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It’s fortunate to have a mentor before starting anything. Someone you can trust and rely on when it comes to decision-making. 10CRIC India is more than delighted to be the one for you. Know 10 strong tips on how to win money in cricket betting, curated by 10CRIC betting experts, and start printing money.

#1. Understand the different formats

There’s not only one cricket tournament that is played. There is a number of different formats of cricket tournaments with different fixtures and winner determining process.


  • Understand different forms of cricket and different betting options to place well though bet. You need to start with learning different forms and then the history of cricket to win.
  • If you are willing to take cricket betting seriously and want to create it your career, then you cannot bluff with luck. You need cricket betting strategies, tactics, and knowledge, not just luck.

#2. Know the history of cricket teams

When online betting experts predict the cricket match-winner for the punters, they keep multiple factors in account. One of the crucial ones is the history and head-to-head performances of the teams.

  • Therefore, if you are keen on becoming a cricket betting expert then you must learn to critically analyze the cricket teams, players, previous performances, scores, etc.
  • Analyze the sports match and become the master of online cricket betting. Read more sports forecasts to understand the pattern of predicting the match-winner.

#3. Shoot for optimum odds in cricket

In some betting options, they give 93 units of betting options. Yes, it’s true and sounds intimidating. Who doesn’t want to place a bet of ₹1,000 and earn ₹93,000 in return? That’s just to lure you in.


  • The greatest odds seem fascinating as they offer great pay-outs. But more often they are just the way for punters to lure in and bet money when chances of winning are rare.
  • Therefore, choose optimum odds in cricket betting. Don’t become greedy, play with your mind and not greed. Understand who’s going to win the match.

#4. Always prefer live cricket betting

What is live cricket betting? It means that punters can bet on the cricket match while watching the match. This live cricket betting provides a more clear idea of the winner of the match. Find out the best betting app in India for cricket & start betting to win lots of money.

  • Not all online sportsbooks offer live betting. Therefore, keep a keen eye for live betting while picking an online betting site for yourself to bet on cricket matches.
  • Be sure to check the customer reviews. Check out the odds in live cricket betting before registering for the online betting site to ensure that you don’t make a bluff of yourself.

#5. Use double chance cricket betting

If there is a cricket match between MI and CSK in IPL and you want to bet for both the teams cause choosing one is extremely difficult. Well, some online betting sites give the punter such an opportunity.


  • Betting on both the cricket teams in the match to neutralize your losses is called the double chance cricket betting strategy. If you don’t have a clear winner prediction, then use a double chance cricket betting strategy.
  • The best way to even out your losses is a double chance cricket betting strategy. Keep in mind that cricket is having fun, no matter all the uncertainties. Know more betting tips & earn.

#6. Read the cricket sports news

Be informative and grab as much knowledge as you can about cricket matches, teams, and players. Be up to date not only with the cricket sports news but also the evolving tips and tricks to win.

  • Read cricket news to know if any player left the team. Because a player leaving a team before the match is a great surprise and can disrupt the whole form of the team before the match.
  • Follow up on cricket strategies and with experience, you will be able to make your own cricket strategy. Sharp your tactics and increase your possibilities of earning more cash.

#7. Make most out of cricket seasons

There are so many different formats of cricket tournaments, national cricket tournaments, and international cricket tournaments. Indian Premier League, ODI, T20, T20I and so many more.


  • There’s no shortage of cricket matches for you to place your bets. One season goes and the other comes. Make the most out of every cricket season by placing your bets and earning real money.
  • Increase your knowledge every season. Explore and choose the one which you believe you can master. Join reliable online betting platforms like 10CRIC India.

#8. Take advantage of the sports forecast

There are many betting experts in the online betting market that provide sports forecasts of the cricket match in advance with absolute knowledge to help other punters earn more money.

  • Believe in the expert’s prediction, but also check out the 4-5 sports forecasts of the same cricket match you are willing to bet on before placing your bets on it.
  • Read the articles thoroughly and understand what drives the betting experts to their conclusion. If you find them trustworthy, then go ahead, take a chance, and place your bets.

#9. Pick your online sportsbook right

What points do you look for before choosing an online betting site for a cricket match? Picking the right online betting site is crucial to having a good online betting experience.


  • 9 things you should ask an online betting platform before placing bets: License, SSL certificate, multiple payment options, welcome promotional deals, minimum betting stake, live cricket betting, double chance cricket betting, optimum odds, and great pay-out results.
  • We got you the best online sportsbook that offers all 9 things. Bet at 10CRIC sports with a minimum betting limit of ₹5 and get great returns when you win your bet.

#10. Always be up to date with the offers

Online betting sites come up with a variety of newcomer bonuses to attract more players often. They also release weekly and monthly reloads for their loyal active punters.

  • Be up to date with all the offers that your online betting site has to offer. Claim the promotions as much as you can and keep a keen eye on them.
  • 10CRIC provides loads of bonus deals for its new and existing customers. Claim 30% up to ₹10,000 in IPL cricket season at 10CRIC India.

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