Is Online Blackjack Rigged? 5 Clues to Unfold Truth

Is Online Blackjack Rigged? Discover 5 clues to find the Truth on your own! Check the legality status, house edge & RTP to know whether it is fair or a cheat.

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Trusting anything online is something difficult to do these days because you don’t really know what goes on behind the screens. There also have been a lot of real-life examples where people have been scammed online with money-related issues and thus, it becomes even more difficult to trust online transactions. This is sadder for the people who have a passion and talent for playing online casino Blackjack but still ponder on the question of whether the game is rigged or not. If you are one of such people then let us find out the truth about Blackjack online together here at Kric88.

Introduction to Blackjack Online

Online Betting sites, like 10CRIC, is a business that has been flourishing online because of its vast number of customers from across the globe. This means that there are many people playing at Live Casinos even though they end up spending thousands on it. Blackjack is one such game that is not only addicting but also would let you earn more. However, it is also a game whose minimum betting rate starts at a higher price.


The game of Blackjack, online or offline, is played between the player and dealer. Whoever from these two gets the overall sum of the number 21 or a number closer to 21, wins the Blackjack round. In order to get this, the dealer and player have to follow some rules. Additionally, there are other betting options that you can choose from the outcome depends on your luck.

Is online blackjack rigged or fair?

Still, although Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games that depend on luck, the only person who seems to be lucky on the table is the dealer. Since this is experienced by many, the question of whether online blackjack is rigged or not arises among many casino players. Not only this, but people also feel that most of their wins in online Blackjack, do not really feel like a win because they do not seem to be making any profit. So, does that mean online casinos and their game room providers are cheating their customers? Well, the answer to this is cannot be given in one sentence.

  • Let’s see, firstly, there are millions of people playing live casino blackjack every day, so if anybody was cheated on by their dealer, then the entire game room would be reported and shut down.
  • Besides this, most online casinos have live screen recording, so it becomes easily available to catch dealers who cheat and like said, the game room can be sued.
  • How do we know this? Because there has been evidence provided of Live Dealers cheating their customers.

Thus, reputable and legal betting sites would never dare to pull anything to cheat their customers. However, illegal sites? Definitely. A good thing perhaps is that when we get cheated on by live dealers because their online blackjack is rigged, then we would immediately know as it would be noticeable. However, sometimes our own mind gets the better of us and judges online blackjack casinos in the wrong light.

Why do players feel that online Blackjack is rigged?

Learning how to play blackjack online is a fun thing to do, however, many people hold themselves back from doing so. If Casinos do not rig Blackjack lobbies, then why do players still feel that online Blackjack is rigged? Well, from what we have analyzed, we have come up with 4 prominent reasons:


  1. Casino Mostly Wins: Whenever you play Blackjack online, you will notice that five out of seven rounds are won by the dealer/Casino continuously. This would make any player angry and thereby accuse the casino of cheating them which is totally understandable. But it is also important to understand that most casinos that operate respectfully have their fair share of payout and rules, and they abide by these rules. This correlates to the next two points as well.
  2. Less Payout does not feel like a win: Even if you win a round, the payout you get back may not be up to expectations. This would be even more frustrating because in Blackjack you mostly end up spending more than you win. In the end, you either leave the table with equal or even lesser money than you came in with.
  3. Your brain lets you think so: The third reason is perhaps interesting and applies to almost most Live Casino games online. The reason most people believe that online casinos are rigged is that their brain lets them believe so. Our brains are wired to pick up patterns immediately, and when we see something happening consecutively, we end up taking it as a fixed pattern. When we see the dealers in online blackjack winning rounds consecutively, our brains make it view these rounds as a pattern and thus call the game fixed.
  4. Many online casinos operate illegally: Lastly, and sadly, pieces of evidence are available as live casino dealers cheat their customers. People have recorded videos on how to live dealers are smooth with their hands when dealing cards. Thus, they sometimes rig the blackjack game to make a profit and as mentioned above, there are many online casinos that tend to operate illegally that end up cheating their customers through their casino’s house commission and payouts as well.

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How can you make sure your go-to online casino isn’t cheating you?

We now know that good and most reputable casinos usually do not cheat their customers and honour their terms and conditions with respect. However, we also know that not every casino does so. Thus, most of the time, it is necessary that we must be responsible on our end as well and make sure that the online casinos we use do not cheat us in any way. Here are five ways you can make sure that the online casino you use is not rigged and also how not to feel cheated.

#1: Look for online casino legal status

The first thing you must do when looking for any online betting site to play Blackjack on is their legality status. This is because online casino sites require you to make deposits first before playing. So, it is important that you read whether the site is valid and fully operates under a legal entity or not.

Besides this, you should also be sure to read their terms and conditions well. This is because the terms and conditions is a place that is mostly ignored and thus, a good place to hide intricate details that could cause future damage if not read thoroughly beforehand. Thus, looking for a legal certificate provided as their official license and thoroughly reading through the terms and conditions would help you pick a good online betting site.

#2: Understand the payouts and house commissions

The next thing you must also learn about before joining any site is how much commission they take and how much is the payout. In casinos, Payout refers to the money customers receive upon winning. House commission or house edge means the overall money the casino gets in return.

It is wise to know that any good and reputable casinos will give customer satisfaction their top priority. Thus, it is obvious that in order to maintain this satisfaction, they offer high payout rates and keep a low house commission on their casinos. Besides this, if they wish to play more then they should maintain low betting rates, especially in Blackjack, since each round, has its own sub-betting rounds.


#3: Understand the status of the Blackjack game

In continuation with the above point, it is almost impossible for most casinos to keep low betting rates. This is not because they want to earn a profit, but as mentioned above, it is because Blackjack is a game with high status. For example, take a look at the minimum betting rate in the picture above, it starts from ₹100 and goes up to ₹200,000!

So, as players it is important to understand that if you want to play Blackjack on online or offline casinos, then you must be prepared to spend more and also mentally prepare yourself for not winning back much in return because it is very possible that you may have a million rupees but no luck on the same day. Visit our “How to Win Blackjack Online for Money” article to learn some additional tips that would help you win more.

#4: Always monitor the Live Dealer screen

This is something that is mentioned above as well as a reason why online Blackjack is not really rigged and that is because Live Casino dealers are literally Live. This means that they can be monitored as well as recorded and as mentioned above if caught cheating, strict actions could be taken against the dealer as well as the game room provider. And if there is a game room provider that does not have any live camera on its dealer, then leave immediately.


Thus, when monitoring the dealer, if you see something sketchy, then you must immediately leave, as well as withdraw your cash from the site. The best way to find out whether online casinos are rigged or not or to find evidence is to visit forums like Reddit, Quora, and even the Live Chat room in the Blackjack game room.

#5: Choose a reputable gaming site like 10CRIC

Lastly, it is important to choose a good betting site and the above points will definitely help you find one, like 10CRIC. 10CRIC is home to many live casino games and has gained a popular reputation for its quality service as well as its appreciation from satisfied customers. It offers many top game room providers like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and more that abide by their terms and conditions.

Besides this, it also offers reasonable betting rates in its Blackjack game rooms and offers a good proportion of payout rates. The best part about this site is that you can get great promotional bonuses on its live casinos. One of them is the Live Casino welcome bonus of 150% up to ₹15,000 which you can grab immediately after joining.


In conclusion, we would like you to guess for yourself: is online Blackjack rigged and fixed? Or it is fair and legit? So, we have helped you with many points you must consider when making this decision. Remember, most casinos that value their customers are responsible, however, as their customers, we too should be responsible on our end. We hope this helps you find the right betting site where you can play a lot of Blackjack games and yes, good luck!