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Introducing IPL betting at 10CRIC

If you are an Indian and don’t like cricket, we don’t know how you call yourself an Indian. We know it’s a bit stereotypical but it’s true among other Indian people. The fever of IPL is at its peak and even if you are not a huge fan of cricket, what harm it would do to earn more real money through it without risking much money.


Join 10CRIC India and do IPL betting before the season is over. Transfer your winnings securely with 10CRIC and enjoy earning more real money. Take the advantage of IPL season and understand the winning process. Bet on the best 10CRIC sportsbook, do the live betting, and grab a chance to earn more real money with 10CRIC India.

Is IPL betting legal in India?

Indian laws on IPL betting are simple, Supreme Court doesn’t consider any game illegal if it requires skills, which automatically makes IPL betting legal in India.


  • Yes, you read it right! IPL betting is legal in India since it is a game of skill, prediction takes way more skill and research than you think, and no game of skill can be considered gambling.
  • Is online betting site cheating you? Well, the real question is whether IPL betting is rigging you or not. Let’s make one thing very clear, online betting platforms are running a business but that doesn’t mean that they are rigging you and no business wants to lose money.
  • House edge is a way to earn profit for online betting sportsbook providers. So, the answer is simple, neither IPL betting is cheating, nor you are being rigged.

Make the most out of the IPL season with betting tips and pave your way through huge profits of real money.

Is it safe to do IPL betting at 10CRIC?

We strongly advise you to check the online betting site’s license before doing IPL betting there. But we don’t want you to go through hours of tiresome research. Therefore, we did the work for you, we brought you one of the most prestigious and best IPL betting apps in India that is, 10CRIC.


  • 10CRIC India is licensed by CURACAO eGaming License Validation, which helps it to conduct online betting activities for its beloved punters without any hindrance. Hence, 10CRIC is legal in India.
  • It offers transparent services, fast, valid SSL certificates, safe and secure transactions, and smooth gameplay. Enjoy earning with 10CRIC by doing IPL betting and grabbing a whopping 200% welcome bonus up to ₹20,000 made just for you.

5 clues to know whether IPL betting safe or not

What if we say you can save yourself from fraud and enjoy online betting simultaneously? Yes, you can. Look for the 5 secret clues mentioned below before starting your online betting journey at any online betting site to ensure safety. Know how to make money in IPL betting.


  1. Frequent defeat cycle: Statistically speaking, if one loses the bet on IPL betting frequently and consecutively, then it’s not the right place to do IPL betting. Too often defeats are also a great indication of a red flag in that online betting site. Balanced defeats and wins are safer options.
  2. Odds, pay-out, and house edge: House edge is a mathematical formula of advantage towards the sportsbook and pay-out is the return to the punter if he wins the bet. Greater odds yield higher pay-outs and a lesser house edge ensures the credibility of the online betting sites. Download the 10CRIC IPL online betting app and enjoy earning more real money.
  3. Unpopular sportsbook providers: Always choose a popular sportsbook provider to bet on and ensure trustworthiness and safety. Popular sportsbook providers will never take a chance to be accused of being rigged. That’s why they take these accusations very seriously and act fast.
  4. Invalid license & red flags: No online betting site wants to have a bad reputation and be associated with fraud, therefore there are rare sites that are willing to risk their reputation by having an invalid license. Look for valid SSL certificates, licenses, and reviews before IPL betting.
  5. Review the site before playing: Before beginning your online betting journey, the wisest thing to do is read all the reviews first, check out the SSL certificate, license, reviews from other online betting review sites, number of active players, and most importantly, customers review.

Top 5 features of IPL betting at 10CRIC India

Make the most out of the IPL season with 10CRIC India. Observe the odds, place your bets, and enjoy earning a decent amount of pocket money. Mentioned below are the top 5 features of 10CRIC IPL betting, start your ultimate betting journey today.


  1. 3 IPL betting types: There are many variants of IPL betting to bet at 10CRIC, pre-match IPL betting, outright IPL betting, and live IPL betting are 3 variants of IPL betting at 10CRIC. Some offer to bet before the match begins and some allow to bet when the match is going on.
  2. Minimum betting limit: All one needs to bet at IPL betting at 10CRIC sports is ₹5. Yes, you read it right my dearest friend! The minimum betting limit at 10CRIC India for doing IPL betting is only ₹5, take the advantage of IPL season soon and enjoy making more real now.
  3. Maximum winning amount: Earning of punter through IPL betting depends on the amount of money one wager in and the value of the odds of the betting team. Therefore, to earn a huge amount on IPL betting, your betting amount should also be huge.
  4. Emphasis on IPL season: 10CRIC gives special emphasis to IPL betting in IPL season. Love for cricket and especially, IPL is not unknown to 10CRIC. Therefore, it provides greater odds and amazing betting options for Indian punters to enjoy the best betting experience in the IPL season.
  5. Greater odds & lesser house edge: Betting experts at 10CRIC India offer great odds for IPL betting and lesser house edge, up to 2-4% for the Indian punters, who are interested in IPL betting at 10CRIC.

Get 200% IPL welcome bonus up to ₹20,000 at 10CRIC

Take more than just your winnings from IPL betting, 10CRIC offers an IPL welcome bonus promotional deal of the IPL season to grab a chance to win 200% up to ₹20,000 real money on the first deposit.


Create your account at 10CRIC India and make your first deposit of at least ₹500 in your sportsbook wallet with bonus code IPLWELCOME to claim a 200% welcome bonus up to ₹20,000 at 10CRIC India


Is IPL betting legal in India? Is it safe to do IPL betting at 10CRIC India? Is 10CRIC legal in India? Yes, yes, and yes, IPL betting is legal in India, it is safe to do IPL betting at 10CRIC India and 10CRIC is legal in India. We have answered your every doubt about IPL betting in the article above, so what’s stopping you now? Join 10CRIC India, earn through IPL betting, and claim a 200% welcome bonus up to ₹20,000 on your first deposit in your sportsbook wallet.

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