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In this guide, Kric88 will explain the most acceptable 10 best Sic Bo winning strategies in casino at 10CRIC to boost your earning by 95% & profit ₹2,000 daily!

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Sic Bo is a Chinese game that seems scary at 1st glimpse at the table. But this cannot be far from the fact if you know the basics. The Casino tips listed in this article would enable you to become a pro as early as possible.

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Sic bo winning strategy in casino – Follow the 10 points

With this guide, you will learn to get the most profitable odds to win at Sic Bo. Want to play satisfactorily and get the most reasonable events to win that the game authorizes? So before you discover progressive strategies for how to win sic bo and consider applying them, Kric88 recommend you learn how to play sic bo at 10CRIC flawlessly. You can count on the 10 best winning Sic Bo approaches below.

1. Use the smallest denominations

If you plan to make the high-risk sic bo bets you must stake only the smallest denominations. This is for 2 causes mentioned below:
(1) It is the least potential bet and thus you wish to restrict your sic bo outlay
(2) The payout will be the highest, so even with a short bet you can earn a significant win

2. Balance your betting

  • There is no substantial approach in Sic Bo to perfect win but balancing your betting is necessary. It can support participants’ win whenever they go for the gameplay of Sic Bo online at 10CRIC India.
  • For instance, the big and small bets on a Sic Bo board hold the lowest house edge. Including betting choices can be beneficial to your sic bo betting technique.

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3. Bet in Totals

  • When participants are observing the payout table in the sic bo game, it quickly discloses that the odds change substantially.
  • Hence, understanding the highest totals is certainly something that all Sic Bo players must believe, specifically provided some totals have a higher payout wavelength than others.

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4. Avoid Triple bet

  • Gamble on a triple and succeed in the 1st attempt only happens rarely, it indicates that you have accurately predicted the only number that has come on all 3 dice.
  • A triple bet is a worth ratio of 180:1, but it is the most difficult bet one can put.
  • Consequently, more experienced Sic Bo players dodge triples completely or utilize them as other extra bets.
  • You must never set a triple bet as the primary bet because most of the time the stake will lose you funds.

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5. Don’t bet on too many areas

  • When playing online Sic Bo at 10CRIC, you can put multiple bets simultaneously.
  • Online casinos usually authorize gambling on up to 16 areas per roll. But Kric88 wouldn’t advise betting on that considerably.
  • You’ll win multiple bets. But you need to maintain your Sic Bo approach and handle your bankroll better than when playing the game aimlessly.

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6. Don’t fall for the gambler’s misbelief

  • Bettor’s fallacy is a standard myth in gambling. It expresses that if something occurs more oftentimes at some moment, it will happen less often thereafter.
  • The results of the dice are not dependent on what occurred earlier. So, don’t pursue this blindly. Not only while playing Sic Bo but also in any other game of chance at 10CRIC.

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7. Use combination bets

  • In the enhanced Microgaming’s version of online Sic Bo at 10CRIC, you can set a bet on any 2 specific digits or a combination bet.
  • This bet likewise contains a low house edge or almost 2.77% and the odds against this winning wager is 6:1. In other terms, you can anticipate winning once in every 7 bets.

8. High roller strategy

  • Specially developed for the risk-taking, high rolling, skilled player, the high roller strategy twists around putting multiple bets with priority betting on 8 and 13.
  • With a payout odds at 8:1, you can strategically set multiple bets on either 8 or 13, the 2nd bet on a double, and the 3rd bet on a domino, and this triple combination boosts your winning odds.
  • If the dice total comprises of a double 4, 5, or 6, betting on 8 won’t succeed as the total would be more than 8. But a total of 8 may compose of a double 1, 2, or 5, and an 8 total would also hold a variety of 3 and 2.

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9. The 1-3-2-4 system

  • Employing the 1-3-2-4 technique of betting is entirely betting on a series of 1, 3, 2, and 4 where the numbers denote units or chips you are betting with.
  • For instance, 1 chip is ₹100, 2 is ₹200, and so on. The guide is just presenting uncertainty to the series which otherwise may be helter-skelter, but this approach is utilized in numerous card-based live casino games where it maintains water and has been proved to be an efficacious plan to turn the odds to bias you.

10. Martingale’s strategy

  • Maintaining the original bankroll in mind carefully, Martingale’s strategy is when you double your stake every time you fail.
  • For example, if your foremost bet is ₹200, your subsequent bet will be ₹400, then it is ₹800, ₹1600, and so on.
  • The logic behind this approach is to win significant enough to cover your last losses and add additional on top of it.
  • As possibilities of losing more funds than winning endure, Kric88 recommends you run this plan only for about 4 to 6 rounds of single bets and leave the game.
  • Overextending this might raise your likelihood of losing your bankroll which is unadvisable.


The attractiveness of the Sic Bo game is that you can put multiple bets with various worths of chips which offers you the freedom to analyze combinations of bets. We believe that you have learned how to win Sic Bo in casino online at 10CRIC. You must exercise warning and not get taken away placing bets on more than 4 spots as the probabilities of a praising, the predictable result becomes small to none above that point.

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