournament to who will win their quarter.

  • Big tennis tournament futures odds are generally available weeks, if not months, in advance.
  • In the correct situations, betting early rather than immediately before the start of the event might be advantageous.

Other related tactics, as well as a strategy for wagering on sports, may be found in our 10CRIC betting tips section.

How to win money betting on tennis

#7. Growth and injury

Injuries to players on and off the court can have a negative impact on their performance. As a result, even when their event isn’t in progress, you must maintain a tight check on various tennis players.

  • You may keep up to date on the injury status of a certain player by checking various news sites.
  • If the player has a partner, you should also look at their progress.
  • As a result, you’ll make a good wager that you’ll be proud of once the money begins rolling in.

How to win money betting on tennis

#8. Try something unique

It won’t harm to venture outside of your comfort zone and attempt different wagers. This is frequently how people make money. When compared to standard wagers, handicap bets always offer better odds. Learn how does tennis handicap betting work.

  • At the same time, those bets are riskier, so you should be aware of your options.
  • You may also wager on set winners, the number of games played, the number of aces, and so on.
  • The important thing is to keep inventive so that your betting experience and tennis betting odds grow.


It would be ideal if you were very knowledgeable about tennis betting on sites, such as 10CRIC. Make an effort to be yourself rather than following the crowd’s lead. Along with these 8 ways how to win money betting on tennis make sure you develop and stick to a winning strategy that works for you. Always be patient, and you will enjoy the rewards of tennis betting and much more over time!

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